Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Right now even a droplet of water falling down from the eaves of the ceiling, one could hear it.

All the people inside the room changed their face color. All of them pale in fright except Aero.

The room was stunned and silence fills the room before the King said with his tone slowly heightened.

'I'm sorry. What did you say, Aero?' It was a question but no one could mistake the coldness in the King question.

But Aero was not fazed at all or rattled. He smiled. Instead of begging for forgiveness he said confidently without even a change on his facial expression.

"Then, Your Majesty want you to gather all the valuables you have, packed it and move to Sage Nicolas mansion with only the people you trust."

Everyone was baffled and puzzled. What kind of strategy is this? This is not what they expected at all.

Looking at Aero unchanged demeanor they knew he was not joking but what is Aero planning?

None of them know that this is the beginning of Aero exploit. Aero is smiling but inwardly he was very nervous.

Truthfully speaking he knew all strategy in the world has a flaw. But he needs to instill confidence on him.

How else he could do that other than by exuding confidence?

Reputation is important. But what reputation he could use now that he is unknown to the world?

Even though he is praised by the Sage Nicolas, other than that he had nothing to his name. Thinking about it there is other way to do this. But he had to be bold. And he needs to do it fast.

He knew if he succeeds in this quest, this would bring him to the world stage.

Would it be possible if he did not accept the secret class? No it wouldn't. If he follows the normal path how long would it take to meet the King?

Even Azief don't know how long that would take

Even Knights would not meet the King so early in the game.

But now because he is the Grand Strategist he was even introduced to the King and was respected and the King even have half a mind of trusting him.

Aero knows this is a chance not to only solve the quest and gain fame but to cement his position in Vanheim.

Such great opportunity fall into his lap, how will he not be nervous and without apprehensions?

But he had to be bold, be creative and make people entranced with him.

They do not understand what Aero was thinking so they were about to ask but Aero held up his hand and look at the King.

His gaze is determined a, his face was smiling. He was like a dealer in the casinos asking people to gamble.

And he is on the House side

But that smile of is very persuading. His eyes are clear like there is nothing that could escape his gaze.

His demeanor was like nothing could escape his thoughts.

'What is the one condition I ask of you, Your Grace?' Aero ask again, this time his voice contains such confidence that it could even instill confidence in others.

The King who was about to ask Aero stilled. Then he nodded and said

'You ask me to follow your instruction' The King said as he remember what he agreed with Aero.

Aero smiles. It was that same mystifying smile Nicolas once saw.

'Will you break your own word?' Aero ask casually


'Do not use people you don't trust and don't mistrust the people you use' Aero said.

The King was stunned. And then looking at the young man before him and remembering that determination he sees in that young man eyes, he laughed.

He then decided. What a great sentence is 'Do not use people you don't trust and don't mistrust the people you use'

Since he decided to use Aero…why should he mistrust him? After all right now he had nothing to lose.

'Fine!' he bellowed.

'Let me see the strategy that you laid for me whether it will truly give me the world.' He said looking at Aero challengingly.

Aero bowed as a sign of respect and said

'Wise men submit to wise leader' this is the only words he said and the King laughed boisterously.

Those words not only praise himself but also praise him as the King. If Aero is the wise men than he is the wise leader.

How could King George not laugh?

He decided to trust the young man. It was irrational but he decided to trust his instinct.

Aero was also surprised by the decisiveness of the King and at the same time respected the King forbearance.

If it was any other King he would have been chased out of the palace if not jailed. Truth be told, Aero was gambling.

If he were to be a strategist, he knew he needs a King that could endure his antics. After all if the King could never trust him…why should he stay?

It is the most decisive factor of a politician fall in the courts of Kings and Queens….the trust of their leader.

If the King chased him out he would travel the land and offer his service elsewhere. If he is jailed, then he would break out.

But if the King could bear him, then he would not mind to win the world for his liege.

If he has to serve a King, then he would want to serve a sagacious King. Only a sagacious King could let him display his true ability to the utmost.

Aero knows that his class could help immensely in a great war. And he also needs the King to trust him.

If there is no basis of trust, their relationship will not last long.

The moment the King decided, he did not waste any time.


The King called upon his loyal Knights and officials and ordered them to call upon the servants to pack his thing.

They packed his personal gold, weapons, and rations and put it in a drove of carriage waiting outside the Palace.

