Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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"You should praise, criticize and flirt with people right to their face, only then it will make a difference, Daniel" said Michael while looking at his friend Daniel nervous face

"But she is so beautiful. I don't think she will like me, and to be honest I'm so nervous just looking at her." Replied Daniel.

This shocked Michael.

Daniel comes from a very well off family and he is by normal standard very handsome, and while Michael has known him he has a strong personality.

To think his friend is not confident to talk to a girl is beyond him. He was well liked in school and had many friends.

A lot of them were girls.

"Well, act like your witty smartass self. This has been the second week you are at this coffee place. I will not accompany you for the third week."

Daniel found out that this coffee place is where she always frequents. Since then he always come here to look at her.

And he also didn't want to be here for the third week. That would surely make him labeled as a stalker or something

He told this to Michael and Michael asked him to go for it instead of, like stalking her.

This is the first time Daniel feels like this. He could not forget about her. It's a problem.

"Really? You think that will work?" Asked Daniel

"You know that girl, Jessica, our classmate. She likes you because of your confident personality. Acting like this will not let this girl you're obsessing about like you. I don't want you to become a stalker." Michael said jokingly.

"Jessica likes me? Why didn't you tell me? I didn't know about that"

"Daniel! Focus!"

"Oh yeah. Sorry. I was distracted…. Wait a minute! I thought you like Jessica, Mike? "Then a look of understanding dawned on Daniel

"Hah. Now I understand why you were so mad when I brought her to watch movies a month ago. HAHAHA .So that was the reason?"

"Why ..You. Do you want my help or not?' Michael said while his face was reddening with embarrassment.

Then Daniel with Michael encouragement decided to gather his courage. Then he saw her enter the café.

Michael also looked at the direction Daniel was staring.

She was beautiful. There was no other way to describe her. How could she stand there and look so….beautiful?

Maybe that is why.

For Daniel the moment they locked eyes in the movies theater one month ago, that's when he knew.

How did he know? Because for those five seconds he stared into her eyes, time stopped for him.

She ordered an espresso.

"Go, Daniel. There's your opening. Do that thing." There's this running gag I always did to my friend but surely he's not asking me to do that kind of things to her.

"You're joking right? To her?"

"Yes. I think she will like it" Michael was grinning

I go to the counter while she waited for her espresso. And then the counter called her name. And as quickly they put down her espresso I quickly took it.

She came to the counter and looked at the coffee I hold.

"I'm sorry, that's my coffee" she said.

"No, I didn't think so" I replied calmly.

"Yeah, it's written there. Amelia. That's my name."

"Not anymore" I said. "Now it's mine."

She looked at me like she couldn't believe what I said. And then she smiled. And she broke into laughter.

"Alright. Now what is your reason for doing this?" she said. From the look of her face, she was not angry, more like amused.

I could not help but smile like an idiot.

"My name is Daniel. We met at the cinema a month ago. You know---"

"Yeah, yeah, you're that guy." She remembers me. Ok, maybe not being too excited would help my cause right now, I told myself.

"Nice to meet you again. I guess we didn't get properly introduced last time." She was beaming at me.

Then she held out her hand and I shook it. She began introducing herself.

"I hoped I didn't come off as rude the last time we met. My name is Amelia. You could call me Amy"

And that's how I met her again.

"When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew." I said while looking outside the hospital.

It was such a long time ago. The wind blows gently, the sun shining brightly. On days like this, I don't know why I'm suddenly reminded of that.

Remembering that face, I smiled bitterly

"So it's true, when all is said and done, grief is the price we pay for love"


A vague backstory of Daniel real life.
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