Age of Adventure
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Age of Adventure
Author :Keikokumars
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Finally after 4 months of preparations, I'm ready. I guess this is it. Studying and researching the game system and learning various things will probably be an advantage.

Though I did not put much hope in that. After all, this system is cutting edge technology and the forums about the games are still developing so many of the things that will happen now…I need to experience it myself.

All preparations are finished. It was the beginning. Thinking of my mother, I balled my fist and whispers

'I will succeed' I pray this earnest hope deep inside my heart. I push the blue button as the capsule opened up.

I bought this capsule using the leftovers from my father life insurance. And using some of my savings.

Of course there is still some savings left for the next few months. Though I have to starve myself with packed or canned food.

Slowly lying down in the capsule, the capsule flash blue as it detects me entering it as the capsule slowly closed down.

Then like it was scanning me white lights flash over all over my body from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.

Then I put this cuff that measures my heartbeat wrapping it on my hand. Then pushing the purple button a notification appears in front of me.

Connect To Brave World

Yes No

"Yes" I said and the notification disappears from view.


[Our system determined that you are an unregistered users. Do you want to create an account?]

The first sounds that Daniel heard was a feminine voice.

Kind of sounded like the receptionist lady in the hotel or in a company. It sounded professional and elegant.

He looked around but quickly realized he is in dark space of nothingness.

All he can see are stars and galaxies brightly shining and beautiful. It was like he was in a realistic planetarium.

This is the activation process, he realized.


[-Select the name of your avatar-]


[-There are many races in BW. Here you could see a list of---]

"Human" He said without hesitation. He has researched this a lot before going in. And he has already decided what he wanted to be.

[You can change your appearance or---]

"The way I am"

[-Your account has been activated. Your stats and-----]


[-Select a city and Kingd---]

"Citadel of Vanbourg, Vanheim Kingdom"

[-Welcome to---]

"Skip" By now he practically could not wait anymore.

Daniel already knows what the system is going to say. He has already researched this so many times.

So he made quick decisions. 50 dollar monthly bill for the game was a big expense. He has bet many things on this. So he could not fail. And he must catch up with the people who had a ten months head start from him.

That is a high wall to overcome. But he knows he had no choice. So, the only thing he could do it bet all of it in this game.

If he found himself unable to achieve his objective then the only thing he could do is give up.

And he didn't like giving up. And then a light covered him as he disappears from that space.

***************** ************** ************ ********* *************

In Brave World there are 24 Kingdoms that have been explored and thousands of villages available.

With a flash of light Aero appeared in the Citadel. Daniel choses Vanheim as it had positive reviews in the forums.

When he open his eyes he saw buildings with medieval designs, people bustling through the city with variety of clothes and attires, countless users running around, calling other people and selling things on the corner of the streets, and all of it was almost too real.

He couldn't believe that this is just a game.

"Oh my God. Unbelievable" He muttered as his eyes take all of this in.

'Truly amazing. No wonder many people are hooked on this game.' He said as he look at his left and right.

He look at the skies and it was like the blue skies of Earth. If not he knows his body is in his capsule at his house he would think that he was transported into another world.

'Focus' he suddenly said to himself.

He tried to adjust to his avatar body.

'Everything felt alright.' He said as he moves his arms his fingers stretching his legs and doing all sorts of movements like chopping the air and punching.

After a couple of minutes, his senses began to adapt. A newcomer like him is confined to the settlement in Kingdom they chose for a month in the game.

A month is equal to one week in the real world. He already formulated a plan.

'Information about this kingdom' He reads that it is important to know the kingdom where you are from.

From now, he would be a citizen of Vanheim. And where do you go when you want to gain information in a world without internet?

Library of course.

His first step was heading to the library. After asking a few users they quickly guide him to one of the library near the citadel.

A common library in the city, it was free admittance with only a few books. It had the basics of course.

He started reading books about the history of this world. Reading the books Daniel could not help but be amazed.

'They sure worked hard to create this many backstory information' Daniel wondered.

He also has another reason why he wanted to read. He wants to increase his intelligence. Intellect or INT makes it easier to raise proficiencies in a lot of areas.

This is the conclusion he made after making the research on gamers forums and the videos from Virtual Media Station the leading content provider for all Brave World related stuff.

After about half a day Daniel was smiling as he increased his INT by 2.

'Next my constitution. If what I read is not wrong…then there is a training hall around here.'

After a few minutes of wandering and bumping into people on the streets, he arrived at the training hall.

Standing as tall as two story building, the training hall has the symbol of a muscly hand holding a sword on top of the building.

The first moment he entered, he could see it was empty. Correction, there was a young person who was about to leave.

He smiles as he passes me sweats filled his forehead. It was like an encouraging smile.

So, I'm not the only one. Aero nodded. After all it's not like he is the only one that is preparing himself to enter this game.

