Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Aero arrived again in front of the white manor. After making sure he has make himself presentable, he knock the dragon knocker in front of the Manor.


The sound of knocking echoes inside the large manor. The Sage who was sipping tea, got up and quickly went to the door.

Beside him was Danon standing there like a loyal retainer. The elf was also smiling.

'He has made you proud. I've seen it. It was perfect.'

The door opened and the Sage welcomed Aero proudly.


"Sage Nicolas, I have accomplished your test." I said humbly standing there on the hall. I hope this could score some points with the Sage.

The Sage smiles and nodded.

"Yes, I know. Danon has told me of your deeds. How brilliant of you to use the lake water"

So, Danon followed me.

No wonder I felt someone was watching me.

"As promised! Here you go." The Sage said as he brought out a bag. The Sage then handed Aero a book, a sword, a beautiful elegant white robe, a feather fan and a bow.




You have passed the Sage of Trethelm Lake test and the Sage is proud of you. You receive the Sage family treasures.

You have received the other rewards from the Sage of Trethelm Lake.

Wisdom rises by 50

Intellect rises by 50

Luck rises by 10

You have leveled up!

You have leveled up!

This is a good reap. I thought as I look at the notification. I leveled up and at the same time my stats rose.

It was worth researching all that book and gathering information from the player forums.

Even though I played to gain money for my mother treatment, this feeling of accomplishment, I really wish that I could just enjoy this game and just play it.

And truth be told, the objective of me playing the game is not even fulfilled now.

But you don't always get what you want. The world and my father taught me that .Just when I thought that it's over, suddenly

Class Change!

You can convert to a Secret Class, Grand Strategist. If you accept it, you can learn exclusive skills for the class that are withheld from primary class.

Do you want to convert to Grand Strategist?

A secret class! I frowned for a while.

'Hmm' I muttered as the Sage and Danon look at me expectantly.

Judging from the way I started the quest, I expected something like this might happen. From what I read chain quest could lead to some secret class.

It is still in debate. Some said that the famous player Zeus is also a secret class player.

Secret class has its pros and cons. My plan in the beginning was to become warrior or knight, but I also entertained the idea of being a thief.

Warrior advantages lies in their explosive strength and could challenges many quest line since there are many quest for warriors while Knights could offer their services to the many NPC lords of the Kingdoms.

Thief…could stela stuff. And what I want is stuff. But I also had to pay attention to my agility stats

But after doing this quest, I feel that this secret class can help me get more money than being a warrior.

Actually, before when he logged out and was searching information about the Sage of Trethelm Lake, he found something interesting.

Especially for the name of Lizhu Gerard who is an ancestor of the Sage.

In the background story of the Vilajeri Continent, Lizhu Gerard was a man with massive influence during his time.

In the era of the hegemony War there is a famous saying.

Without Lizhu, there is no Alain.

He was respected by his rivals, feared by his enemies. But because he could not stand the Empress behavior, he left the court and told people to not bother him.

Since then he disappeared from the public views secluding himself in some remote corners of the world.

This highlighted a few things to me. And what it highlighted fills me with anticipation.

Being a strategist means becoming entangled with people of importance.

Wouldn't it be better to have connection with important people?

He's not aiming to become the strongest like Zeus or the other many players that started this game way before him

He need stop play this game suing his brain since he could not vie with the people in the beginning with only determination.

He wants money. Important people give great quests and great rewards. Even though this means he will change his plan, but life itself is change.

"I accept the offer" The Sage and Danon nodded as he patted my shoulder proudly. I only smile.

The moment he finished patting my shoulder a white light shone on me.

You have learned Demonic Devil Energy Drain

You have learned Divine Sword Technique

You have learned Sacred Sword Finger Skill

You have learned Disguise Skill

You have learned Roar Skill

You have learned Killing Intent

You have learned Analyze

New Stat: Elegance

New Stat: Language

New Stat: Grace

This entire message started appearing in succession. It is only to be expected with a class change.

Now my status would be modified to tries to fit the secret class change.

After this I'm going to check its effect.

I have to check my status window to see how much I progressed after doing this quest.

Right now with the energy bubbling inside of me, I know I could meet the Firewolf before and cut them down easily.

For now I better thank the sage. Taking the sword, the fan and the other stuff into my knapsack I thank the Sage.

The Sage accepted it with dignified expression like he had pass down his teachings.

I couldn't stop smiling. Truly this is what you call a secret class. I got so many skills just by changing class.

"Thank you for believing in me" I said

I perform a slight bow.

"No, No. don't be so unfamiliar with me. Call me Nicolas. We could be considered related by fate'

Nicolas was not joking about this. Young man guided the era, this has always been the case. For old things like him, he should have retired and pass down his teachings.

"Oh, then thank you Nicolas" I said as I walk to the door. Then The Sage said.

