Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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"Danon, where is my book!" An old voice shouted his voice echoes inside the small house. An old man is rummaging around his room searching for a book.

Then a young man rush to the stairs and climb to the second floor as he opens the door into the room of the old man and ask.

"What book?"

"That book. My family book" The old man said. The young man sighed for a while before thinking in his heart

This old man keep forgetting his stuff nowadays

"Don't you think you left it somewhere?" he offer a suggestion. Though he suspect this is the truth.

"Left it!" Hearing that the old man felt appalled like he could never forget. But then as he contemplates he remember something and his face turns red because of embarrassment as he nodded in shock.

'For Zeus sake. I must have left it in the library."

"Should I go retrieve it Teacher?" The young man nodded as he is ready to go to the Library again.

"No, don't" The Old man said calmly. He sighed as he sits back down on his rocking chair.

'Maybe it's destined.'

He said as he gestures the young man to leave him alone.

Sitting on his rocking chair he thought of something.

'My teacher the previous Sage and also my father once told me something. Everything is destined.'

The old man came from the descendant of Lizhu Gerard. Lizhu Gerard was a famous strategist during The Hegemony War.

The Vilajeri Continent right now is separated with each other but his ancestor once helped Alain the Wise take the continent from Alva descendants.

Yet, his name is not remembered.

Jealousy and envy of the nobles for him drove him to retire and spending his life in obscurity.

What fate! If the book is to return, it will return. If it's not, let others gain benefit by it.

***************** ********************** ***********************


It was busy and colorful.

That is the feeling Aero got when he enter the Artisan Institute. Many painting are hang on the walls and if Aero did not see wrong he saw a painting that moves.

There are also a lot of users wearing creative clothes. It reminds him of this street where people plays guitar and busking.

The feeling is almost the same.

Many people who choose manufacturing or production class type congregate here.

'This is also a chance for me to learn production skills.' He thought to himself as he greets a few people in the lobby.

Many of them were friendly and flash a smile

'It will certainly help me in my journey. I can cook with the meat of the monsters I killed, repair my own weapon, and create my own clothes.' He mused

It will certainly help me save money. I guess in this world I'm also a cheapskate.

The first few hours I made friends with the people in the Institute. Mostly they are NPCs. It is easier to befriend them and befriending other users would not help too much since this is beginner area.

Then after Aero relationship with the NPC reached a certain level, he asked them to teach him any skills they have.

Through this experience Aero realizes the people in the Artisan Institute is really friendly whether it be the user or the NPC.

You have learned Handicraft skill

You have learned Tailoring skill

You have learned Blacksmithing skill

You have learned Repair skill

You have learned Cooking skill

Then after learning the skills, he began to ask around for Paul. After talking and a round of persuading, Aero finally found him.

Aero found him among the sculptor group that was happily conversing with each other. They seems to be admiring a statue in the second floor.

Paul was a blonde middle age man with slender physique and feminine appearance.

He wears a green beret and his clothes were work of art in which it reminds Aero of Picasso famous work with uneven shapes as its motif.

His voice is also elegant and with his face Aero knows that this Paul would be term a beautiful man even in the standard of his world.

From Aero findings he found that this Paul is not some small fry in the Artisan Institute.

Which makes him even curios of this Head Librarian Valeria who seems to know Instructor Van who is a warrior and now Paul who is an Artisan.

Paul is Secretary to the Dean Of Artisan Institute an influential person in the Artisan Institute.

"Excuse me.' Aero said as he approached Paul when they have finished conversing. Paul looked towards him unethusiastically and Aero said

'Mister are you the Secretary to the Dean, Mister Paul?" Paul nodded calmly as he replied

"Yes" Aero nodded before he began his quest


I explained everything to him, and I emphasized that this is a task from Valeria and wished to get some information about the Sage.

Hearing Valeria name the uninterested Paul was suddenly burning with enthusiasm. Then he started answering question

"Well, there is one thing. Before you could meet him you have to answer his question. It is usually a riddle. If you cannot answer, he will never meet you again. He has quite the pride. He's always going on about how he came from a family of important people.' Paul said

"Thank you for your help"

"Don't mention it. Just remember to report that I help you to Valeria, boy"


That sound of notification sounded again as I am filled with smiles. I was full of anticipation of the next quest.

It must be a bit better than before and the reward would also double right.


You have met Secretary to the Dean Of Artisan Institute Paul. He has told you about the Sage and the Sage quirk. Go and try to return the book.

Remember if you could not solve his question this quest will be deemed a failure

Difficulty Level: D

Warning: If you are unable to solve the riddle, the quest will be forfeited and you can never come to the Manor of Trethelm Lake again

'Wait.' I unconsciously muttered

"What!!" I screamed which startles Paul who was about to leave. He looked at me with puzzlement before going away.

I was panting in anxiety.

'Oh this is serious. What if I fail the riddle?' If I fail, I may lose not only the quest and great rewards. Not to mention I'm still level 1.

But then I calm myself down. There doesn't seem to be too many penalties.

The quest would certainly give much experience. It's a risk but also an opportunity

'I better log out first and read a few books of riddles before going back in.' That is what I thought as I went outside the Artisan Institute and log off.

The moment I log off I wash my face on the bathroom and brush my teeth. Looking at my face on the mirror it was not a pretty sight.

'I will succeed. If I try hard, surely a path will open'

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