Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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ETV3 Broadcasting Station

After Sarah met Aero, she tried to find him again in the place where they used to meet but to no avail.

Then one day as she was running around doing quest and leveling up her character she meet Dan group in a quest raid.

Dan was a friendly person and he was also capable so she started partying and solving quest together.

Slowly they become closer with the group.

She knew Raina and Amy too and since they meet each other a few times already they are quite familiar with each other.

At the same time this was happening the group is also with Aero helping him with the quest.

Impressed by Sarah ability to control and command nature, the group decided to recommend her to meet their mutual friend, Aero

Of course for Aero and Sarah they didn't know they will meet again like this and they are both equally surprised and shocked.

Sarah met him again and she was quite excited as she still remembers this man.

Looking at him, Sarah remarked in her heart

'He still didn't change. Always the same interesting and smart guy'

She heard how Aero slyly manipulated the King and the people of the court to follow him like they were toys dancing to the tune that he played.

Of course she also follows this development of this story on the forums. The more she read the more she was impressed.

She knows it was the same Aero. She just didn't know Dan group were also helping Aero from the very beginning of the quest.

If she knew she would have already ask Dan to invite her earlier.

She joined the quest a little bit later but she was present most of the time.

She sighed a bit.

With a flair for the dramatic, Aero was charismatic when she saw Aero force the King to believe him.

Sarah also could see how Aero never leave everything to chance.

She still remembers when she was ordered by Aero to find him a hooded robe and to make sure she is not identified.

She accompanied Aero on his outing from Trethelm Lake only to see he disguises himself as one of the low lords and suggested and idea to the other nobles to ask the King to return to power in a secret meeting.

He was like a puppeteer, only this time the puppet was the nobles and the audience is the whole world.

Sarah realizes this at that moment. Aero is not someone she wanted to be enemy with.

After this Aero undoubtedly, will be busy with the war. Which means this will be the only time she might have to contact Aero in the real world.

Her colleagues already get the information about him with the clue she provided and they were clearly surprised with his achievement

Aero has potential. And that is what important. A potential to become a star

She has already convinced her Director to hire Aero as one of their protagonist in their newly created TV shows.

"I hope he accepts'

Sarah anxiously said while putting dialing the number.

The dialing call sound started.



He came here again today perusing the shelves again. What will he borrow this time? Unknowingly I began become curious about this young boy.

I looked at him and see he was reading on one of the tables, book sprawling on the library table.

That's odd. Usually he doesn't read in the library and was more inclined to borrow it. I approached him.

"Hi, Daniel"

"Ah, Nadia."

He seems startled seeing me.

"Reading? "I asked

"Yes….Hmm…No, not really. "

It piqued my interest.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing. I just need a quiet place to think, so I came here." He said coldly


I was embarrassed. He seems to be in a bad mood.

Closing my mouth I went back to my counter while looking at that young man reading intently.

For some reason looking at the young man profile reading so intently there was this some kind of serenity.

Then after three hours of reading he closed the book with a thud. His face shows that he is happy judging by the smirk on his face.

It was like something has been solved. I turn my gaze away not wanting for him to know I was looking at him so intently.

The sound of the clock ticking sound clearer than before, now that I am not looking at him. The way he reads fascinates me.

Or maybe I was just fascinated that there are still young people that read in library these days considering the smartphones and the many ways people could read.

Not to mention there is so many things that replaces books these days.

But, maybe the boy likes book….just like she loves the smell of books. Holding something makes it feel real.

He came to the counter and returns the book he borrows and looking at me with an apologetic expression.

"Nadia, I'm sorry about before. I was thinking about a lot of stuff." He said flashing a smile and that…was shocking.

"No, it's fine. It was my bad." I said

It was shocking because he smiled.

I realize that even before he never smiles. At least he never smiles to me. He always looks like he has something bad happens to him.

While that serious look is good, I could not believe the face he shows when he smiles. It is a good expression.

He has a….great smile.

He should smile more. Maybe…if he smiles more….Aish, what am I thinking? I blushed red unconsciously as I look at Daniel back leaving the library.



The great and mighty Kingdom of Asgaro that is full of Viking like warriors. That is the assessment of players that resided there

King Fjord ruled the Asgaro Kingdom. He is an old man but he possesses the vitality of a great warrior when he rode into battle.

