Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Looking at his status windows he smirk.

After a few days of hunting Aero level has reached 39.He has also managed to raise his proficiency in his production skills.

His cooking has reached intermediate level. He also realized it's easier for him to raise proficiency probably because of the Grand Strategist bonus.

He has also learned Archery skill and Sword Mastery. He learns Archery skill from the Archery range from an NPC instructor and Sword Mastery from Van

The highest stat he has right now is his intellect and wisdom. He also has familiarized himself with the Sword technique.

Lizhu Gerard. The more he practices his sword skills, the more Aero find himself asking himself what kind of man this Lizhu Gerard is to create such OP skills.

He finally realized how powerful the technique he possesses is. The level 30 monsters had never overwhelmed him to the point he would almost die.

After constantly evading the attack of the monster he met, he gained a skill which is the Alleviating Body technique.

It enables him to jump high and evades attack faster. It was useful when he had to fight monster that likes to jump onto a tree or fast creatures.

The skill gives a boost of 10 point to his agility. Now he returns back to the Central Square again.

Hunting party. This is his objective right now.

Like before, his MO is the same. He observes the players that want to form a party. After a few minutes he found a group that he kind of interested with.

He was intrigued by this band of people.

Clearly they are about to go hunting. It is obvious by the way they dress and armor that covered their bodies.

Then Aero decide he will approach them to ask them to join him. He slowly walked towards them and then he greeted them politely


"Yes, hello'

The guy who reply Aero greeting is a young person with an average height and have a green spiky hair.

Contrary to Aero first impression of him, he is quite friendly. He was talking joyfully with his group of friend when I interrupted them.

The other looks at me intently.

"It seems you are preparing to go hunting. Can I join?' Aero asked

"Well. Yes, of course" He replied without even hesitating.

He shook Aero hand and hugged him. He really is friendly. He doesn't even know my name. Is he that trusting or an idiot?

"D, wait a minute, we don't know anything about that guy"

Interrupt a girl. She had a red hair and her face was pale white.

To be more accurate, she looked cute. She was slender and standing at the height of almost six feet she looked like a model or something.

But that is not what shocked Aero. 'She really looked like that girl' Aero thought to himself.

"What level are you?' The girl asked. Aero just sighed and reply

"39" he answers.

'We're going to hunt in a level 50 dungeons so…."

She let the words hang. I'm not welcomed here. Not to mentioned she was giving me the eye.

I did not expect this. And there was something about her that bothers me.

"Ok, I get it. It's ok"

Aero slowly start walking away. As he was walking on, he could hear from a distance,

"Why did you do that? We shook hands and everything."

"He could slow us down"

Now I'm angry. I searched for a party that could assist me and not slow me down, but that girl thinks I'm the one that is going to slow them down?

I'm not usually a petty person but there's something about that girl that pisses me of. I'm going to teach them a lesson.

************************* ********************** ******************

Dan and his friends have been preparing for a week to fight the Bears. The last time they fought the Bears they died at the 4th floor.

Now after changing their weapons they want to challenge it again. All of their members are in the range of level 40.

Yesterday some of them reached level 42.They are all friends in real life. Amy is a healer, Raina is an archer and he is a warrior.

It was a typical combination in RPG games. After making sure their gears have ben repaired and their condition is at the most optimal condition they quickly march on to the cave.

After climbing a few hills and waded through a mud swamp they finally reached the cave. The entrance like always look eerie with claw marks lining up the entrance wall.

There are also a few skeletons of people lining up the entrance. NPCs when they died in this game do not disappear into a white light like players.

When they die, they leave their bodies. The management of the game said it was to maintain a realistic feel.

Dan was ready.

'Gang, are we ready?' he asked as he looks at his teammates. Amy nodded, Raina helpd up her bow and nodded.

"Ok, we're going in'

Taking a deep breath Dan started walking to the entrance. Then from the bush behind, there was a sound.

Everyone unsheathed their weapons. Raina aim her arrows to the bushes. The atmosphere was intense. Amy was holding her staff ready to buff her teammates.

What emerged from the bush was a man. With an elegant white robe and a shining red sword, he was standing there not too far away from Dan.

His long black hair gently being caressed by the wind. His blue eyes looked clear.

'He-' Dan was about to greet when Amy shakes her head.

Without a word he strode past us and entered the cave.

'It's the guy we rejected in the morning.' Raina said. Amy just nodded.

'Idiot.' She said.

'We need to warn him' Dan said.

"If that guy wants to die, let him"

Dan look at Amy and shakes his head. She is always like that. But Dan knew once you got to know her, she has a nice heart.

