Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Dancers dance on top of the stage as men look and cheers.

The music sounded nice and calming as the people that are in front of the establishment quickly enter the inn.

The music played by the bards and minstrel was calming but enter the inn, and they were greeted with boisterous sound of people talking and cackles of laughter.

Tiger Gate Inn is one of the most crowded inns in Vanheim.

With variety of food and drinks, and boasting great service it is one of the most frequented places by adventurers.

Adventurers sleep here, eat here and drink here. And everyone knows that it belongs to Thornleaf Merchant Company.

And the player that is the head merchant is Thornleaf.

One of the many various merchant companies in Vanheim, Thornleaf started with only ten gold to open up business after conning some naïve adventurers.

From his vast network of information he heard that King George is opening up a trade route in Nairhell.

The rumor of course spreads wildly in the Capital city.

Hearing this, he sent his spies and found out that the famous strategist of war Aero has been tasked on choosing the company that will be given the contracts with the Royal family.

'Aero of the East' he said when he read the report. By now, Aero reputation is at an all-time high

Unlike Vetten who trust the merchants to make contract with them, King George is the opposite and he even seems to despise merchant as he thought of them as leeches.

This is because in times of war and famine, the merchants always hike up the prices. This act is nothing new and King George found such act despicable.

It is why George hated the merchant class and why he did not get many support from merchant clans in the city.

But with Aero bringing up merchant benefits in their discussion, the originally merchant hating King easily heeded Aero suggestion.

It is true what many people are saying in the Capital and the court. The King has an almost unconditional trust toward his advisor.

Now hearing about what had transpired, Thornleaf believe this is a chance for him to make a large profit.

Anyone who has the contract to open the trade routes will reap many profits in the end.

Probably they will also be one of the richest merchant in Vanheim.

Aero, huh

Thornleaf has prepared the venue for his meeting with Aero. Darius and Reed have also arrived.

The preparation is not hard to do considering the inn is one of his establishments.

Reed was another influential figure in the merchant community. He also sent letters to Aero.

Darius was also the same. It seems three of the most influential merchant company in Vanheim have contacted Aero.

And Aero decided to meet all three of them at the same time inside the same place like he did not know the friction between these three people.

Maybe he does know and he just doesn't care. Or maybe he knows and have other motives.

Either way, three of them still came here even though knowing who would be here. After all this is a business deal they cannot push away.

Reed does not like Thornleaf. After all, he was once deceived by Thornleaf.

When Reed first played Brave World he wanted to be a warrior. But after being conned by Thornleaf he decided to be a merchant and exact his revenge.

But Thornleaf is too cunning and smart for him. But one day he will have his revenge. For now, he will be patient.

Darius on the other hand has bitter rivalry with Reed involving territory dispute and poaching big time customers.

They are all waiting for Aero. All three of them are curious about Aero.

A few month ago they didn't even heard and knows his name, but now his name is the only thing people talk about.

'Aero of the East'

This is an awe inspiring title.

They all know Aero would be a formidable opponent whether in terms of mind of brawn.

After all, it takes no ordinary man to win war on two sides. Darius spies have informed him of Aero tactics and strategies.

It astounded Darius.

Zeus is known to charge with brute strength but Aero use of strategy and diplomacy to win the war showed that Aero is a man that excels in many areas.

All three of them have of course heard the famous poem by Edward a poet in Duvar regarding the two most talked about heroes in Brave World right now.

Regarded as the strongest,

Zeus of the North,

Undefeated and Unchallenged,

None stand his way,

If Aero of the East does not come forth,

Who can be his match?

It is truly an apt poem describing the two adventurers. Darius wondered who would win. Prowess of mind or brute strength?

Still the tension in the room is intense.

They all have done business with each other or tried to sabotage the other. The enmity between Reeds and Thornleaf is famous.

Darius on the other hand have good relation with both of them business wise…at least on the surface.

But Reed knows Darius is still sour about that whole territory dispute thing.

To be honest, Darius doesn't like Thornleaf more than he doesn't like Reed. Thornleaf is vicious and coldhearted.

Not to mention he would lie and cheat like it's nothing.

But Darius would be stupid to voice his opinion openly. After all he made many business with Thornleaf Company.

They were all looking at each other.

No doubt sizing each other up, looking for any weaknesses they could exploit. Then one of the workers in the inn knocked.