He was bulky and has round but hard stomach. He has short braided red hair and red beard with an axe behind his back when he rides into battle.

He is as tall as seven feet and when he stands the ferociousness of a great warrior oozes from him

In his youth, he roam the battlefield and fought many battles with Kingdom of Redat gaining the nickname the Red Axe.

Now, he is old but that warrior way of life did not diminish.

If there is one difference is that he no longer could fight in the battlefield like when he was young and had to be content administering then Kingdom.

His axe no longer shed blood and he no longer rides his black sable warhorse into battle. In a way it is something he regretted.

That Time catches up with all. But his ambition of inflicting damage and finally conquering the Kingdom of Redat is still burning.

He has commissioned a clan to fight for him to acquire Fort Regar in the Kingdom of Redat.

Territorial wars between these two kingdoms has been intensifying in the past decades with old grudges resurfacing.

Yet the clan he commissioned that has promised his victory still did not succeed. He is losing the trust of the people and it has strained the economy.

While he was agonizing over this matter, he heard news from the Eastern continent. King George is the young king of Vanheim Kingdom.

To King Fjord he looks like a weak, young and powerless King. He doesn't just look like that he is like that.

But after listening to the events happening in that Kingdom King Fjord envies one thing about the Young King

Probably right now King George is the only King in the Eastern continent who has unlimited power, to even be able to disregard noble's advices…like Emperors of Old.

After King George rise to power from Trethelm Lake Event he quickly introduces new policies to strengthen his Kingdom.

Fjord also has heard how he has put the military power of the nobles under his authority to fight the external threats that is approaching his Kingdom.

Any army, private or otherwise must be registered with the Kingdom or be regarded as traitor and those who supported them are committing high treason.

The only exception of this registration is given to King George stepbrother who guards the Vanheim border from the Orcs.

Fjord believes if George policies work, with the abundant resources they have and a strong leadership, Vanheim Kingdom could even surpass Niovar.

And King Fjord finally look towards the East with wary expression.

'A young cub has grown into a lion' he remarked once when he reads the report submitted to him.

What this taught Fjord is you have to hire a capable man to help you.

This is why he sent his messenger to hire the man that gains the throne for George to help him take the Fort.

Now, he waits.



Kyle is a magician specializing in attack spells and was respected in Vetten Kingdom.

With handsome face that pleases people, a tall height that is just ideal around 6'5 and beautiful wavy blonde hair he look like a movie star.

But unexpectedly even with that handsome appearance he was not a player that plays the game relaxingly and chasing girls instead he was a diligent person that treats this game seriously.

Because he solved many quest involving the nobility of Vetten Kingdom he is regarded quite fondly by the court of Vetten.

So when Vetten starts preparing soldier to invade Vanheim he was appointed as one of the commander of a five thousand man soldier.

He was happy and excited when he got the assignment as he believes it will be an easy job for him to complete.

A Kingdom that was plagued with internal problem will crumble easily. This is an easy assessment to make

Then as everything seems too aligned with the stars and the opportunity has presented itself for Vetten suddenly King George returns again to the throne and with such great support and unity unforeseen by any forces in the continent.

The people and the nobles, two of the most hard to please factions in any Kingdom begged a King to return back to the throne.

Usually they would want Kings to either go to hell or be dethrone.

When did you ever hear nobles that is known to scheme and plot for each other benefits throws their pride and schemes to persuade and begged the King to return to his throne and gives him unlimited power.

If this were the real world it was like they discarded democracy to change their country to absolute monarchy and this move was not only not opposed but cheered on.

This poses a problem to him and Vetten Kingdom army.

Before they believed they could win because the country was in a state of disarray and the nobles were in a state of disarray.

But with George return it seems the country becomes even stronger.

With all military authority under the hand of the King the organization of the soldier will be formidable, a unity that is not present in Vetten Kingdom with many of its forces are still ruled by nobles which did not all shares the same aspiration and goals.

Veranis and Tian Dynasty on the other hand was relieved to see Vanheim Kingdom is alright and regain back their confidence to uphold honor of their alliance.

Though Kyle knew what those two Kingdoms are really after. Vanheim protection. Veranis and Tian is north of Niovar Kingdom.

If Vanheim fall, Gerad or Niovar would attack Veranis. What they do are all guided by the principle of self-preservation.