Only she really didn't know how to show it.

"Let's follow him" Raina said as she slowly walked into the entrance.

"Yes, if he needs our help, let's help him.' Dan said

Then Dan group entered. Dan was practically running to warn the guy to stop when they suddenly halted their steps almost immediately after seeing what is in front of them

'Take formation!' Dan shouted. Raina quickly prepares her bows and Amy staff is glowing ready to heal any of her teammates.

What they saw was 10 grizzly bear waiting for them. With high attack and devastating blow, it's a monster that is quite formidable.

Not to mention their physique is intimidating enough to render someone paralyzed with fear.

'I don't want to get clawed by this beast again. Let's do our best!' Dan shouted to his teammates and the other nodded looking serious.

They started taking their position and at the ready when something unexpected and probably the craziest thing Dan has ever seen since he started playing Brave World happened in front of him

The guy standing 200 yards from the bear with only Level 39 started charging. He exploded in speed as the ground near his feet lurch upwards.

His red sword flashed dangerously and in a single slash he decapitated the first bear head as its head rolled off the ground as the body slowly falls down.

Then it began. Without saying anything, he rushed to the other bears.

It was carnage. The other bear surged forward. The guy started to jump around and ended in the shoulder of the bear.

He was nimble and elegant.

Wearing a white robe and a red sword he look at ease in this battle like he was merely strolling through a peaceful park.

The bear tried to claw him. But the guy quickly dodged it and using his backhand, he severed its paw with one perfectly angled slash.

'HAHAHA' he laughed as his laugh reverberated inside the cave. The bears grew even more furious.

Then he started slashing and stabbing the other four bears with extreme speed and precision.

Using the momentum he jumped left and right while stabbing the bear. He was slippery like an eel as he move around the barrage of attack by the bears effortlessly.

He was almost like a machine. Dodge, roll, slash, stab, dodge, roll, slash and stab. In a span of 5 minutes all 10 of the grizzly bears were killed leaving all of them with incomplete remains.

He looked toward Dan group and he smirk. Then he looked at Amy and chuckles. Like he was mocking her.

Dan group was shocked but Amy was infuriated. It was clear that guy was mocking them.

'I need to be faster' Dan could hear the man whispering to himself.

Then quickly moving like nothing happened he descended to the second floor. He was practically dashing to descend to the second floor.

Raina was slack jawed.

Amy looked like she ate something bad. He just left all the loot. Dan and his group picked it up. After that moment passed, Amy said

"What are you waiting for?"


"We need to kill bears too. That's the reason we're here right. Do you want to let that guy kill all the bears here?"

Dan realized Amy was angry. It's understandable.

They came here after preparing for a week and for some guy to just come and kill the monsters they had so much difficulty killing, that leaves a bitter taste.

It's not like there is ownership of cave and dungeons, at least not yet.

Leo Clan in Asgaro Kingdom and Zeus clan in Veva Kingdom monopolized the dungeons and only let their clan members to hunt in the dungeons under their control.

Vanheim has clans but there is no clan in Vanheim that is as big as Zeus or Leo. Which is why dungeons and cave in Vanheim is the bets place to grow according to many forums leading to positive review of the kingdom by many players.

Newbies also depends on the forums which is why many newbies nowadays choose Vanheim as their starting kingdom.

'We follow him' Dan decided as they chased the guy.

They descended until the fourth floor but not once, they met him. He was too fast.

Every time they descended a floor the only thing that proved he was ahead was a mountain of monster corpses he left behind.

The smell is nauseating. Who thought that Brave World created such a realistic world that even our nose could smell in this game.

In the first floor there were 10 bears. The second floor had 20 and so on. This cave has 10 floors. In the last floor is the Boss monster.

Whoever that guy is he just mowed about a 100 of those bears. That amount of monster and he soloed them all.

By now Amy face was truly lacking any color. Dan knows not to say anything that could further her frustration.

They only stores the loots and as Amy anger is at the breaking point they keep rushing to catch up to that person.

They finally met him in the 6th floor. Amy was fuming with anger while Raina was wary. After all the guy might be a pro gamer.

All the loot he has left behind Dan and his group carry it in their bags to avoid others from taking it.

But seeing the horror in the first floor Dan doubt anyone would want to descend.

And the other floors look like a painting of hell, if Hell were a place that is filled with bears internal organs and heads.

When a player kills a monster in a cave or dungeons it takes two days for the monster to respawn.

If you clear the dungeon it will take five days to respawn. Looking at that white robe figure from afar, Dan group was cautious in approaching

He was resting in a tent and is bandaging himself.

