Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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She walked slowly and full of grace. The wind slowly blowing carrying the fragrance of flowers

She passed another courtyard as she walks. The view is beautiful and the air is fresh and the scenery is beautiful in Veranis.

But even so….Sarah is nervous. She has followed Aero orders to the letter the moment she arrived here.

Her departure was a top secret matter that there is only a few people in Vanheim knew of her mission.

Though, when she heard the full plan that Aero was thinking and want her to execute it she was shocked.

Aero assumes too much in his plan. But still Sarah trusted him because Aero has never been wrong before.

She had faith in that arrogant little boy.

Sarah could not help but fall for him. Though, not in a romantic way.

'I think. He is smart and charismatic. That's the reason right? And he helped me once.'

But back to the task at hand.

Thus she is here in Veranis. Veranis. A neighboring kingdom of Vanheim that resembles Greece in architecture and culture.

Aero task for her while it might seem easy, it was not as easy as it sounded when Aero first asked her.

Aero asked Sarah to request military aid from Veranis. It sound like an easy task as Veranis is a known ally of Vanheim but Veranis…is a complicated nation.

She came to this Kingdom with secrecy and have bodyguard from the Royal Palace of Vanheim guarding her from the shadows.

All of these bodyguard is around level 300.

It is important not to alert Vetten and other Kingdom.

Aero also did not want her departure to be known by spies and Vetten informants. With King George help she was escorted to the Palace of the King of Veranis by the Royal Guard.

Today she finally gets to see the Veranis King.

Nervousness and excitement filled her.

Philip II is the King of Veranis. Veranis have been allied with Vanheim since it became a kingdom.

Their history is long. Vanheim has always helped Veranis from Vetten invasion in the past but this was not done purely because of charity.

That is because Vanheim could not afford Veranis becoming a frontier for Vetten incursion against them.

During the absence of George, Phillip did show like he wants to back off from the alliance but after George returning to power, he changed his tone.

It's understandable.

Compared to Vetten, Niovar and Vanheim, Veranis is a small kingdom. His kingdom is surrounded by powerful nations.

And he has to determine where the wind blows. When Vanheim was weak, it is understandable he would like to seek a bigger tree to rest below

Each of the nation's surrounding Veranis can destroy his Kingdom. His Kingdom is small but fortunately or unfortunately it is a strategic place.

Kings of Old once said "Anyone who could conquer Veranis, could conquer the Eastern continent"

That's why many nations for the past three hundred years have been trying to conquer his nation. In the Old History Veranis was once a very big kingdom and stretched over a large vast of lands.

Then during the time of the Triumvirate, it became divided. So were born countries like Gerad Stratocracy and Tian Dynasty.

Both of those Kingdoms was the offshoot of Veranis Kingdom. It was a popular fact in the history of Vilajeri continent.

The Partition of Veranis Philip's father called it.

So his solution so as not to get invaded and threatened by his covetous neighbors is to choose one of these giants and hide behind them.

And out of all of these giants there is only one kingdom Veranis has good relation with.

Vanheim. So, they struck an agreement with each other.

Vanheim provided them with protection from Vetten and they provided Vanheim with anything they want.

It might seem cowardly but his people have lived prosperously since the alliance was formed.

And because Tian Dynasty has also signed the alliance Veranis doesn't have to worry about its northern border.

Gerad in the southern border does not pose too much of a threat because they could not field a huge armies to try conquer Veranis.


Because they are bordering with Niovar. Once they moved a big army to his Kingdom, Niovar will invade Gerad.

It was smart move by Philip ancestor to make the alliance. And now it is time to pay their debts.

An ambassador from Vanheim is coming to ask for aid. If it's for food, Philip will not mind.

Even though Veranis are not as prosperous like Vanheim, they still have a lot of reserve food.

And it has been very long since Vanheim came asking for aid. Not to mention, King George has begun baring his fangs.

In one way, this meeting might decide the future of his kingdom relations with Vanheim.

When Sarah entered, she was given a bow and respect as she was from a Vanheim and is the representatives of Vanheim.