Kyle also heard that what happens in Vanheim was because of one man scheme. In one brilliant stroke, that player whose name is Aero shot to glory and fame.

Kyle was outraged. His plan for fame and fortune was dashed. After all how could he get his fame and fortune if the war is not continued?

So, he suggests to the King his strategy.

People praise the player named Aero?

Do they think there are no other smart people? People in the forum call that; player a great strategist and all that.

I'll prove to them I'm as good as him.

So he contacted Gruk. Gruk is a person he used to party with in an MMORPG before Virtual Reality was created.

Kyle asked for his help with benefits thrown in. After a few days Gruk replies positively to his proposition

With military help from Vetten, Gruk manages to unite ten tribes of Orcs easily before he created an Orc Horde and become almost the undisputed ruler of Nairhell.

Numbering one hundred thousand Orcs with tens of thousands of iron warhorses, they agree to invade Vanheim and if they succeed they will split the country between Nairhell and Vetten.

Half will go to Vetten, while the other half is to be given to Gruk to establish a Kingdom of Orcs. But Kyle of course decides that he could not give Gruk the country.

He was not stupid.

That would threaten Vetten Kingdom if Gruk ever manages to create Orc Kingdom. His plan is that he will let Gruk weaken Vanheim military before coming in to finish the kill.

"HAHAHAHA. That will show them"

This is the beginning of the rivalry between Kyle and Aero. Their tactics and strategies to deal with each other will earn them a spot in BW legends.


The sound of Journey Don't Stop Believing sounded from my phone. It was the ringtone of my phone.

My hands were waving left and right on my bed as I was trying to grab my phone.

My phone was ringing and shaking on my hand as I dazedly checks the number. It's not a number I recognize.

I hesitated before finally I pick up the call.

"Hello who's this?' I asked groggily as I rub my eyes

"Is this Mr. Daniel?" The person voice was a woman voice, gentle and professional.

"Yeah" Daniel is thinking who this person is.

How did they know who he was?

"Thank goodness. I am from ETV3 Broadcasting station. We would like to schedule a meet with you through video chat."

Hmm. Hearing this Daniel eyes grow a little wider.

"A video chat? Why?"

"Honestly speaking, I don't know. Sorry. I was only asked to pass the message to you from my superior"

After that she told me what to do and thirty minutes later, I'm in front of my computer having a video chat.

Of course this time I already finished showering. Don't want to look like a bum living on some cardboard boxes under some bridge.

"Hello, can you see me?' Said a burly man with a hoarse voice. Probably around the age of forty something.

He has a few bald spots on his head and from the way he carries himself it reminds me of the big shot in many companies.

"Yes, I can. What is your reason for scheduling this video chat?"

After that he explained to me that he wanted to advertise my adventure in their new program.

I can submit them my videos of my adventures.

Of course my level, my skills are hidden. So is my class. (That's the most important thing.)

There is only one thing I was curious about and that is

"How much will I get for my video?"

"One hundred dollars on submitting video and depending on the popularity of the video you will be given commission."

I was thinking for a while before asking where did they get my information. They then explained that Sarah was their employees. I was shocked before resolving myself to thank her later.

I already decided to bet on this game and now I have an opportunity to gain some in come while playing.

This…..was great.

After clarifying the terms and agreement, I accept their offers. After that, I ended the video chat and logged back in to Brave World


"I accept" I exclaimed to the King in the throne room.

-You Accepted The Quest!-

The King smiles and shakes my hand

"Thank you, Sir Aero. I will send you to Fort Elken with 30 thousand soldiers under your command."

Aero nodded. It is hard decision to make but nothing risked, nothing gained.

"Thank you. Your Grace. One question, can I invite Dan and his companion for this endeavor?"

"Ah, Dan. Your companions' he nodded and then he added

'They also have contributed greatly in helping We. Yes, if it's him you can. He is very friendly and I enjoy my conversation with him."

I know Dan is a great talker and easygoing person which is why he is great mood maker in any party.

He is also quite capable in accomplishing any task that is given to him

After that I contacted Dan. He agreed to help after discussing with his usual teammates, Raina and Amy.

It is also at this time that I give them ten thousand gold coins from the previous quest as per our agreement when they helped me.

Their eyes were shining gold and their smiles are almost reaching their cheek bones.

After all Dan wanted to buy new equipment for himself and with this sudden injection of money, it would be more than easy for him to buy the things he wanted.