When the king wanted to touch the treasures in the tomb Aero quickly advises the King to only takes a few things and not be greedy.

The King is exiled. Being exiled why one would bother too much about materialistic things.

The King said he was not exiled but Aero said

'Your Grace is exiling yourself. It is exile nonetheless.'

The King did not understand why he had to exile himself but as he had already decided to believe the young man so he just agreed.

The King ordered his carriage to use the back area to hide his sorry scene of leaving his palace from the masses.

The Sage agreed and even Dan agreed hearing the King request.

Aero on the other hand at the time was managing the security ordering Raina to protect the King in hiding and position Amy beside the King and was not present when the King decided to use the back door.

Three Generals of the Royal Army decided to follow the King in his self-exile after they were being informed.

They are all ready to go and was about to march when Aero returned and realized that the King is about to use the back door and Aero face turns into a frown

"Your Grace, where are you going? "Aero asked

"We're going to the mansion like you asked" Dan replied and the King nodded. Aero smiles that mystifying smile again, his eyes shining

"Why use the backdoor Your Grace? When you're going out, please let the people see you're leaving, Your Grace." Aero righteously said.

This time the King eyes widened

People in the room and even the soldiers are stunned hearing this. It is not enough you ask the King to exile himself now you even want to humiliate him?

The three generals that accompanied the King could no longer contain their anger. Not enough that this young man asked the King to flee, the King also has to show the people his cowardice.

General Arcturus, General Marco and General Aurelius, the three generals that is of the loyalist faction they could not help but raise their voice towards Aero and asked, their voice tones if full of righteous indignations

"Why can't we just fight these threats with our swords and blades? Come nobles or outside enemies, we will fight them to our last breath. At least we will die with honor"

Another said

'You are insolent towards the King. If not for the King patience, I, Arcturus would have lopped your head for your disregard to the Royal Family of Vanheim.'

Aero seeing the stubborn generals laughed as his laughs was powerful and carefree. Then he pointed his finger to them

"Honor? For you maybe. But for those people out there you called your citizen, war are not a place to gain honor. It's the place where children will lose their father, and a place where parent will lose their sons and daughters in a war they did not ask. Are you so heartless to let your own people to fight in a war you cannot win?"

"Why can't we win?' asked Arcturus defiance was apparent in his voice. He knew that their position is weak but that doesn't mean that they can't win.

Wars are won by people, he knew this better than anyone. And they have enough people. And morale is still high. Arcturus could motivate his soldiers with his valor alone.

Aero also know the thoughts of this military people. After all the first step of making a presentation is knowing your audience.

He already made a presentation to the King and because he knows his audience he manages to persuade the King.

These military people see the enemy outside but they do not see the enemy inside.

Generals knew how to wage wars but they do not know the bitter struggle in the court.

The war in the court is as bloody as the battlefield and sometimes even crueler than in the battlefield.

At least in the battlefield, you know who your enemies are. In the courts, yesterday friend could become today enemies.

Aero knows the true problem of the King.

The King was having headache not because of the external enemies but the nobles that keep creating ways to undermine his authority and refusing secretly to obey his orders.

And the King is powerless to do anything about it because of many factors.

Aero then explained as he walk forward to the three generals and stare down on Arcturus.

"You're fighting a three pronged attack. No matter where you strike, in the end the blade of your enemy will reap your head. I can help you solve these problem if would listen to my advice.'

Then looking at the other two, he paused, smiling and then suddenly he shouted

'Decide! Believe me…or not." His shout jolted the three men awake and the roar echoes in the entire room.

Aero uses Roar with that shout.

With this kind of people Aero know not to use too much time to persuade them since they are not the kind of people that could be persuaded with words.

In the end whether they believe him or not was inconsequential since the one that needs to believe in him is the King.

That word was actually not intended for the Generals but for the King.

Aero look at the King but he did not say anything. But the King understood that the words were meant for him to hear.

The Generals gritted their teeth before they wanted to retaliate when the King hold up his hand and said

The King nodded.

"We will believe in you. Arcturus, Marco, Aurelius respect Sir Aero" The General did not say anything but they bow nonetheless not because they respected Aero but they were obeying the King orders.

'They are loyal. At least they are loyal' Aero thought to himself.