"Before you go, I have a favor to ask of you. If you can come two weeks from now, would you listen to my request?'

If it's 2 weeks from now, I can train first and raise my stats. I contemplated it for a hwole before I nodded.

I smell a quest.

"Alright. I will come here"


Little did Aero realized that he is starting a chain of events that would affect the game in its entirety.

The reason Aero got the secret class, is not because no one ever found it, or luck but because before it didn't exist.

The requirement of the Secret Class Grand Strategist was another secret class activation which is the Demigod.

That secret class has already been activated so Aero could trigger the Grand Strategist secret class quest.

And the moment Aero activated the Grand Strategist class change; another secret class requirement is fulfilled.

A secret class that will shake all the Seven religious orders in BW.


After Aero return to the city to buy supplies, he started checking his skill window. He went under a shadow of a large tree and sit down before opening his stat windows.

He then checks his skill.

He first check the Demonic Devil Energy Drain. Looking at the description he could guess the skill usage.

Demonic Devil Energy Drain [1] Beginner

Able to drain life force from monsters and replenish your health. With high luck, you can drain a lot of monster HP.

Mana Consumption : 50 MP(will increase when the proficiency increase)

It's quite a powerful technique.

Divine Sword Technique [1] Beginner

One of Lizhu Gerard techniques. Lizhu Gerard learned many styles of attack that are foreign for this continent emphasizing the internal energy and self-reflection. This technique is rarely seen in Vilajeri Continent.

Mana Consumption : 300 MP(will increase when the proficiency increase)

: Increase attack power to 40 points

Sacred Sword Finger [1] Beginner

Can shoot out invisible force of energy from your finger. Highly concentrated energy that is focused at one point this skill is deadly, lethal and emphasize swiftness. One of Lizhu Gerard Sword Art.

Mana Consumption : 500 MP (will increase when the proficiency increase)

: Increase attack power to 100

Disguise [1] Beginner

Able to disguise to be a monster that you have encountered or defeated. As the proficiency increase you can learn to disguise to other things.

Restriction: Must defeated the monster that you want to disguise. Helps if you can focus the feature of the thing you wanted to disguise.

The other skills were self-explanatory. Roar helps morale while Analyze could be used to analyze weakness.

Now, I'm going to check my items that I got from the Sage. Slowly rummaging my bag I brought out the sword.

After analyzing the sword, I was utterly shocked.

Sword of Mars ( SEALED)

Durability : ???? Damage : 2000

One of Lizhu Gerard treasures. Gifted by Poseidon, the God of the Sea. Its attack power is very powerful.

Equip : +40 STA

: +100 VIT

: +100 AGI

Requirements: Granted the Great Strategist class

It is sealed. And even in its sealed state its damage is 2000. This is…a bug isn't it? With this kind of damage I could level many rookie players easily.

I wonder what rank this weapon is.

In Brave World item are divided by Ranks. Weak, Strong, Hero, Rare, Unique, Legendary and Godly.

The next item is the robe.

The White Robe (HERO)


Defense : 700

One of Lizhu Gerard treasures robe during the Hegemony War.

Equip : +200 MANA

: +500 HP

: +100 AGI

Requirements: Granted the Great Strategist class

Storm Fan ( SEALED)


A fan that Lizhu Gerard stole from Princess of Wind Valley to surpass the Fire Mountain. One of his treasures. In its unsealed state it could summon winds and storms, calm the seas and change the weather.

Equip : +200 leadership

: +300 HP

: +300 MANA

Effect: Increase morale by +300

Increase ally stats by +30

Increase ally stamina by +40

Increase ally health by +100

Requirements: Granted the Great Strategist class

Another sealed items. But looking at the description this is really OP items. Who the hell is this Lizhu Gerard.

None of his items are normal.

The only normal one is his white robe.

On the other hand I could not identify the book because I lack the necessary intellect. I'm going to equip the Sword of Mars and the White robe

The fan I will only equip when I'm in party. The bow has to be stored first. After I learn Archery skill, maybe then I will equip it.

I quickly equipped Sword of Mars and the White robe. I looked at myself. It makes me looked dignified and scholarly.

Then I excitedly checked my status.




PROFESSION Grand Strategist



FAME 150


HEALTH 2200+600

MANA 220+200



AGILITY 15+200


















+ All stats are added 20 points in battle

+ Intellect is added extra 100 points

+ Enables equipping items for the secret class

+ Decrease mana consumption for Divine sword technique

+ Easier to raise proficiency in any area.

+ Affinity with scholars increased.

+ Affinity with wise men increased

+ Easier to influence statesmen and scholars.

I never thought I could have this kind of luck. But looking at my status window I realize my stats are not that impressive.

It is because of my items that I am confident

I need to go hunt monster and improve myself. I guess these two weeks I need to do some grinding.

