Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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PS: I recommend hearing to Mawr the Legend Begins while reading this chapter

Chaos. What is chaos? It is a complete disorder and confusion. And that is what is happening to him now.

Disorderly and full of confusion

He looked at his left and right. Chaos. Only chaos. And more chaos wherever he look. He saw his soldiers being butchered like some sheep or cows.

On another side, he saw his soldiers being stomped into meat paste, their flesh melded with the mud.

He hears the dins of irons and metals clashing against each other. He heard the screams, yelling and pleading.

He smells the blood, the sweats,, the fluids coming out of men's bowels when they are frightened to death

At this moment of complete disorder and confusion, he closed his eyes and takes a deep breath

And the world faded away

As the world faded away, the sounds also disappears as the only thing he could hear was his heartbeat, pounding strongly and feeling the hot tears streaming down from his face.

The disappointment, the feeling of being in the highest peak to only be pushed down in one single moment.

From the peak of the highest mountain to rock bottom in a matter of moments

Only one question appears inside his chaotic mind right now

"How did this all happen?"

Kyle is now thinking about what had just happened. It was like time was decelerating for him right now. He is now trapped between two sides.

On his rear are the Vanheim troops crazily slaughtering to get to where he is. It is like they were crazed madman that would sacrifice their all, just to get a bite off his flesh

They were lions and they are hunting their prey, feasting on them like they were some sheep or impala in the wilderness

On the front are Veranis troops rushing into the battlefield, their black armor are like Lord Hades himself coming to invite them to the Underworld

'Fuck!' he cursed.

He truly is screwed. Kyle is truly confused as to the chain of events that is happening now as it did not match any scenerio of what supposed to happen.

According to his plan this should not have happened. Especially the Bradheim reinforcement.

Isn't he supposed to be defeated in his Fort?

After Bradheim arrived Aero troops became a staggeringly one hundred and ten thousand troops in numbers.

Not to mention that Bradheim came without warning and succeeded in surprising them and making their formation useless.

There is also the fact that Bradheim brought with him his crazy cavalry corps

Vanheim soldiers also succeeded in deceiving him to attack the center leading his troops to be enveloped by both his right and left flank.

The moment they were enveloped his troops confidence was gone.

After all to be wedged on both sides, seeing only enemies would erode any confidence that his soldiers have.

Then when Bradheim and his troops came strengthening the center, Kyle had a premonition of what is going to happen.

And it is a bad one. And by the time he understands what was happening, the game has ended.

He was baited by Aero again. And he fell into his trap, hook, line and sinker.

Right now he's trying to break through the encirclement and retreat, but then the sudden appearance of Veranis troops that seems to help Aero's troops crushed his hopes.

Bradheim cavalries and Veranis troops. He didn't expect this. Veranis Kingdom soldiers are around two hundred and twenty thousand troops.

And from what Kyle sees they all seems very capable and energetic. When did they come? Then he answered it himself as it dawns on him

They must have come through Fort Vars.

But then a question arises. He didn't leave any soldiers there, that is true because he wanted to settle this war as swift a possible

But Veranis wasn't supposed to know about Vetten invasion

Even if they knew their response time should not be this fast. But before Kyle could think any longer the war horn sounded again.

Then the scarlet woman leading the Veranis troops yelled


A shout sounded from behind her. Then the world shakes as a black tide charges forward.

The soldiers heeded her words as they run into the battlefield, archers releasing their bows from their bowstring, magicians hurling magic attacks and cavalry run amuck as their warhorses takes the vanguard position and clash with the first line of defense, with a deafening noise of collision stomping them all into meat paste into the ground.

The sound of human bones breaking and cracking before a whimper of pain just at the last moment before their head being stomped and their skull exploded is truly grating and unpleasant to the ear.

Every kind of soldiers crowded to the battlefield in a chaotic manner as the killing and slaughtering began.

The cavalry of Veranis is not inferior to Bradheim cavalry. The stomping of their warhorses is like peals of thunders.

They were like a flood of black steel as the Vetten soldiers all show fear in their eyes.

Even as they raise their shields to hold the line it did not diminish the feeling of fear in their heart.

And then BOOM!

Like a massive wave crashing against a dam, the ranks of the Vetten army crumbled like pillars of salt. In that moment, it was like the earth shook.

Everyone from Veranis seems out for blood.

Kyle even as he was defending himself from magic attacks and snipe arrows, is noticing only NPCs exist in Veranis troops.

This means Veranis didn't sent out a quest for players to join their army.

But even though there are no players in the Veranis troops when they charge, Kyle knows that a lot of these soldiers if compared to the level of players are around level 170 or 190.

This must be Aero's work.

Then after looking the general trend of this battlefield, Kyle suddenly laughs.

'HAHAHA' he laughs like a madman as his tears falling down his eyes but his face is smiling madly.

It seems Kyle has finally understood.

He believed Aero must have send request for help even before he was sieging Aero in Fort Vars. This means, Aero had him inside his palm all this time.

He was always one step behind. No, maybe he was ten steps behind.

That is something hard for Kyle to accept. But he accepted it now. And he embraces what is to come.

All in all, Kyle is fighting three hundred and thirty thousand troops, all screaming for his troop's blood. This is an impossible odd to fight against.

The only thing Kyle could do right now, is killing as many as he could, taking as many people down as he can.

The Veranis and Vanheim soldiers shouted a war cry every time they take their enemy head

Their war cries only help in demoralizing Kyle's troops. Screams and shouts for help were heard from everywhere.

