Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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The sky on the world was clear. People were relaxing under the clear sun and feeling the breezy wind.

The Prairie was a picturesque scene, the Plains was peaceful as roaming animal raze the grass.

Hunters were hunting in the calm forest. The sea is calm, the earth is bountiful and full of harvest and the sky is gentle.

All seems to be well in the world.

No chaos.

But then thunder sounded out like a declaration on the skies. The mortals cowered and look at the dark clouds and prayed to the Gods.

The thunder boomed and the clouds turned dark creating a fearsome scene on the skies.

The waves of the seas ebbs and flows, before it turns vicious and storms covered the seas, wrecking ships and cause the entire sea to be in chaos.

The earth trembles and quake.

The thunders bloom like a fireworks on the dark skies. Some Priest on the Temple of the Gods tries to divine the meaning of the suddenly clear skies turns to dark skies.

Other tries to divine the meanings of the seas and the earth being displeased.

Something seems to be happening on The Lands of the Gods one of the Elder Priest concluded.

Meanwhile on the realm of the Gods a person appeared on the council hall of the Gods.

A man clad in white robe appears majestically from a bolt of lightning that strikes the center of the Hall from the open ceiling.

Coiling around him is arcs of lightning.

His face exudes dignity of a monarch. With a long thick white beard and long white flowing hair, he look the like the representation of every patriarchal archetype and from his eyes, there seems to be a great wisdom.

He stomp his feet, the clouds parted and thunders booms and lightning went crazy on the real world.

He speaks, and his voice echoes through the dimension of the Gods, reverberating inside the Hall.

"Who called this session?!" yelled Zeus.

Thunder rumbled in the background and lightning flashed around messily like it was representing Zeus anger.

This is the God of the Sky, Zeus Son of Chronos

The sight of Zeus palace was magnificent. If anyone could see it, they would see a gigantic palace glittered white and yellow.

Golden floor tiles and white pillars.

There are flying creatures in the entrance, flying around happily before they quieted up after sensing the feeling of the owner of this Palace.

A horned creature was guarding the door with menacing look.

Fairies sing in the outskirts of the palace with harmonious songs that could calms evils souls and improve concentration.

The roads to the Palace were white and clean without even a speck of dust. The air was refreshing and could imbue strength to any being that walk there.

It was like a palace on the cloud but there are not really clouds in Brave World. If there were everyone would already find this place.

It is a dimension created by The Eternal Father for the Gods. To reach here they are certain quests that need to be completed.

The other way to reach here is stumbling onto one of the secret entrance to Deorum.

And there is another but harder way that is to get one of the Seven Major Gods bring you here.

In the Great Hall were seven thrones each with their own unique designs. The seats were arranged in U shaped.

The columns used to hold the Grand Hall which is so massive that anyone who sees it would marvel at it.

On the ceiling, it was filled with stars constellation of Brave World. On the floor you could see tiny dots moving which represent the mortals and the adventurers.

The thrones were all filled with each God that has come for the summons.

Zeus was angry but he did not lose his dignity.

He sat on his throne and taps his scepter-like thing and the clouds become calm as the skies turns cloudy but no longer spewing lightning and producing thunder.

Sitting in the center was Zeus with a sharpened staff resembling a thunderbolt. He look around the room, his eyes narrowed but he did not say anything.

Electricity was crackling from that staff and sound of thunder could be seen roaring from the staff.

From the look of his face, he was not pleased to be summoned to his own hall.

On his right side was Hades, sitting on a thrones of bones. It was a throne symbolizing the great power that Hades held over the dead.

Wearing the black diamond helmet with black armor and black boots truly he looked terrifying.

On his neck is a black scarf. The scarf were knitted by the souls of tormented souls so sometimes one could see faces on the scarf.

Coupled with the fact that he never smiles it just adds to his ferocious gaze. Still his face was almost like devoid of emotion.

On Zeus left was Poseidon holding his trident, exuding great majesty as the ruler of the seas.

His face was stern and cold. His mood are also always changing making him one of the most unpredictable Gods in the Pantheon.

Sometimes when he stomped his feet the vast sea in Brave World shakes producing violent waves and produces disasters.

When he is angered, the world shakes and earthquakes will ravage the world.

