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Finally, Steve had both her tits cupped in each hand. "God they're incredible." He stammered as he shook them with slightly more vigour.

"Thank you." Sarah beamed.

"Are they real?"

"Of course, they are silly!"

"Holy shit!"

So much for Sarah closing her eyes and pretending Steve was somebody else. She was studying his face with intent as he happily played with her boobs. There was something about his lust fuelled gaze that for reasons unknown, she was enjoying a lot.

His palpable desire for her body, was beginning to fire an unexpected internal hunger of her own. She can't be getting turned on by this...could she? He was so old and in no way did she find him remotely attractive...yet...she couldn't put her finger on what it was.

Maybe it wasn't that she fancied him so to speak, but rather she was enjoying the effect her body was having on him. Yes, maybe that was it! He was an almost comical picture of pained lust and she was the cause of it. That was a nice feeling.

Sarah looked down and watched as he lifted her breasts high towards her chin and gently pushed them together, holding them in place for a while, before releasing them to gravity. She'd never experienced this kind of attention before. Normally guys would get over excited and would clumsily maul at her tits as though they weren't attached to her body. Steve was taking his time to savour them. He was being slow and gentle but also firm at times. She was starting to like it...a bit too much.

There was something about the contrast between her young tanned skin and his milky white and heavily lined fingers that strangely excited her too. It must have been a long time since he'd touched a girl who was her age. He must have years and years of pent up urges, that he was finally getting to unleash.

She let out a sigh of her own, as his thumbs rubbed against her sensitive nipples. There was no denying it to herself any longer, she was getting turned on...really turned on.

Steve was in seventh heaven. Miraculously he could feel her nipples beginning to harden. He cupped her tits firmly and rolled his thumbs in circles around her stiffening buds.

Sarah inhaled sharply and her eyes fluttered shut for a moment as a ripple of pleasure coursed down her spine.

She wasn't aware of it, but she was starting to squirm in her seat. Steve watched in amazement as her legs slowly opened and closed in his direction. Even though his brain refused to accept the fact that a girl as stunning as Sarah could ever be aroused by a man well past his prime like him. The evidence seemed to be mounting. As unbelievable as that was.

Sarah arched her back towards him and he squeezed even harder. She again let out a small whimper of pleasure, which blew Steve's mind.

His cock was harder than it had ever been. He was so thankful that his clipboard was there to conceal his throbbing member, but as he began to caress her breasts with increased eagerness, it constantly slipped from his lap and he was having to quickly readjust it.

Sarah was beginning to lose herself in the moment. She had to put a stop to it soon or something really bad might happen. Just as she was thinking it, she felt Steve try to slip his hand down the inside of her bra. She pulled away immediately. "We...we should stop!"

Steve knew he had pushed his luck, but he would have kicked himself later if he hadn't at least tried. "I'm sorry. I thought you were enjoying it."

"Maybe I was a bit...but we made a deal."

"You're right we did and I'm going to honour it believe me."

He looked suddenly dejected, Sarah thought. Like a child who'd just had their favourite toy taken away from them.

For one maddening second, she contemplated saying he could put his hand down her top. Anything to get that lust fuelled look she was relishing so much, to return to his face. But she'd done her part, there was no need to make this any more complicated than it already was. It was true, she had been enjoying it, probably even more than she was comfortable admitting to herself, but enough was enough.

That was how it all could have ended, if in that one moment she hadn't done something impulsive, something which changed the course of events entirely.

She could have turned the ignition and driven back to the driving school, where they would have parted ways each having got what they'd wanted. Sarah with a full driver's license and Steve with a fond memory...but she didn't.

"Can I see that?" Before Steve could react, Sarah had grabbed the clipboard off his lap, eager to see her score up to the point when she'd failed.

"NO!" He quickly tried to cover the large bulge in his trousers with his hands, but Sarah had already seen everything.

It was her turn to wear a face of dumbstruck awe. "No fucking way is that your penis..."

"What? What do you mean? Of course, it is." She couldn't be that innocent surely? "Sorry, but I couldn't stop myself getting hard, what with all the...well you know."

"...But...But it's huge!"

It suddenly clicked what she'd meant by that. Steve felt himself swelling with pride. It was true, his cock was fairly big. That was the reason he'd got as much action as he had in his younger years. Once the rumour about him had started going around college, the girls seemed a lot less hasty to reject his advances, obviously curious to find out the truth for themselves.

He let his hands slip down from his crotch and Sarah gasped again. She shifted closer in her seat to get a better look.

"Have you never seen one this big before?" Sarah shook her head disbelievingly. It was Steve's turn to delight in the stare of astonishment that Sarah was now giving him.

Sarah had only ever slept with guys who were her own age and all had fairly small cocks. So those were the only two she could compare this with, at least in a practical manner anyway. Even hidden beneath his trousers, she could tell that this dick was a lot longer and much fatter than either of her previous boyfriends.

"Would you like to touch it?" Steve figured he had nothing to lose and possibly everything to gain.

"I...I don't know..." Sarah looked around sheepishly, but fortunately they were definitely alone. "I shouldn't." He noted how her voice belied longing.

"I think it would make us even. I touched you, now you could touch me. Only if you want to that is." Steve was desperate for her to grab his cock, but he tried to keep a cool calm demeanor.

He could see her chewing her lip. She was clearly fighting an internal battle between her curiosity and her sense of propriety. All he could do was hope curiosity would win.

Luckily for him it did.