He could see what is happening. His infantry division is being slashed and stabbed by the onslaught of Veranis cavalry.

With the force of their horses they stampeded and rammed through his troops. His support division is being shot by Veranis archers.

The Vanheim Druids are utilizing completely the terrain by raising earth wall to trap his cavalry.

The mud cast by druids is also slowing his troops advance to retreat. It was a show of tactical brilliance.

There is no other way to put it.

It was a slaughter. Bradheim maniac laughter only increased the effect of the horror that Kyle is experiencing.

"Hail, Commander Alexander!! For the Old Dreams" Kyle heard this from the Veranis troops as their pace of killing increased and their brutality doubles.

That must be the name of their commander. Then Kyle heard cheers. And more screams of his troops.

He could see skirmishes everywhere.

He saw a Fighter whacking his troops with his own shields, cracking open that soldier head as brain matter seeped out from his head, dying flailingly and foaming in the mouth as he drop dead onto the ground before his head were stepped by another Vetten soldier who is running.

He could also see these duo archers that were just dodging left and right while shooting their arrows precisely at the forehead killing many of his elite troops.

Every time these duos shoot people with their arrows, none of their target could escape. Everyone that are shot by them are dead in one shot.

Not only that, their precision is also top notch.

Their cooperation is also magnificent. They cover each other blind spot. They must be high level players that Aero has recruited

Another scene that he saw that made him sure he is losing this war was this warrior that fought of a squad of his light infantry alone.

He was bashing left and right.

"Stand your ground!! Stand your ground!!!" one of Kyle's commanders yelled to the troops.

But still Kyle stood transfixed in the middle of the battlefield.

Kyle troop's defenses are collapsing one by one, as rivers of blood are forming, the blood seeping deep into the ground turning the grass red and the soil dark and damp.

Some of the soils has been turned into mud

The enemy is closing to defeat him.

When the cavalry doesn't have the advantage of space and mobility, they are sitting ducks. And he has lost his horses. So, he stand there right there in the center of the battlefield, transfixed.

Like he is waiting to be killed.

Kyle also realized that Dan division is marching faster and faster to where he is.

"Protect General Kyle!!" the other commander yelled.

A few troops take the command and surround him. They all seem eager to protect him. But all Kyle could feel was pity for his soldiers.

Kyle has recognized it while watching all that is happening. A few more minutes and then they will be totally surrounded.

They're everywhere.

Kyle is also seeing Aero not too far from him. He could see Aero was plunging into the battle with bloodlust, his sword swings left and right as his horses rammed any soldiers bold enough to fight with him head on.

His sword reaps head and his horses stomp his enemies.

He's searching for me.

With Aero silver sword, he was slashing everywhere and taking lives with him. And if he did not see it with his own eyes, he would not believe it.

The rumor was true.

That weapon that Aero wields is too much. Anyone that is slashed with it die by a single stroke.

Limbs were flying. Heads were rolling. Aero white robe was red with blood. He was stabbing and charging through Vetten troops like they were paper dummy.

He was wading into legions of his heavy infantry, taking out dozens of his troops with every strike, destroying his troop's formation and knocking out anyone who tried to reform the formation.

Too many lay wounded. Too many were dying. Blood flowed through the battlefield like a river.

But still Aero was like a hurricane.

Destroying everything on his path. And closer and closer he was coming. Any time now, Aero will reap his head.

'This is the end. I lost.' He bitterly admitted to himself.

Kyle knew he has lost this battle.

He could see Aero charging towards him right now with a smirk on his face like he was ridiculing him.

Kyle could feel his finger trembling. To raise or not to raise? He could raise his sword and fight, but he has lost all hope.

Once again, his eyes survey the battlefields and he felt his heart breaking

His troops are being butchered, their limbs filled the ground. His dreams of recognition are dashed with this one single engagement.

How glorious it was a few days ago! He had just forced Aero to retreat and he believed himself that he would be able to conquer the capital of Vanheim.

He would become an overlord in the Vilajeri continent, standing toe to toe with people like Zeus.

As he was thinking of all of this the sword just fell from his hand without any resistance.

The bodyguard that was assigned to protect him was cut in half by Aero one swing of his silver sword.

The blood of his soldier sprayed to his face.

There is no epic battle between him and Aero. No exchanging words of banter. Only resignation in Kyle eyes.

He has accepted it. He has lost. He also realized something. He was good, but Aero was better.

Aero is inches away from him. He looks up and he could see Aero eyes.

For a moment, it was like time was slowing, his heart pounded with the vigorous force of a sledgehammer being pounded.

He saw the warhorse slowly coming to him and the raised hand of Aero. There was calmness and utterly disinterested look inside the eyes of Aero.

What a mockery! Kyle thought to himself. With the sound of the hooves coming closer to him, Kyle could feel the impending death coming to him

He thought this war will plunge him into fame, but after this he will be scorned by all in this continent.

He has made himself the stepping stone for Aero fame. He made a mockery of himself. He underestimated his enemies, and become careless after just one battle.

If he were more cautious, and more prudent…could today battle be different?

And in that moment he could see it. Aero was not even looking at him. He was but another target.

'I was not his rival. His tactics and strategies surpass mine in every way.'

'I underestimated him. Or was it that I overestimated myself?'

And the last thing he was thinking when Aero charged at him was not how he is going to take his revenge or how do he get out of this predicament.

He was thinking

How did all of this happen? That was his last thought before his head was separated from his body.


This is a long chapter and next chapter will show how it all begins and how it unravels from the scheme to the plots that lead to Aero winning the war

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