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6 Supple Yet Firm

There was just something about the hungry way he looked at her that made her insides tingle. It was as though he was a starving man and she was a juicy piece of steak. Maybe it was because he was so old that she liked his attention so much. Surely he couldn't have experienced touching a woman her age for nearly thirty years and now suddenly here she was, a girl with the power to fulfill all his deepest darkest desires...well maybe not all of them. It wasn't as though she was going to have sex with the guy, but she could satiate a few of his obvious needs, specifically those revolving around his apparent obsession with her tits. What harm could it do? One quick grope and she could be driving her own car by this time tomorrow.

Sarah took a deep breath, not quite believing what she about to propose. "Would you like to touch them?" It was out there now, there was no taking it back.

"What!?!" Steve shot a few glances up and down the road, to make sure they weren't being overlooked. "Are...are you serious?" He again gulped a mouthful of pooling saliva.

Sarah nodded her encouragement.

Steve automatically went to raise his hand towards her chest but Sarah pushed it back down. "But not here though. People might see. Is there anywhere more private we can go?"

Although his heart was pounding rapidly and his mind had nearly turned to mush, Steve remembered that there was a deserted row of shops at the end of the street. Behind the shops there was a load of abandoned garages, which hopefully couldn't be seen from the road. The whole sight was due to be demolished in a month's time to make way for a new housing development. So hopefully there would be nobody else around.

He directed Sarah where to go and a few moments later they were parked up again.

Sarah's nerve nearly faltered. What was she doing? Was she really going to let this complete stranger fondle her tits? He was a big bloke. What if he got carried away? There was nobody around now to help her out if things got out of hand. She was sure she wouldn't be able to fight him off all by herself. This could well be one of her stupidest ideas to date...was it too late to turn back?

They both sat there in an awkward silence. Neither one of them wanting to make the first move.

Steve was running through a complete gamut of emotions too. What should he do? This was wrong on so many levels. She was so young. He couldn't possible do this, could he? Was she joking? What was her game? Was this his punishment for failing her and refusing to allow her to retake her test? If he touched inappropriately, then she would have the perfect excuse to have him fired!

She seemed like such a sweet girl though, so it was doubtful she would do that. There was only one other explanation, but surely she couldn't actually want an old guy like him to grope her breasts...could she?

This was her idea in the first place, Sarah concluded. He seemed like a nice enough guy, maybe it wouldn't be so bad. She could close her eyes and imagine it was someone else, anyone else, a movie star perhaps. It was only going to be a quick fumble and then she could have the summer she was hoping for.

"So..." She unbuckled her belt and turned to face him. "...Let's get this straight..."

Steve could feel his heart hammering in his chest and his palms were becoming sweaty.

"...If I let you do this, you're going to pass me? Right?"

Deep down Steve knew that he'd never get another chance in his life to lay his hands on such a stunning girl. In his youth, he'd been a bit of a ladies man, but that was when he was reasonably attractive. You wouldn't have guessed it if you saw him now, but back then he was rarely without a girlfriend for long. Those days were long gone though, and none of the women he'd ever dated were anywhere near in the same league as Sarah. In fact he'd probably never even seen a more desirable woman.

So that was what she wanted was it? She was doing this to get a pass, not because she wanted too. Something which he'd stupidly allowed his brain to fleetingly believe. Fuck it, who was he kidding? Of course she wasn't actually interested in him. As wrong as this whole situation felt, he knew a chance like this would never happen again, even if he lived another fifty years. What did he have to lose?

"Deal." He nodded. "But only if you're sure you don't mind."

"I'm sure." It was sweet of him to check, Sarah thought.

He shifted in his seat to face her and raised his trembling hand.

He paused, just before making contact with his prize and looked into her eyes beseechingly. He needed more conformation that what he was doing was OK. He could feel the heat radiating off from her smooth bronzed skin.

Sarah smiled reassuringly and finally his hand came to rest on her large right breast. "Huh...wow." His voice was barely a whisper.

Steve slowly began to apply some gentle pressure and he marveled at how his fingers sunk into her soft flesh. It felt supple and pliant, yet at the same time had the firmness which only came with youth.

He was expecting her bra to be thick and padded. With tits the size of hers, he was sure she would need a lot of support. But incredibly he could tell that her bra was in fact rather thin, he was actually able to feel the true size and shape of her breast through it.

Steve move his hand lower to cup her from underneath. His hands were rather large, but even with his fingers stretched as wide as they would go, he was struggling to hold her entire tit. He wobbled it gently, spell bound by how it moved. "C...Can I?" He motioned towards her other breast.

"Of course." Sarah nodded her encouragement.