Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Fort Vars is a really high Fort even by standard medieval setting. In Vanheim it serve as one of its defense against Vetten.

It was built to withstand siege attacks.

Kyle and his troops have arrived at Fort Vars. With anger and the promise of revenge as their motivation they finally reached here and they could not wait to exact their revenge.

But to their surprise an almost barren land around the fort greeted them.

While Aero was delaying invading army, the rest of 10 thousand troops that were not engaged in building walls were tasked with removing anything of use for enemy.

Without stones and places to forage Kyle was forces to send groups for foraging on quite the distance.

Yet Aero, even here planned ahead.

Aero sent messenger to neighboring villagers to warn them and urge them to resist invader.

Aero also stressed that the invaders are demon like and kill anything that is related to Vanheim. It is one type of propaganda.

And so the defenseless hid with their animals and belongings leaving nothing for foraging parties.

But that was not the worst for foraging parties.

Every village has to train archers in case of war and soon guerilla groups consisting of archer groups harassed enemy at every opportunity.

Aero has ordered them to perform warfare as Wang Cong'er the famous female rebel General in China history.

For example to shoot arrows up so they come falling upon enemies and when enemy raise their shields to shoot again at their no longer protected bodies.

Needless to say few users and NPCS wanted to be in foraging parties. But that did not stop the siege.

The first day they tried to siege the Fort and their planning was perfect and follow the conduct of war as they were attacking with all kinds of magic's.

Not wanting to be trapped by the Druids' trap again, Kyle also tasked his Druids to detect the presence of nature manipulation so they can counter them.

The archers that defend the Fort are not ordinary. Vetten tried to use the ballista but they were always the first struck down by magicians and archers.

The archers were using fire arrows and explosive arrows. Vanheim reputation as one of the strongest Kingdom in the Eastern Continent is not just for shows.

To supply their soldiers with this kind of weaponry is a luxury.

A Fort that Kyle thought would fall in one day is proving too hard for them to handle incurring losses and disgruntlement from the soldiers.

Morales were dropping around the military camp.

'We need at least a week to wear them down.' That is the estimation of the other captains when they talk to Kyle. Kyle slammed his hand on the wooden table and the table cracked and exploded.

He was frustrated as nothing is going his way.

After knowing that Vanheim elite archers are targeting his siege weapons; Kyle started putting warriors and heavy infantry to defend the siege weapons.

Heavy infantry and cavalry are useless in a siege battle, even he knows this. This is why they were asked to deflect arrows and repel magic attacks.

Kyle at the evening battle tried to put the ladders to the tower only to find that it backfired as the enemy soldier drenched his soldiers with oil from above and then toss a torch.

His soldiers were burned alive….running around below the Fort like a walking match before they fall to the ground and stop twitching

Screams of pain can be heard from all direction of the tower. Some of the troops who see what happens remember the trauma of the fire and shudders each time they were ordered to climb the ladder.

They remember the screams and the hoarse wailing of their dead comrades and the hollow eyes.

Most of all they remember the smell of charred flesh that reminds them of roasted meat.

This demoralizes the troops even further. After three days of sieging the Fort it can be seen that the Fort is weakening but still standing there, proudly...making everyone felt anger and frustration

But even amidst the frustration, Kyle knows this is it!

Even the archers in the towers seem to have insufficient arrows judging from their attacks. Their attack was not as aggressive as the first day.

But reading the reports that his captain compiled for him make Kyle feels heartache

The casualties that his soldiers suffer are also no joke. He have lost about 50 thousand troops in this 3 days siege.

That evening, he ordered to stop the attack.

Continuing this siege is not profitable for his army. He need to find another way. Taking too long here will only be detrimental to his goals.

And he knows that is not acceptable. He also didn't heard anything from Gruk yet. He need to persuade Aero to surrender.

S, he rides his horse and sauntered in front of the fort his hand conjuring spells but no one attacked him or hesitating to attack him.

Looking at the Fort high walls he yelled.

"AERO!!!" He yelled.


In front of the huge gate of the Fort he yelled his heart out.



A commotion was started at the top of the towers. Then Kyle could see a silhouette in the highest place in the Fort before a person revealed himself looking down at him, his robe fluttering against the wind.

Like the rumor describes him he has black hair, wearing a white robe with a red sword hanging in his left hip.

He looks calm and collected and those eyes of his looks like it contains the wisdoms of many wise men.

'Does he have a plan to defeat us?' Kyle asked himself

No. That's not possible. His troops are tired. Even though there are not that many casualties on their sides ours could overwhelm them when we broke through this Fort.

Aero look down and shake his head before shouting

"Well, if it isn't the enemy commander. Why are you screaming like a monkey, hollering me in front of my gates?"

Then he yawned looking like he was interrupted from his evening nap.

He yawned and insulted me at the same time. Need to be patient. Remember your goal.

"You have just disrupted my evening nap you know" Aero continued. The soldiers on top of the tower laughed as Aero fans his face.

"Aero, give me your surrender. I promise none of your troops will be executed. Your safety will be guaranteed" Kyle offered seriously

Kyle is trying to look at Aero expression when he offered that offer. Then he heard Aero laugh, looking at him with a condescending look

"HAHAHA." He laughed mockingly.

'Are you making a joke, Kyle? I have just killed so many of your troops before and now you expect me to believe you'll spare me? I rather die than surrender to you. Everyone in this fort would. You think I don't know what you're thinking? Do you think I'm an idiot or something? Are you even worthy for me to speak to you? If not for I was interrupted from my evening nap, do you think I would make the mistake of talking g with a nobody like you?" Aero spoke from the tower heard by all the Vetten and Vanheim troops.

Kyle face turns red. A nobody? Who is a nobody?

"If you do not surrender when I finally break through the fort, I will cut your head and put it in a spike." Kyle yelled.

By doing that when Aero died he will lose a lot of levels. The more painful the way you died the more level you lose.

I will torture you until you beg me to kill you" he continued.

Aero then replied calmly

"The brave may fall, but they cannot yield." Then before he walk down he smirk and said

'And I surely would like to see you try. You couldn't even touches the sleeves of my clothes even when I'm raiding your camp and you talk big about wanting to take my head. Surely a dog that knows only to bark. Hahaha'

After saying that Aero disappeared from Kyle eyes. The negotiation has failed. Well to call it a negotiation is --- it's more like a dissing contest.

And Aero won. Kyle fall back in disgrace and smashes many tables inside his tent when he returns.

That night he planned to attack Aero troops with his archer division. The event of the evening only strengthen his resolve.

He should use our advantage in number that he currently possess. He will take turns to attack with arrows even at night and see how long this Fort will stand.

That night once again the siege began.


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