"Thank you, Your Grace" Aero said as he bowed towards the King

After that the procession of hundreds of carriage marched outside with hundreds of sleds filled with the King's treasure enough for the entire court for all the people to see.

'The more the better' Aero said as he was sitting on the lead carriage looking at the people watching the carriage slowly moving out from the Palace.

The King was riding a horse in front not wearing his crown but still wears his lion decorated cape.

The procession undoubtedly drew attention of the onlookers.

"What is that?" A few players that watched the procession asked their other friends as they were puzzled by this sudden happenings.

"An event, probably" Another answer

"No, look, look….There. The one leading them is a player." One of the players noticed, pointing his finger at the figure of Aero leading the procession.

That person was the same person that once mocked Aero when he saw Aero running around the library fifth floor.

"A QUEST!!" One of the players shouted.

Even the NPCS peasants and subjects of the kingdom stop what they were doing and look at the procession and felt uneasy.

When the carriage passed them by they all lower their gaze. But some of them stole a glance.

For some people this is the first time they saw the figure of the King.

The King looked forlorn and solemn. They do not say anything fearing to be captured or jailed if what they spoke is inappropriate.

They saw their King slowly fade away from their view as the carriage is getting out the Capital City.

Many players in the crowds were in awe. They never met the King. To meet the King you must have a lot of fame or renown like Zeus the player in Veva.

So they were all curious.

"Let's go ask him"

They try to come near Aero carriage but the Knights stopped them with fierce glares and sword unsheathed.

They were brimming with killing intent

'Whoa, hold on. We will get back away' One of the player that tried to greet Aero backed off before they are being attacked by the Knights

The players once again confirmed that this must be some high level quest for a player to be protected so heavily.

They felt envious but also curious.

And all the while Aero was whistling, trying to makes his nervousness. Then he said to himself

'The only way to win is not to play. That is what I believe'

And then there is a smirk on his face.

'Since you all wanted to play, then I just let you all play by yourself. Let see whether you all truly can play by yourself or will you come begging us to come back inside the game.'

Smirking he then added as he look on the capital city gate on the back slowly fade from his view

'But if you ask us to join back the game, this time we will be the game master. I hope at that time you will not cried out justice or the likes'

Aero thought in his head as he chuckles.



The atmosphere in the room was solemn.

Sitting on his stone chair throne encrusted with diamonds his ancestors robbed from the dwarves, a middle age man full of vitality was reading the reports with rapt attention.

He was slim and scholarly unlike the King of Vanheim who looks like a warrior King, this king that sits on the throne of Niovar looks like a weak scholars.

But his eyes is full of viciousness.

He slink back his long brown hair as his hand traces the scars on his forehead. He is old but he still could not forget the lesson that Vanheim has teaches him.

His hatred for Vanheim is high but he is also not anxious. He waits patiently like a wolf. People called him the Mad Wolf.

He would rarely be patient. But for his revenge he could be patient.

He put down the report on the table and ask the spy that brings him this news

"Is this true?"

He received word from his spy at Vanheim and when the news arrived at the intelligence network he recall his spies back immediately to the Capital so he could verify the news for himself.

Then he shares the news with his advisors.

"George is abandoning his palace. Why?'

Nobody is offering him any answer

He looks at them and ordered

'Discuss" as he look at his advisors. They all gulped and then they began talking, trying to make sense of the report

Each of his advisors offers an explanation. Each one has different opinions. Some said this is a lure, some said it is a bait while others said the King of Vanheim might have a plan.

There are also from the military faction that posited the opinion that they could ally with Vanheim enemies and attack them when they are unprepared with the sudden event of the King abandoning his palace.

Suddenly one of his advisors spoke

"Your Highness, the King has a strategist now. That is what the intelligence network has reported. The Sage of Trethelm Lake introduces him to the King.'

'The Sage of Trethelm. The descendant of Lizhu?' The King of Niovar ask.

The advisor nodded. The King of Niovar pondered. He also knows the story of Lizhu. It is an obscure story but as he was royalty he of course knew the name Lizhu.

A man that won the world for Alain. The advisor not knowing that the name Lizhu has set waves in the King heart continues his words.

'This strategist behavior is eccentric. When the King explains his problem, the strategist laughed and asked the King to leave the palace.'

If Aero heard this he must feel chill to the core. Even in that moment there is a spy. This is also another benefit of Aero abandoning the Palace.