He also made fire and meal seemingly roasting something on open fire. While waiting for the food to finish cooking he was repairing some old sword.

Dan hesitated to approach him but then like always, Amy, the hothead yelled at him


********************** ************************ ***********************

After killing all that bears I was really tired. My body is also full of wounds.

I didn't stop killing them at all as I rushed through floors and like a madman slashing all the way down.

Now, I'm waiting for Dan group to catch up to me. This is pretty petty of me. But now that I started I don't want to do it half assed.

Not to mention the EXP that the bears give me was quite good. There is also the fact that as I keep fighting my proficiency with my technique is slowly rising.

Using the Divine Sword technique combined with the Sword of Mars create a pretty deadly slashing attack.

They are really slow. Seeing them carry my loot made me relieved. I actually forgot about the loot.

I was so engrossed in the fighting I almost forgot. Then I went back only to watch them carry it. By using Detect Presence I realized they were following me.

So I used them as my carriage bag. My anger also started to dissipate. I don't know why I acted that way. I'm not usually easily provoked.

I then realized something.

"Is it because she looks like her?"

Thinking about it they do have the same red hair and that girl Amy really look similar to "that" girl.

'Touched by fire' I unconsciously muttered.

Is that it? Daniel doesn't want to admit it. He wanted to forget about that. About that girl and about his father. About everything that happened that day.

"I'm an idiot!" Daniel admonished himself

I should stop now. It's not like I want to make enemies. I will wait for them here. For now I will just try to raise my proficiency in repairing, tailoring, cooking and Bandage skill.

After an hour they finally arrived. Wonder what took them so long. I realized Dan was looking at me.

I was just about to greet him but then I heard a yell.


I smirked. Even her temper the same. My previous intention to reconcile with this group is almost forgotten

Looking at her I could not help but to tease.

"Well, as you can see, I'm bandaging myself and cooking. Oh, and please return my loot. Don't want some people just take it after all my effort."

"Oh really? Do you think I'm blind! Are you trying to prove something!? That we should have accepted you in the beginning or something"

Well, I did want to prove something but I'm not going to admit it to this brute woman.

"I was walking around this area and I saw your group. I thought I could try this cave to see whether it's really that hard as you say it is. Turns out it's not that big of a deal"

"YOU…..YOU….You are a jerk!" she shouts stomping her feet cutely

I almost smiled. I thought she's going to call me something much worse than that.

"I was a gentleman. I waited for your group here so that we could clear this dungeon together. It must be hard making all those preparations. I may be able to solo the first few floors, but after this there are many more bears and maybe there are other type of monsters here. I can't defeat them all."

Dan looked receptive to the idea. Raina was nodding. Amy, on the other hand

She said,

"You are no gentleman!"

"I guess I'm not, "Aero answered airily.

"But, you, Miss, are not a lady either."

Just when she was about to yell at me again, Dan stopped her.

"That's enough Amy. I'm sorry. She is a little short tempered"

"Yes, I could see that.' As my gaze lingered and smirk which almost provoked her again.

'So how about it? Want to fight together?" I asked Dan

"I'm down with that idea. Raina, how about you?" Dan asked the archer.

She nodded. Amy is still glaring at me. What is her problem with me?

"Quit baring your fangs at me. If we're going to fight together, cooperation is important."

"I'm not going to fight together with you!"

"Is that so? Then don't blame me when I stomp on your corpse after being clawed by the bear."

'YOU!" she pointed her finger in indignation when Dan come in front of her and look at me and Amy pleadingly and said

"Ok.. Ok that's enough don't you think?"

Then after being calmed down by Dan, she stopped glaring at me. She used the method of ignoring me completely.

That's fine by me.

After that we made short work of the seventh and eighth floor. Combined with the healer healing abilities and two warriors we destroyed every obstacle in our way.

They misunderstand my class as a warrior.

Raina also utilizes her archery brilliantly sniping vital weakness.

Though I realized sometimes Amy did not heal me. But I just ignored that. Not worth it to fight with her again.

I acted like a child before. I have no problem talking with Dan and Raina. I guess they will do.

I prefer solo adventure rather than partying with other people.

But there are things you could not do alone. That's the first reason I need them. Secondly, I need people to help me with the request that the Sage will ask of me.

If it's like last time at least I can use their swords. People always have their uses. You just need to find what they can be used for.

There is no person that could not be used.

While I was thinking, Raina said

"We're here Aero."

The final floor was empty. But Detect Presence sensed there is a monster in front of us so I quickly informed them.

We set up our formation. Then from the darkness, we see a large silhouette. Then came the shaking sounds.

