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Against the Other Gods


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A 27 year old man named Takagi who have a photographic memory lived his life diligently and a really kind man to his family and friends. His hobbies of course watching anime, reading manga and light novel.

On his way back from work, he suddenly got a heart attack and passed out. Without having a sufficient time to get him to the hospital, he got another heart attack and died.

《Against the Other Gods》 Volume 1
1 Good Deed Always Paid Off
2 This World is a "Real World"
3 As I Planned!!
4 Of Course I'm A Genius
5 Entered Elementary Profound Realm
6 Little Big Sister and Big Little Brother
7 I Guess Some Kind and Gentle Person Hide an S Personality
8 Am I Still Takagi ? or Am I Xiao Che now ?
9 That's the First Heroine of the Story for You
10 I’m Engaged To A Beautiful and Talented Girl ? Well, That’s Fine By Me
11 Battle Rumble... Start!
12 Battle Rumble... End!
13 I Hope My Words Can Change Something
14 Go To Man's Para... No no, Its Frozen Cloud Asgard
15 Meet The Grand Asgard Mistress
16 It Really Is Deserve It's Title As Man's Parad... No No, It Frozen Cloud Asgard
17 There Goes the Chain Reaction Happened
18 Officially Become Frozen Cloud Asgard Disciple
19 It's Destiny I'd Say
20 This is a Discussion Chapter
21 TimeSkip-Sama has Arrived
23 Jackpot!!
24 Run!!! Little White!!! Ruunnnn!!
25 That’s What I Call MC’s Plot Armor
26 Break Little White's Contrac
27 First Stage Trial
28 For Me, It's A Training Rather Than A Trial
29 The Tenth Wave
30 First Trial... Cleared!
31 Second Trial Begin
32 It's Ended
33 Another Prologue
34 I'm Back To Live
35 My Home
36 A Little Reques
37 Does It Have A Godly Potential ?
38 It's Weak
39 Changing Destiny
40 Can I Have It All ?
41 Plan For The Future
42 Back To Floating Cloud City
43 I Really Like It Though
44 Frozen Cloud Asgard "Magic"
45 Wedding Day
46 Wedding Nigh
47 Warmed Up Wedding Night +18, You Have Been Warned
48 A Long Wedding Night +18, You Have Been Warned
49 It's Morning Already
50 Destiny Taking It's Course
51 It's Just Two Nights
52 Who The Hell Is A Genius ?
53 I'm Qualified To
54 Settling The Debts
55 She's Awake
56 Unexpected Resul