This time I promised them a whopping amount of fifteen thousand gold coins and they were practically cheering.

With the ten thousand gold coins they all wanted to upgrade their equipment and buys other things.

I told them to get ready and train for three days before we will be marching to the Fort. It is not a lot of times but they have to make do.

I too will try to find an unexplored cave or dungeon to increase my level.

I open my status window to check my progress after all the training I have done these past three days.

Divine Sword Technique [6] Intermediate

One of Lizhu Gerard techniques. Lizhu Gerard learned many styles of attack that are foreign for this continent emphasizing the internal energy and self-reflection. This technique is rarely seen in Vilajeri Continent.

Mana Consumption : 1200 MP(will increase when the proficiency increase)

: Increase attack power to 140 points

Sacred Sword Finger [9] Intermediate

Can shoot out invisible force of energy from your finger. Highly concentrated energy that is focused at one point this skill is deadly, lethal and emphasize swiftness. One of Lizhu Gerard Sword Art.

Mana Consumption : 1000 MP (will increase when the proficiency increase)

: Increase attack power to 200

Looking at my skills I looked at Sacred Sword Finger skill with a smile.

Sacred Sword Finger will level up to advanced very soon. I used this skill very often as a ranged attack and it proved as a deadly combination when fused with Divine Sword technique.

It is only the fact that the MP consumption getting increase with higher proficiency that puzzles me.

After all shouldn't the consumption lowered when you reach higher proficiency. Of course the attack power of each skill shot up drastically with each level of proficiency but the consumption of mana also rises up.

But I could not deny the almost OP powerful attack. So, I decided to ignore the consumption.

Disguise [1] Beginner

Able to disguise to be a monster/ NPCs that you have encountered or defeated. As the proficiency increase you can learn to disguise to other thing.

Restriction: Must defeated the monster that you want to disguise. Helps if you can focus the feature of the thing you wanted to disguise.

Taunt [9] Beginner

Active skills. Your effort to taunt this monster has granted you this skill. This skill helps you to attract monster to attack you. While the monster is affected by this, their defense will decrease by 10%.

Mana consumption: 100 (the effect will last for 5 minutes)

Language [1] Beginner

Ability to use complex systems of communication. With this you can understand complex symbols and divine meaning. Increase intellect when proficiency increases. This ability also enables you to speak with spirits and Divine Beast.

This is one skill that I could not understand fully. The speaking with spirits and Divine Beast, that I could understand.

But, what does it mean to understand divine meaning? What's that? Well, maybe later when I have time, I try to understand it.

Or maybe I never met any quest that needed to use it thus it was never activated

But the next skill is the reason why I want to lead the armies. This skill is probably why it's restricted to this Secret Class.

After I leveled up Demonic Devil Energy Drain to intermediate level the effect changed. Receive soldiers experience about 5%?

Doesn't that means this could get him to pierce the sky with one large scale battle?

If his army won against a large army imagine the amount of EXP he will gain and how easy it is to raise his level?

No wonder the Lizhu Gerard he knows from the description of his weapon could control the wind and produce storms with a fan.

Demonic Devil Energy Drain [3] Intermediate

The consumption of mana decreases. Can drain the life force of monsters and people. You can also receive your soldiers experience about 5%.

Mana Consumption : 50 MP(will increase when the proficiency increase)

I also have heard from the conversation in the street that the King has asked for volunteers to defend the Kingdom.

Many players have taken this news as an opportunity to gain contribution point and win fame and fortune.

I could already see so many players buying supplies and there are even some who is marching to Fort Elken in a big party, drinking and partying along the way.

Instead of a war, it looks like a big carnival. Now is the time to check the condition for failing this quest.

Condition on failing : Vanheim Kingdom will be annexed

: The Orcs will create their Kingdom

: All the NPCs will migrate or killed by the Orcs

: Fertility of soil will decline.

: Farming will be hard.

Whoa. This is big.

Looking at the condition of failing Aero knows that this is a war that Vanheim Kingdom can't lose.

I would be scared stiff if not for the fact that I already prepared for this worst case scenario

I need to raise my level but first there was something else I need to do. Ensure the morale of the troops is strong.

Numbers of troops is important but that was not the only thing that is import at in a war.

Three days later I will come to the balcony of the tower of the Palace to ask for help from the players.