There must be others. For people who wanted to be a warrior this training hall training must not be missed.

Of course if one is to decide to become a mage then they should go to the Magus Academy or the Magic Association Towers.

Aero look at the instructor and greet him

The instructor only harrumph. He pointed his finger to the practice sword and pointed to the dummy.

'Not a talkative person huh?' Aero mused as he took the practice swords and began hitting the target dummy.

[-Strength Increased By 1 Point (1 STR)]

After 4 hours finally Aero STR stat has risen. He wanted to jump in excitement when he remembers her was pathetically weak and could not compare to other yet.

Yet, he felt a sense of achievement. Sweat filled his forehead. The instructor looking at him from the back, looks at him with a gleam of approval in his eyes.

Aero did not notice this. After taking a break for a while, taking the practice sword again, he keep hitting the practice dummy.

After another 5 hours, his stat rose again.

This time Aero could not even shows his excitement as he felt tired. Sweat was practically flowing down from his body wetting the practice mat below his training area.

Then after getting the fatigued notice, he put down his swords and took a short break to eat.

He then checks his status




















"Not bad, I guess. Need to train more."

**************** **************** ***************** ***********

For three weeks in the game Aero has trained himself in the training hall. He rarely went out of the training hall unless to buy bread.

He logged in on a daily basis, except for sleeping hours.

Because of this his stats have risen in remarkable pace.

-Strength Increased By 1 Point (1 STR)-

-Strength Increased By 1 Point (1 STR)-

-Strength Increased By 1 Point (1 STR)-

-Attack Increased By 1 Point (1 ATK)-

[New Stat: Fighting Spirit]


Can temporarily increase your strength or paralyze weaker monsters by looking in their eyes.

I think my grinding here for stat is quite enough. Looking at my own trembling hands, nodding to myself I said

'Yup, that's enough for today'

"Instructor Van, I have finished the course." I said to the instructor who was looking at me from behind.

Flashing a friendly smile the instructor nodded acknowledging my efforts.

"Oh, Aero you finished it. Good. Very good." He said as he approached me and throws the white towel to me.

I grabbed it and wipes my sweat on my face.

My friendship with the instructor has reached max. Every day when I was training I would always greeted him before each training session.

One thing I made sure to take note of was that Interaction with NPC is important.

Now my next step is to do a quest. Any games have quest and this is after all RPG based so it surely have quest.

But the reason I am seeking quest right now is because I need money and food. The supplies that the Temple gave are almost running out.

And eating stale bread and unappetizing porridge wouldn't cut it anymore. There is also the fact I won't be getting stronger just by hitting practice dummy.

I also have the thought to learn cooking. Surely that would help in my later journey. Looking at Van, putting away the weapons I approached him.

From what I read in forums, the most common way to get a quest is to ask an NPC.

Of course there is also special quest that is triggered when meeting a certain specific condition or forced quest when you enter certain questline or area.

Looking at Van, I know if there is someone that could give me a good quest in my beginner level, Van is the only one that could do it.

After all my affinity with him is max. So mustering my courage I ask

"Van do you know where I can get a job to make some money?" Van look at me and then rubbing his chin he then said hesitantly

"Well, there is one job." I could not hide my excitement

"What is it?' I said excitedly

"Helping at the library" He said looking at my face.

He might think I would be disappointed but I'm not. Quest are not that easy to be triggered.

You have to either famous enough, or strong enough, or intelligent enough to get many quest but for people as weak as him right now, even this simple quest is good enough.

"I'll take it" I accepted the offer.

"Alright. If you're going to take it, do your job earnestly." Van said nodding his head.


Recommendation to a job in the library by Instructor Van. For every 1 hour working there, you will be given 3 silver

Difficulty level: G

Quest Requirements :

Close friendship with instructor

Acknowledged by the instructor

"Thank you Van. I will not disappoint you"

[-You Accepted The Quest!-]

"Take this silvers as a gift for your hard work in this training hall." Van said as he pushed some silver to my hand.

He handed me 2 silvers.

I nodded and said thank you and exited the training hall with a happy expression

'My first quest' I said excitedly.

In Brave World 1 silver is equivalent to 100 copper, 100 silvers to 1 gold.1 bread in Vanheim Kingdom is 10 copper.

He just handed me 2 silvers which mean 200 coppers. I don't need to worry about starving for a while.




In a white lab, a person is reading something from his electronic pad. Looking at the test result of the previous test, he sighed.

'Not yet. I need more' he do not have time. If he has time….he could built anything his mind could think of.

If she is here….then my workload will lessen he sighed as he throws the document to the table and walk away.

Under the white neon lights of the lab, written in the centerpiece of that document is Project Icarus


Sorry about the table. The table could not be transferred. It formatted my stats table so you all have to do with this.
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