He knew that there must be spies inside the palace. It was not backed by fact but Aero knows any great nation must have put their spies somewhere inside the Palace.

And for such a weak King with no internal support it is even easier for people to out spies on him.

It is common practice even amongst allied kingdoms and even in Aero real world.

"Why does George listen to that strategist? It's not like George" the advisor then reported

"From what I hear, he promised the King his Kingdom…' the advisor hesitated before the King gestured for him to continue.

'He promised King George the Kingdom and the world" Hearing this The King of Niovar was stunned for a second before he suddenly exploded in laughter

"HAHAHAHA. How arrogant. It will not be long before Vanheim falls."

Daryl Van Zur rarely laughs.

He knows the problem that George, the young king of Vanheim faced. Nobles, Orcs, neighboring countries threatening war.

Vanheim is vast yet that is precisely why it becomes a problem. How could one strategist resolve all of that? George is even grasping at straws, that is his opinion.

The Gods had not abandoned his Kingdom. There is a chance for them to revive their glorious past.

Daryl Van Zur got up and his height of six feet seven was imposing to behold as he declared

'I want someone to reorganize the military. Call capable men and order them to send plans for invading Vanheim. The morning assembly is dismissed'

Daryl declares as he walk down from the throne and walk outside all the while laughing joyously.



"Hurry, give this to the King" A messenger meet a man clad in tight black attire hiding in the shadows.

He gave the letter and the men in shadows nodded and disappeared.

Vetten Kingdom is ruled by Vetten III. The Kingdom is a monarchy that has a thousand years of history.

And with all of that old history also come old ancient enemies.

Vanheim Kingdom and Vetten Kingdom has fought against each other since before the continent was united by Alain.

After the fall of the Empire they renewed their war against each other. But since four decades ago, they are in a state of uneasy peace with Vanheim.

That's because Vanheim has become bigger than Vetten.

By uniting the tribes in the mountain and conquering them, Vanheim has become a kingdom that has many natural resources and with abundance of natural resource they prospers and become even stronger.

Vanheim did not isolate themselves and even while improving their military they strike initiative to create alliances with Veranis and Tian Dynasty.

Gerad Kingdom which is west of Vanheim dares not to attack because of the effect of the alliance.

The moment they would attack, Niovar which is in the south of Gerad will take that opportunity and would annex Gerad to take advantage of the situations and raise themselves up.

Niovar has always been neutral but a sleeping tiger could always be awaken.

Daryl Van Zur has been silent for a long time but those old fox in the other kingdoms knew that Daryl Van Zur was once humiliated by Vanheim.

The only reason he never pursues that matter was because he did not want to compromise his kingdom.

Boasting a strong military and strong economy, other than Veva and Asgaro, Vanheim is one of the strongest forces in the continent and the strongest in the Eastern continent.

But the messenger knows with this news, the precarious balance of power in the Eastern continent will crumble.


The effect of what King George had did resonate through the continent. Whispers are spreads and spies are moving all over the continent

Niovar waits patiently like a wolf that is in front of a prey while preparing their military. Their barracks is filling with people being trained and drill by Knights.

Vetten also starts preparing soldiers and recruiting men all over the four corners of their kingdom.

And if that is not enough The Orcs started coming to the border.

Bandits gathered up daily not wanting to lose the opportunity that the chaos has provided them.

A kind of terror gripped the Vanheim Kingdom. The people who cares nothing about the game of politics in the courts feared that the King has abandoned them to their fates.

Shops and stores closed up. The beginner players also feel the effect. The entire quest is B difficulty or C difficulty.

This is because the Kingdom is almost in the state of anarchy. The quest giver that gives quest to newbies didn't even dare to step outside their house.

Only medium level player benefited from this. Some even migrate to other kingdom thinking that Vanheim is finished.

It was chaotic as it felt like the very foundation of Vanheim is about to be pulled out. With one simple act of leaving the Palace, the Eastern Continent boiled over.

The people prayed every day to the Gods that the threats outside the Kingdom would not come but without their King they felt helpless.

For the first time the peasant were awakened that they need their King and put a face to the name and finally felt and understood the importance of a King.

They began to believe that if the King is there, this kind of thing would not happen. And this is exactly what Aero wanted.

His plan is moving without a hitch.


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