All the 30 thousands soldiers that George gives me is NPC.

Now let's check my stats before I begin.


LEVEL 54 PROFESSION Grand Strategist


CONTRIBUTION Peasant ( Vanheim)



FAME 550


HEALTH 5400+600 MANA 540+200 WILLPOWER 350


STAMINA 154+40









+ All stats are added 20 points in battle

+ Intellect is added extra 100 points

+ Enables equipping items for the secret class

+ Decrease mana consumption for Divine sword technique

+ 80 points added to Wisdom.

+ 30% increase to Stats on the Battlefield.

+ Easier to raise proficiency in any area.

+ Decrease in Mana Consumption for the Divine Sword Techniques based on level of INT

+ Gained ability to learn secret skills based on your level in Language.

+ Fame increase upon solving any quest involving the nobility.

+ Affinity with scholars increased.

+ Affinity with wise men increased

+ Easier to influence statesmen and scholars.

My attack power is very impressive. With the Sword of Mars, I have rarely been overwhelmed by monsters or my enemies.

I swing the sword and it felt very light on my hands. The sword has always been a mystery to me. Why does it have such strong damage? Is it luck?

Maybe there is no underlying meaning.

Thinking about it again with the help of this sword it has protected me from many life and death situations.

With the help of this sword I have never died in Brave World. I guess that is a pretty impressive feat.

I need to go train now. And with that I went to the forest again





Zeus is one of the very first players of Brave World. He chose the name Zeus because he read that in Brave World there is seven AI that governed this world.

Users called them AI but to the NPCs the AI is the Gods and Goddesses of their world and governed the fate and destinies of this world.

There is Zeus, The God of The Sky (which means in terms of AI, he govern the distribution of rain, the weather, the color of the sky and the wind that blows in Brave World) which he choose the name from because he aims to be the strongest in Brave World.

The Zeus in the game is also the King of the Gods

There is also Poseidon, God of the Sea. Then there is Hades, God of the Dead and ruler of the Underworld and reputedly the strongest of all the Gods.

There is also the Goddesses. Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Healing. She controls the NPC population and their fertility rate among other things.

Hephaestus is the God of Craft and Fire. He bless blacksmith and elementals who uses fire.

There's also Athena, Goddess of Wisdom that favors scholars and wise and virtuous statesman.

And the last is Demeter, the Goddess of the Seasons.

These are the seven major Deity in Brave World.

Initially when he first started playing the game he was weak. That is because he doesn't understand the game mechanic.

But after understanding the game, his progress is unstoppable and he swept many quest and dungeons alone with only his sword.

Then about a year ago in this game, he get a chain quest.

It's not the first time he received a chain quest so it's not that surprising. But this time the chain quest he received require him to complete it by himself.

It was one the hardest task he ever done. The chain quest has twelve sub quest. When he succeeded he was offered a secret class.

He was angry. He thought he will get money but all it gets him is a secret class. At that time he was already known as one the strongest warrior.

But now he was grateful that he chose that secret class. He was granted the Secret class Demigod.

The Council of the Gods blessed him with great strength and an overflowing charisma that cow any weak NPCs.

Giving bonuses to his strength and agility, not to mention being blessed by Zeus, he becomes one of the strongest players in Brave World.

The blessing that Zeus give him includes divine help.

Once there was rain to help him hide his track, thunder bolt strike down from the sky that incinerate his enemies and a lot more.

But he could not ask for help often. Gods have their own rule about interfering with players and NPCs which the Ai refers to as mortal and they refer player as adventurer.

Now he is the Duke of Galich in the Kingdom of Veva. His clan has 40,000 members all over the continent.

He was actually planning something the moment he was given land by the King of Veva.

He wanted to conquer the Veva Kingdom. Maybe in a month he will start his plan. Failure is not an option.

This is his clan grand enterprise. All of his generals are ready to rides their horses and hoist the flag of rebellion for his glory and the glory of the clan.

Zeus is regarded as many as the one who created a new era in Brave World. This move of him of course will be met with setback.

But he was determined. If he do not lead the era he will not be satisfied. Being the strongest is not his ultimate goal.

He wanted to rule all under the heaven. He wanted to be an Overlord that rules the four corners of this world.

This is his determination.


And so it begins. Aero has accepted the quest you guys. If you like the story please vote for it. Hope you enjoy it
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