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5 They Are Just Boobs

Steve didn't know what to say. He now felt like the biggest bastard on Earth. Why did he have to be the guy who was about to crush this beautiful girl's dreams? He handed her a tissue, which Sarah gratefully accepted, dabbing at her eyes to try and stifle her tears.

"It's not the end of the world. We can book you in for another test next week. You'd driven really well up until then. I'm sure you'll pass next time." As the reality of her failure sunk in, Sarah began to sob again.

Instinctively Steve gave her upper arm a consoling rub. He hadn't meant it to be anything other than an innocent reassuring gesture, but the moment his fingers came into contact with her warm, silky soft skin, his cock twitched wildly under his clipboard.

Sarah didn't seem to mind the comforting contact and she even forced out a smile, thankful that he was being so nice to her.

"C...Can't we just forget I did that and carry on with the test?"

Steve wished he could say yes, but she'd nearly caused an accident. The car was covered in advertising for the driving test centre. If the other car reported the incident and it emerged that he had passed the driver involved, he would be fired on the spot. After already losing his wife and knowing that soon he'd be losing his house and half his money too, his job was pretty much all he had left. "I'm sorry but I can't."

"Please oh please Steve! It was just that one small mistake!" Sarah unclipped her seat belt and turned to face her instructor as she implored him to reconsider. Steve's resolve was being tested to its limits, he couldn't help but melt a little more, when she referred to him by name.

"It's against the rules. I could lose my job."

"Can't you book me in for another test today? Oh please! You don't understand I need to pass today!"

"I'm booked up today, so are all the other instructors. Besides it's against the rules. The earliest you can retake is next week. I'm sorry...I really am."

Sarah pouted her dismay. She wasn't used to not getting her own way, especially when men were involved. There had never been a situation before which she couldn't charm or manipulate her way out from. Deep down she knew he was only doing his job, but it still bugged her that he wasn't giving in to her pleas.

She chewed her lip in concentration. "Nobody else has to find out though. Only we'll know. Look, you haven't even marked the sheet yet." She leant over the gear stick to point at his clipboard.

For the hundredth time in the last hour, Steve's eyes were again drawn down to her spectacular breasts, which now swayed gently below her hunched over body, inches from his own chest.

Sarah again caught him in the act.

'Hhmmm...maybe there was a way she could manipulate him after all. He obviously liked her boobs. Maybe they could be her ticket to freedom. '

"Were you just looking down my top?" She inwardly smiled as Steve's eyes bulged wide with panic.

"What?...Er...no...I wasn't...I...I..."

"Don't fib, I saw you looking." She put on her most girlish and playful voice.

"Oh god I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to. I was just...and they...and then...and the..." Steve was babbling a stream of apologies.

He was old enough to be her father, surely it should have made her feel uneasy, having him staring at her rack so blatantly. But for some reason, Sarah found that she was relishing the sight of watching a grown man turn into a quivering, bumbling wreck, all because he couldn't keep his eyes to himself. It was a feeling of real power, knowing that she could make such a mature guy turn into such a nervous stammering school boy.

"...I didn't mean to...I really am sorry." Steve could tell he'd gone red in the face. He wanted the ground to open up and swallow him whole.

All Sarah could think about was how she could play this to her advantage. She sat back in her seat with her torso still twisted to face him. The devil on her shoulder told her to tease him some more. Maybe that way he would change his mind about the test.

Feeling suddenly wicked, she let him stew for a while in the silence that had developed, before finally responding. "It's fine. I get it all the time."

Steve breathed a long sigh of relief. Hopefully she wasn't going to file a complaint about him. "I feel terrible, believe me. That must be really frustrating for you."

"No not really. To be honest I don't see what all the fuss is about, they're just boobs. Every girl's got them." With that Sarah cupped her breasts and jostled them gently.

Steve sat in stunned silence and watched the hypnotic display unfold, not even daring to blink. Sarah started lifting each one in turn, before continuing to shake them both at the same time. Then with a giggle, she patted them lightly and lowered her arms. "See, they're just boobs."

She waited for a response which never came. Instead Steve just sat there slowly shaking his head. He looked like he'd gone catatonic.

"Wow, you must really like them." Finally Steve responded with a shallow nod. Good, Sarah thought, at least his brain hadn't completely imploded.

It was up to Sarah to decide what to do next. Should she offer to show them to him, if he promised to forget the whole cat incident? God, what was she thinking? She couldn't do that could she? Come to think of it there were probably too many people about anyway.

What about if she let him squeeze them? Over the top her clothes of course. Was that going too far? She'd never let anyone much older than herself touch her breasts before, even though she did really love it when guys played with her tits. Was it wrong that the thought of letting a much older man touch her like that was actually beginning to excite her? What had happened to her?