Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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I stepped out of the training hall and started looking for the town map in the city center. What greeted me was people.

Users filled the area and shouts filed the street like it was some common market. I once again marvel at this sight

"We need a healer" someone shouted as I walk on the paved streets.

"Anyone wants to join us!"

"I need a thief to join us" shouted someone who was really shady with black tight attire and shadows swirling on his feet.

I walk to the center square which is even more crowded with people.

The center square is full with players asking people to join them. After the first time I came to this game, I guess this is the first time I see so many people.

All the people he sees are wearing armor or robe and some wears a more unconventional clothing.

Some are even half naked. Looking at the center square board, I smile as I approached it with excitement.


After finding the map he started to copy the map by tracing it on the paper he bought before.

The library was nearby so it will save time Aero thought to himself.

Running he went past the central square and enter the North Ward as he could see the large building towering over the many small building near it.

'The Grand Library' Aero muttered under his breath.

Looking at it, it looked more like a large church with glass windows and exquisite craftsmanship and statues of the Seven Gods on its pillars.

Called the Grand Library of Reval, it is one of the four grand libraries in Vanheim Kingdom.

Built with exquisite craftsmanship and superior stones, it shows the ruler of this kingdom cares about its people.

The moment he entered he quickly understood why it's called the Grand Library.

'Whoa' Aero said unconsciously.

With 90ft tall it is already a grand building. On the ceiling was frescoes of works of arts reminiscing the artwork from reality.

As Aero look at the second floor and the third floor he once again in awe.

From top to bottom, it is filled with books for every shelf. It took him a moment to get back to himself.

Then he was tapped in the shoulder by a woman which startles him. The woman seems mature maybe around 25 to 30 years of age.

She was slim and wears a half moon spectacle. She is about five feet three.

"Hello. What are you doing here? Did you come to borrow books? Or return one?' She is a fast talker Aero thought to himself as he quickly tries to replies her question.

"Hello.' First greet her politely Aero reminded himself.

'No, no. I heard there is a job here. Instructor Van from the training hall sent me here"

"A job? Yes, yes. I remember telling Van." She said as she tilt her head on her left side for a while before nodding.

'Unexpectedly an airhead' Aero keep this thought to himself.


"Oh! Van sent you. He must trust you a lot."

I realized the woman was smiling sheepishly.

"I guess its fine then. My name is Valeria. I'm the Head Librarian. Today I need to check and store some books.

"I can help you with that" Aero quickly offer. Being proactive is a good trait to getting a quest he remembered what he reads in the forum

Valeria nodded clearly approving Aero enthusiasm.

"Alright then.' She then pointed to the boxes near the table on the shelf as she orders

'You need to bring these boxes to the seventh floor. Oh, and don't forget to examine the books up there. Who knows maybe somebody left their books.' She said before sighing.

'I just hope that Old man didn't forget his book again." Valeria then said

"What Old man?" Aero asked. Maybe there is another quest there. Is this a chain quest? Aero though to himself before his hope was dashed.

"Nothing" that was her answer. Aero face stilled but quickly he resumes his friendly smiles and nodded obediently

"Can you do it?"

"Of course, Miss Valeria." Aero replies enthusiastically.




You have got the job. You start working today. Complete the errand that Head Librarian Valeria has ordered.

Reward: Return to the instructor to claim it



Valeria needs help in storing the books on the highest floor. Examine the books. Who knows what you could find.

Requirement: Complete the JOB RECOMMENDATION quest first before this quest could be completed.

Aero smiles as he saw the notification

'Alright. Now I'm getting fired up'

*********** ************** *********** **************** **************

A young man could be seen running from the bottom of the library to the seventh floor of the library.

Some mage that looks at the boy could not understand what they boy is doing and only shakes their head pitying the fool.

After all when he was a rookie he never had any quest to help the Head Librarian.

Of course they didn't know that to get this quest one has to have max affinity with the Instructor of the training hall.

Some warriors that passed through the training hall must have also get this quest but unfortunately many of them turns the instructor quest down.

After all, a work in the library does not conform with a warrior style and many players also believe that it was test looking at the hesitant face of the instructor.

They all choose either to decline the quest or not finished the quest and returns back.

And it was true in a way.

The people the instructor acknowledged all have the potential to become a great warrior so he was hesitant to send them to the library to do menial jobs.

If Aero had decline the quest he would get a chance to learn one skill from the instructor.

But he did not decline not because he was stupid but because he has no money in the game world.