And I need help. Thinking for a while decided I need to join a party.

It will not only help me clear caves and dungeons easier, I also need them for something else.

After all I did not intend to play this game solo. At least not when he is this weak. But he also did not want to be taken advantages off.

He heard stories of newbies and weak players being ripped off and robbed because they are too weak.

So I decided that before I prowls around searching for a hunt party, I would solo the cave for level 20 monsters.

I believes I can do it with the legendary items he got.

'Alright. I need to start now.'

I got up and began running towards outside the central square heading to the forest.

***************************** ******************** **********************

The Vanheim Kingdom is ruled by King George Vermont Vanheim. He lives in the Vanheim castle.

A lot of people called Vanheim a prosperous Kingdom but in reality it has many problems.

In the East, is Nairhell the Orc grassland threatening the eastern border. North of Vanheim is the kingdom of Vetten, an old enemy since the time of Vhagar Asgaro and Veva Triumvirate.

And even though the neighboring countries which is Niovar is not hostile, but if they ever get the chance, they will invade Vanheim.

Pack of wolves surrounded this kingdom. One mistake and this kingdom could fall at any moment.

It is thankful that this Kingdom is not a sheep and there are still many heroes and great generals that guarded the border.

King George was sitting on his throne looking sullen. He throws another report to the ground.

He then sighed.

"I am surrounded by stubborn fools. Half of them don't know the truth, the other half don't dare tell me, while the other half is blind"

King George knows his kingdom needed reform, but he lacks the personal power to push through with his reform.

His authority is always undermined by the nobles. His kingdom is vast, but it is precisely because of that reason, it is such a nightmare to defend.

He also heard whispers from his spy that the Bradheim family is trying to start a rebellion. In whatever direction he struck be it the nobles or the military he would leave himself vulnerable.

He is not old, but he is not young either. His blonde hair and clear blue eyes are no longer like when he was in his youth.

It is no longer clear but is clouded. With power comes responsibility and with that responsibility he could no longer be the naïve idealist youth he used to be.

While his eyes were no longer clear like when he was in his youth, he also gain something. The disposition of a king.

His presence radiated dignity and majesty.

While he was contemplating the many problems of his kingdom in his throne room, a messenger came.

"Your Highness, the Sage has come requesting audience" The announcer announced as he waited for the king response.

George contemplated this matter as he is feeling puzzled

The Sage? It's weird. No matter how many times I came to his mansion before he never got out to meet me. Why now?

"Let him wait in the guest room. I will be there shortly"

The announcer nodded and relay the King word to the Sage. The Sage waited in the guest room as he was being served with high quality tea.

Five minutes later the King meets the Sage in the guest room. George dismissed his attendants and sit on one of the seat inside the guest room.

"Nicolas, why do you come here today?'

George asked. But he was not enthusiastic or welcoming but he was not hostile either. The title Sage is not freely given.

Those that were given such title are all wise men and should be respected. As such even George shows respect.

But that doesn't mean he have to swallow every rejection. He is bitter at the Sage.

'Before I invited you to come to the court and you refused. I came asking advice, yet you turned me away. So why do you come here if not to mock me?"

Still feeling bitter from the last time he tried to meet the Sage, the King started his questions with accusatory tone.

The Sage smiles bitterly. He had anticipated this reaction. He knows what he did wound the kingly pride of George.

He might not be Vanheim courtiers or officials but he is a citizen of Vanheim. He still consume earthly food, how could he run away from worldly matters?

So, he replied calmly

"No, Your Majesty. There seems to be a misunderstanding. This lowly subject did not accept Your Majesty offer because I'm not a man that can hurdle through the intrigue that is in the court. I turn you away because I know what troubles you, yet I do not know to solve it and was embarrassed to see Your Majesty again. But today I came bearing good news. I know someone who can probably solve Your Majesty problem."

Hearing this George expression brightened

"Truly?" As his tone go up in anticipation

"Yes, Your Majesty." The Sage replied nodding his head.

"So, where is he?" George asked as he looks around the room, half expecting someone to enter the room at any moment.

The Sage smiles mysteriously

"Your Majesty he is not here yet. In two weeks I will introduce you to him." George now clam down with the Sage words, dispel his worried thoughts and offer the Sage to stay for a while to discuss a few things with him.

After that the Sage and the Kings started talking about other matters relating to the Kingdoms and the world, big matters of the world.

Aero did not know that he would encountered one of the monarch of the Vilajeri continent.

Like he expected, being a Grand Strategist offer him access to get to know powerful people.

But what Aero didn't expect that he would meet the King so early at the game.

It had already been months in the game but that is still a short time for someone to be qualified to meet the King of their Kingdom.

But thanks to the connection of the Sage, he will now start utilizing the secret class he got from the system to help King George.

This is his start to fame.

************************* ********************** *************

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