She was not required to kneel or bow. So, she stands there looking at the King, acting as calmly as she can.

She look at the King and she noted that while the King is old, he appears intimidating like an old tiger that does not yet want to rest.

He has blue eyes, curly neatly trimmed white hair and a wrinkly face befitting of his old age.

Then she introduces herself to the King's Court

'I am Lady Sarah, the representative on behalf of Vanheim and King George'

"To what do I owe this pleasure, ambassador of Vanheim?" greeted King Philip joyously

For all intent and purposes Sarah is an ambassador of Vanheim Kingdom. It was approved by George and planned by Aero.

Her identity at this moment and her position is even higher than some of the Dukes in Veranis as she is the Kingdom representatives.

Of course, this is just a temporary position.

She coughed a little and began to explain her reason for coming to Veranis.

"I will not waste time here talking about unrelated stuff, Your Highness. I came here to ask for military aid. "Sarah said seriously.

"Is it about the Orcs? I'm sure Vanheim troops can handle that." Philip heard about the Orc invasion and he dismiss that notion swiftly

But he didn't think that alone would warrant an ambassador coming to ask for a military aid.

Because Philip country is weak they have to rely on information to tip the scale. He has already read the reports.

There are some strong Orcs in the borders of Vanheim but not too many. And Bradheim is there. He knows Bradheim personally. The Golden Lion of Vanheim

That title is not just there for show or for some bragging rights. He is talented in warfare and charismatic, possessing great leadership skills and are blessed with great luck.

He is also known as a capable commander and that was proven by his battle records. Sarah did not deny this but she continues without losing a beat.

"Thank you for Your Highness faith in our military might but it is not so, Your Highness. We are asking aid for the invasion of Vetten" replied Sarah.

"VETTEN! What do you mean? I heard about the Orcs but not about Vetten"

Truly shocked by this Philip rose from his throne. Sarah smirk but quickly wipe her smirk.

Then Sarah explained to the King how their strategist Aero reached the conclusion that Vetten is behind these attacks of the Orc.

The King sometimes nodded, sometimes shakes his head. Sarah was looking at the King's expression.

After hearing the explanation the King said with a frowning face

"But still, even it is so; Veranis is not as strong as Vetten. What if instead of your Kingdom they will come here? "

Philip was not forgetting what Vanheim did for them but this mean war. And if they did not win, the repercussion is unfathomable.

Sarah face turned red in anger.

"This lady thought Your Majesty ancestors have made an oath to protect each other from harm. Or does Veranis kingdoms idea of alliance is that Vanheim acts as a deterrence while you reap all the benefits and we fight your wars?" Sarah said sharply without sparing any face for the King

"Outrageous!!" the other minister barked toward Sarah

'Impudent' some minister added

Sarah looked at them with a killing glare and they quieted down. Then she addressed the court with her most solemn tone and warns

"We are at a crisis right now. Vanheim can fall if you do not lend your armies. And when Vanheim fall mark my words, Vetten will point his swords here. And your head will all be forfeited to the enemy of your ancestors" Sarah continued

The court quieted and they all deep in their thoughts. No one dared to defy the representative of Vanheim, at least not openly.

The King was deep in thoughts.

He was considering the pros and cons. He then asked for his ministers thoughts. His ministers were all giving him their opinions while Sarah listens unconcernedly

And all the while Sarah just looked straight to the King face. Then finally the King replied

"Lady Ambassador, Give me time!" Sarah nodded and excused herself and told the court she will be back tomorrow to hear Philip answers.

Then the King adjourned the meeting that morning. He was thinking what to do with his ministers objection.

Veranis was at peace for a long time because of Vanheim. If they do not send troops they will regarded as ungrateful by the entire Vilajeri continent.

Reputation is everything.

But joining George's war is something they need to really think about.

But unknown to the King, that night Sarah went to the staunchest opposition of Veranis join the war and proposes something to them.

After listening to her proposals many of the staunch opposition of joining the war has started having second thoughts.

This act of intrigue did not escape the eye of one young minister but he remained silent on this matters.

That night, was important. Because that night decision will decide next morning decision.

To join the war….or to opt out?


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