It could be seen from the floor tiles that shows the images of the sea in Northern part of Vilajeri continent is in turmoil after Poseidon tap his trident to the floor tiles

Besides Hades is Athena with her two ravens and her shield beside her seat. Her eyes were white like the eyes of her ravens.

It was like she sees something through the ravens. She looked calm and wise. Known as the strategist for Zeus, it is fit for her to be calm in any situation.

Just besides Athena was Hephaestus with his gigantic hammer and craft tools. His feet were engulfed in fire yet there didn't seem to be any damage towards him.

He seems to enjoy the fire. Laughing and playing with the fire he looked like a child.

Besides Poseidon was Demeter with her green scepter that sometimes shoots off trees and leaf.

She was counting wheat on her sack bag.

If anyone could see her appearance she would look like an old Granny that is always worried about her children.

Besides her was Aphrodite, dress in gold and shooting flirting glances on everyone. It was blinding, her smiles and her charms.

She also seems to be the most beautiful of all the Gods.

She seems to be applying perfume and putting make up on her face.

Her hair was gold and her eyes were sea-blue. She has slim waist and her body was perfectly proportioned.

The doves and variety of birds seem to be resting besides her throne, chirping joyously.

Today, they all came here because someone summoned them here. And they were not happy.

They all have their works and jobs to maintain balance in this world and to prevent glitch or error from happening.

That was their job entrusted by The Eternal Father for giving them their life.

"I did" answered Athena confidently after she has seen all that is summoned has been present

Hades looks lazily at Athena and closes his eyes. But he did not return to the Underworld which means he will listen.

Athena understand this gloomy uncle of hers so she did not say anything.

Athena is the Goddess of wisdom, Victory, and strategic warfare. Her Symbols include the ravens and her shield with raven designs.

"Athena. Why do you call Us to this council? I have many things to control in the land" said Demeter.

She doesn't like this gathering. Her place is in the land. Not here in the sky. This is Zeus dominion.

She didn't like the skies or the morbid lands of the Underworld. She likes her garden the best.

Athena coughed and then began explaining calmly to all the Gods.

"We have to address our problem. The first problem is this Pope that is rising. Many mortals have followed this adventurer. Minor Gods are complaining. They have lost their power."

All the Gods in the Council nodded. They all heard about that adventurer calling himself Pope.

Hades is still closing his eyes.

Who gave that guy his power?

They were all curious about that. All the adventurers in this world are given special abilities by them.

"Is it you, Hades. Maybe you want my throne?" said Zeus while hiding his boiling rage. Thunder roared outside the Palace. Zeus has always been paranoid.

Zeus was looking at Hades with intense gaze.

Hades just looked at Zeus like he was bored of this.

"You're always fast on assigning blames little brother. I don't want the Sky. I very much like my dominion over life and Death. Even the Gods, if you die, will end up on my Dominion. In the end I will reap all of you"

Hades knows Zeus is a paranoid being which is why he is tired of this.

Always thinking people want to bring him down.

Of course at first, when The Eternal Father created the seven of them, they had no feelings like rage, jealousy and greed.

But after the adventurer began coming to this world, something changed. They have learned emotions from them.

They gained sentience. They evolved. And no one is more evolved than Zeus, Athena, Poseidon and Hades himself.

"THEN WHO?" Poseidon asked.

The seas were raging in Brave World showing how intense were Poseidon feelings. Poseidon is a straightforward being.

He doesn't like games. But he is also unpredictable, like the sea itself. One moment he is clam. One moment he is raging bull

Aphrodite then said

"The darkness is stirring. Someone gave that adventurer his power and it was not from this council. Then the only way to explain it would be the Old Gods."

Aphrodite suddenly interjected saying it nonchalantly like she was discussing her meal

They looked at Aphrodite while she was still checking her face in the mirror.

She looked arrogant and haughty yet none of the other Gods felt repulse. They all know it is Aphrodite habits so they just relented.

"I agree with her conclusion, my King" said Athena. Zeus pondered. Poseidon made a serious expression. Hades yawned.

But all of these three gods already made preparations when they heard Athena conclusion. Zeus hurls lightning to a mountain with his mind.