Dan gulped. Amy hold her staff tighter. Raina like always loaded her bow and concentrate her mind.

Then we see what it was.

It is a gigantic bear of almost 12 feet. I quickly used Roar. My roar buff my teammates as they looked at me with appreciation and take their positions.

'Dan, hold him off. Raina step back and attack form a distance. Amy, heal any members. Save your Grand Healing at the last moment.'

I also stepped back when the bear started slapping the ground with its massive paw.

It leaves a huge handprint on the ground as dust flew everywhere.

Then I used Analyze to pinpoint his weakness. My eyes flashed and it shows blind spot of the bear. I dashed forward trusting my sword and my speed

Combining Divine Sword technique with Analyze is a lethal combination. The slashes become flurry of wind gales that barrage onto the bear blind spot.

Every time I attacked it became a critical hit.

Amy kept healing from a safe distance. Raina is at the back shooting arrows at the bears feet and weak spot.

Using my lightness skill I jumped around the bears so that his attention is focused on me. Then a notification window sounded

You have learned Taunt [1]Beginner

Your effort to taunt this monster has granted you this skill. This skill helps you to attract monster to attack you. While the monster is affected by this, their defense will decrease by 10%.

Dan on the other hand is attacking him from behind making him confused. With my flurry of attacks and Dan strength we make quite the tag team.

Finally, there is a challenge. Another bear come charging forward with a leap. And the bear attack hit.

Before I know it I was clawed.

'Shit, that hurts' I noticed a fair amount of pain that came from that strike. Thankfully my defense and HP is sufficient to handle this kind of attack.

I quickly leapt backward, my feet glides through the soil like a kite as I narrowly missed another striking attacks by the bears.

Now, I will counterattack. I grip my sword tight and push my feet upwards.

'HYARGH!' I screamed as I jumped as high as I could and lunged my sword forward to the Bear eye.

With a stabbing motion, the eye exploded into mushy stuff, maimed by my stabbing power.

The Bear roars in pain as it tries to swat me away. The Bear was spurting a lot of blood from the hole that used to be its eye.

'HAHAHA!' I could not help but laugh looking at the Bear misery.

The Bear try to strike me again, but this time learning from my previous mistake, instead of making a big movement, I just sidestepped narrowly missing the attack only by a few inches.

Looking at Dan I nodded, He moves backward from the bear as I quickly I leapt to the Bear shoulder.

'Sacred Sword Finger!' I yelled as my finger pointed towards the bear. My finger release a sharp white energy with the shape of a sword

Using Sacred Sword finger skill, a force shot out of my finger and pierced the bear arm, leaving a hole on its shoulder.

Dan smiles from afar as Raina sent a flaming arrow on the bear arms to agitate the injuries. The bear was growling in pain

Quickly using the advantage we had I struck at its head, with a rotating stabbing motion as my red sword drilled the bear head.

My face was splattered with the gigantic bear's blood.

At the back, Dan was taking the opportunity I created as he quickly use his strongest attack to cut off the bear's leg.

Unable to move and at its final breath, I slashed its neck.


As the bear body hit the ground, we all exhale a deep breath of relief.

Finally we have cleared the dungeon. In my journey in the cave I rose to level 54. That was a great improvement and increase many of my stats.

The loot for the Gigantic Bear was given to me.

I gave the other items that I got from previous floor. With my Analyze skill, I identified a few of Rare and Unique item rank weapons and shield.

I will auction it on the forum or the net when I return. Then the time for us to part has come.

"Are you going to the city, Dan?" I asked, looking at the grinning face of his. He seems to still be reveling in the feeling of victory.

"Yes, we need to resupply. We also want to sell the stuff that we got" Dan replies as he got up after finished sorting his loot.

"Then before you go let's become friends." I offer

Becoming friends means you can send message and chat. It also makes it easier to arrange party the next time.

It's basically the same as the chatting window. We then started exchanging contact info.

The only one I didn't exchange contact with is Amy. It seems her animosity towards me didn't disappear at all.

After that I told Dan, I may need his help in a week about a quest. He happily said that he will help me.

Raina also agreed. Amy just grunted. I chuckles a bit.

After saying their farewell, I got outside of the cave and logged out to auction his stuff.

'Finally, I hope this can make money. Powerful players might not need this. But newbie players would surely wanted to get their hands on some of the item I got today' I said as I logged off from Brave World.

Returning home, I went outside the capsule and then quickly sync my Brave World account and then log in to the forum and quickly auction off my loots.

'Hope somebody would but it. I also put reasonable price.'

Hoping like this I waited.

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