In desperation and urgency Aero just accepted the quest happily.

'What kind of class that person must have to get such a lousy quest?' The mage asked his friend.

The other mage looking at the fool keep walking up and down carrying boxes just shrugged.

'Why do you care? Let's go out and hunt if you have time to waste time on such nonsense.' They went out the Library laughing thinking of the fool.

Meanwhile it has been 3 hours for Aero since he started doing the errand. Still there is a lot more boxes in need to be removed.

-Stamina Increased By 1 Point (1 STA)-

-Stamina Increased By 1 Point (1 STA)-

At least he could improve his stats, he consolingly thought to himself. After another 2 hours there's only one box remaining.

"Finally, the last book" He said with a slight panting on his breath

When he reached the 7th floor with the last box a status window appeared.

New Stat: Endurance


Enables you to retain your stamina longer. Passive skill. Will rise when you take damage or when you overexert yourself.

+Increase your defense by 2

At last his job is finished. Taking a breath he survey the floor.

'There is something about chain quest here right?' Aero thought to himself before he started walking around the shelf and tables, looking for any clues.

Then he started examining the books on the shelf but there is nothing that indicates a chain quest or anything.

Aero sighed as he walked to another table as his feet stumble onto something. Looking downward, he saw a thick book sprawled on the floor.

He crouched and pick up the book. Looking at the golden embossed title of the book Aero clearly saw there is something special about this book.

'The History of The Rise and Fall of Alva Empire' he said as he reads the title. Slowly, Aero opens the books and read the pages.

It's the story of the First Emperor of Brave World that rules all the four corners of the land of this continent.

The First Emperor Alva Delon united the warring tribe of the land and created a great vast Empire.

He ruled with an iron fist but at the same time effectively setting up many foundation for the others that will come after him.

After fifteen long years on the throne, he died. Fifteen years after his death, rebellion started all over his empire and his successor was an incapable ruler as the throne of his Empire fell to Alain The Wise.

Emperor Alain the Wise ruled the empire with love and was caring to its people.

His empire lasted for a 1000 years until the bickering nobles seceded from the Empire and lead to the current state of Kingdoms and Federations.

At least that is what Aero got from his cursory reading of the book.

It tells the story of the rise of the warring tribe and the conquest by the First Emperor and the rebellion by Alain at the end of Delon dynasty.




You have helped Head Librarian Valeria in moving the books. You found a book that is not library property. Report this to Valeria.

Reward: Return to Head Librarian Valeria to claim it

Aero checked the book again and noticed that at the last page of the book it has an initial.

"N.C. Sage of Trethelm Lake."

"Whatever" Aero said as he picked up the book as he descend down the stairs. He is sure this book will lead him to another quest.

Coming down the stairs he went to the office of the Head Librarian and reported to Valeria.

Looking at the golden embossed letter Valeria sighed in exasperation. Then she shakes her head.

"That Old Man never learns. What Sage? More like a forgetful Grandpa" she said before launching into a tirade.

The whole time Aero was waiting. Valeria finally noticed Aero was waiting for her.

"Here's your reward."

She handed Aero two gold. Aero could not believe his luck before he calms himself down and thought to himself

'Wait. This is too much for only moving books.'

Then it struck him. As he has thought. This must lead to some chained quest.

Usually in games, a chain quest will be given automatically but maybe here you have to ask for it and seek it for yourself.

"How do I return this book? I'm busy" Valeria has already ignored Aero and is looking at the book on her table.

"Ms. Valeria, how about entrusting me to return the book?" Aero quickly offer. Valeria look at Aero with her eyebrows moves upwards as she nodded.

"It's true, I'm busy. And you are sent to help me by Van. I think I can trust the people he sent. Alright, I'll entrust it to you."



The Sage of Trethelm Lake has left one of his books in the library. Head Librarian Valeria is busy so she entrusted this task of returning the book to you. The Sage is eccentric. It's better to gather information. Go to the Artisan Institute to get some information

Difficulty Level: E

"Thank you Aero. Meet up with Paul at the Artisan Institute. He will tell you about that Old Man"

"Of course, Miss Valeria." Aero said as he exited the room with the book. Outside the room he could not cover his smile.

'Two quest in one day. Maybe I'm quite genius in playing games.' He said to himself as he whistles in happiness.

Exiting the grand Library, he walk towards the central square and after looking at the map of the city, he quickly went to the direction of the Artisan Institute.

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