In that lightning was a message to the minor gods.

Poseidon send his will through his thought commanding the Sea monster to awaken the Old Deep Sea Monster to aid him searching for the culprit.

Hades send a telepathic message to the souls he left in charge in the Underworld to inform him of any related information.

"Then we will send minor Gods to investigate this and when we found out who it is we will gives quest to the adventurers."

Zeus said confidently. He was beginning to rise from his seat when suddenly—

"Considering we are here, I have another thing to add" said Poseidon

Zeus sit back down reluctantly. He will listen to the Council. That is his job. To preside over the Council.

"What is it?" he asked Poseidon

"You broke our Divine Law Zeus. Even if you are the Kings of the Gods even you are bound by the law." said Poseidon clearly admonishing Zeus

"Which law did I break?'

Zeus voice is rising. He is being lectured on his own dominion. His pride would not allow this.

Thunder boomed.

The clear blue sky turns dark again. Then hearing Zeus raising his voice towards him, Poseidon also seem to be angry.

He got up from his seat and the pillars of the walls of the Palace cracked

The raging seas become even wilder. Storms are formed. The land in Brave World was shaking. It was mild but who knows what happens if Poseidon becomes angrier.

"Zeus, there is no need to threaten war amongst each other" said Hades boringly.

He has had enough of this. He wants to return to the Underworld and eat the seeds of pomenagrate he sowed last month.

The matter of squabbling Gods is not his problems.

"What law did Zeus broke?" asked Hephaestus.

He is no longer playing with his fire. Hephaestus is a laid back God that favors the artisans and the builders but when it is about the law he becomes very serious.

"Zeus has given to much favor to an adventurer, making him Zeus champion. The name of the adventurer was the same as our King. Does Zeus want us to bow to this adventurer like we bow to him?' Poseidon said menacingly.

Zeus face contorted and he answer the accusations

"He did that out of respect for me. And Poseidon, he has my blessings. If we're counting favors bestowed upon mortals or adventurers why not we mention Lizhu Gerard?" Zeus said daring Poseidon to reply.

Poseidon facial expression changed. Clearly it was not something he wanted to remember.

"I only gave him the Sword for a loan. Who would have thought his descendant would regard it as their heirloom." said Poseidon sheepishly.

It was one mistake that Poseidon has made.

"So, we're the same Poseidon." Said Zeus. The sky has begun to return to normal.

The dark sky is returning to blue. Zeus is beginning to calm down.

"Fine. I will go down and retrieve the sword." Poseidon said with a determined look on his face.

"OH NO, You Don't!" screams Demeter. Her face then turns red and there is a snarling expression from her

"That is my dominion, Poseidon. Earthshaker, you are not welcome!" she shouted, her voice echoes in the Land of the Gods.

Trees were sprouting from her thrones. The smells of spring that emanated from her are replaced with a chilly atmosphere.

Demeter is the Goddess of the Land and the season. She favors one that has understanding of nature.

She would always bless the Druids, elementals and other type of adventurers that appreciate the nature if they go to her temple.

Poseidon is rarely rejected. This makes him angrier. The seas in Brave World could feel it. Small mid-size quake is beginning.

The other Gods also sensed this. They began to worry if this will turn into a war.

"Then I will send earthquakes and tsunami to lay waste on your land. Let me set my foot to your dominion or else.' Said Poseidon giving Demeter an ultimatum.

Demeter laugh coldly

"You think I would relent? Sent your tsunamis and your earthquakes. I will make the world an Ice Age. Then I will raise a continent out of the seas and let see who will lose then." Threatened Demeter.

The energy in the room was suffocating. The fairies and the creatures outside the palace could feel it.

The doves and the birds in Aphrodite throne have already flown away.


The shout was like a thunder roaring.

It was Zeus

'One problem at a time. Poseidon you may not invade Demeter's dominion. Demeter, stand down. For now we will focus on this Pope character." Zeus ordered.

Poseidon was reluctant but he nodded.

The other Gods were also in agreement. So after that all the Gods returned back to their realms and tried to gather information.

But still, Poseidon plots. He needs to retrieve back that sword or Zeus will forever lord it over his head.

He will wait. And the seas were calm…as it is waiting for the storm.


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