'Enter' The workers entered and informed them

"Master Thornleaf, your guest has arrived."

'Oh, please invite him in' he said enthusiastically. The worker nodded and went away before sound of calm footsteps could be heard coming to the secret room.

Everyone straightened up as they listened to the approaching footstep.

Creak….the door was slowly pushed forward. A silhouette could be seen and then a man stepped inside.

The three great merchant instantly stood up as a sign of respect

When Aero enters he seems like a likable person and has not hint of a great warrior that rampages through the battlefield like a War God.

They expected to see a regal and dignified person, standing straight like an unbendable steel.

To see such an affable looking person was truly not in line with their expectations.

But Thornleaf quickly break from his own thought and come forward to gesture to Aero where to seat

"Please sit down, Sir Aero" Thornleaf said with respect

Then the three merchants took turns addressing themselves. Actually before Aero came he had already made his research.

Thornleaf is not the only one that had spies running around. Not to mention their spies is of lower quality and could not roam as freely as the agents of a Kingdom.

While Thornleaf is an influential merchant, to compare his wealth and the accumulated wealth of the royalty is laughable.

Using the Secret Corps of Vanheim is one of the smartest move he has ever made.

Aero also spread misinformation and block a few discovery by the spies of Thornleaf in his business today.

With their information, Aero knows who the key person in Vanheim is, people he needs to look out for and people who have the potential to become great.

They then talked for a while before getting to the real question. It was then that the three of them realizes something about Aero.

He is not an unbendable steel. Far from it. He is different from Zeus. He is water, taking the form of its container, flexible and calm.

Darius once meet Zeus in the North.

When he saw Zeus he was awed and pressured by his intensity and the determination in his eyes.

So, when he saw Aero he was disappointed that Aero was so different from the image of the one equal to Zeus.

But now he understand.

When a sword meets water, the sword could slice water but water will rejoin. Aero truly could become Zeus greatest enemy.

When they talked, they felt that he was a likable and easygoing person. And there lies the trap.

He makes them, three of the great merchants in Vanheim, who was wary against him to let down their guard.

This is how Darius understand this Aero has more than meets the eye.

'He's dangerous' he thought to himself.

Then finally after twist and turns they finally delve to the real question.

"Thank you for your hospitality. So what is the reason you wanted to meet me?" Aero feigned ignorance.

All three of them know that Aero feigned ignorance. He wants to play hard to get. Thornleaf was thinking.

Then they told Aero to help them get the contract for the trade route that is about to be opened in Nairhell.

Each one proposes conditions and debated each other explaining to Aero why they were the most qualified to get the kingdom contract.

It was like a presentation of their companies to impress a huge stockholder

Aero only nodded and did a few non-committal gesture.

"I will decide after the victory ceremony" Aero declared.

After talking with Aero the merchants realized Aero is actually giving them time to present gifts to him and the deadline is after the victory ceremony.

No doubts Aero is expecting gold and precious items given to him. In that moment Aero showed quite a horrible expression.

An expression of greed.

They all nodded to each other understanding Aero intention.

People said he's honorable. What is so honorable about him? He is sly more like it.

"Then, our meeting today is adjourned" Aero said ending the discussion.

Then quickly Aero got out of the inn. To the three merchants they thought Aero will only meet with the three of them.

But to be honest, he had many letters from other merchant companies asking to meet him. And he never rejected any of them

And every time Aero meets a merchant he will say vaguely what he wants in exchange for the contracts.

That day alone from morning to evening he met about fifteen merchant companies. He is even busier than the merchant themselves.

Each of the merchant company believed that if they bribe Aero, he will give them the contract.

I struck big. Aero smiles to himself.

Actually Aero has already decided which company that will be chosen to establish the trade route.

He chose Reed and Darius Company. Two of the largest Merchant Company and their records are good.

The other merchants that give him bribe will all think that those two merchant companies gave him the most money so they will have no complaints even though they lost in this bidding war.

If Aero chooses small merchant companies people will be suspicious of his criteria.

However choosing those two will not raise any question. It is also good for the contract to have two people developing it.



They could not afford to slack off. Even if they do, Aero could always change the party if he is not satisfied.

And every time he met with the other merchants he always chooses secretive places. He went back and log out.

When he log back in, it was morning.

The time has come for the victory ceremony.


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