Wuxiaworld > Adventures of Sarah Stone > 4 Tortured Steve

She figured that most girls her age would have been disgusted by being so openly leered at by a much older man. But Sarah wasn't most girls. She'd begun to strangely enjoy the thrill she got from teasing guys, no matter how old they were, with her young curvaceous physique.

It was almost funny to watch an entire room full of guys, fighting to be the first one to buy her a drink, whenever she went out clubbing with her friends. All she had to do was smile and flutter her eyelashes and guys seemed to want to buy her things. Even this morning when she'd gone to the local shop to get some milk, the old shop keeper insisted that she took it for free.

So she wasn't about to start complaining now. It was all a bit of harmless fun as far as Sarah was concerned. Hadn't she purposely worn a low cut top this morning, hoping for this very outcome?

Rather naughtily, Sarah found herself arching her back slightly, as if to display them even more prominently.

With her own thoughts now distracted by what she was imagining might be going on in her instructor's dirty mind, Sarah didn't see the next speed bump coming and she took it rather too fast. The car thudded noisily over the bump. "Oops! Sorry!"

This finally broke the spell her breasts had cast over him and Steve shuddered back to reality. He quickly realized his trousers were tented around his crotch and he hurriedly covered his lap with his clipboard.

"It...its fine, don't worry. Go straight on at the roundabout."

Oh shit, how long had he been staring? Had she noticed? Or even worse, had she noticed his rather obvious bulge before he could hide it? Fortunately for him, she wasn't acting like she had.

He gave it another few minutes before he risked another glance in her direction. It was a bad idea, as he very nearly got taken back under her spell. The impact from the last bump had caused the strap of her pink vest top to slip from her shoulder. The top of her black lacy bra was now on show and he couldn't help but stare wide eyed at the tiny black silk bow, which adorned the point where the cup met the strap. Steve could feel his mouth pooling with saliva and he had to gulp audibly to stop himself from drooling with desire. It was even harder this time, but again he had to force his attention back onto the road.

Maybe he should have let Sean take this test, it was becoming pure torture for the sex starved, soon to be divorced, middle aged man.

After a while though he regained his composure. Sarah had relaxed too and much to his pleasant surprise, she'd become very chatty. They talked for a while about her school and her plans for what she wanted to do once she'd left. It made him feel young again, talking about such carefree topics with the excitement that only comes from a youthful perspective, before the mundane drudgery of real life issues kick in.

She seemed to be equally as interested in his life. He dodged her questions a few times, not wishing to burden her with his depressing reality, but Sarah was persistent. Before he knew it, he found himself rambling on about all of his marriage troubles. It was a bizarre feeling opening up to a complete stranger, especially a beautiful 18 year old girl, who couldn't possibly sympathize with many of his grown up issues, but it still felt good to get it all off his chest.

"Your wife sounds like a real bitch. What kind of a name is Pablo anyway? Is he a Spanish waiter?"

Steve laughed at Sarah's bluntness. Pablo was actually an Spanish Salsa instructor, but she didn't need to know that. He was really warming to her, which just made him feel guiltier when he couldn't stop from sneaking lustful glances in her direction. The fact that she was genuinely nice as well as being heart meltingly gorgeous, wasn't helping his now painfully hard cock from deflating any time soon.

They returned to chatting about less depressing topics and all too soon for Steve's liking, the test was finally coming to an end. Admittedly he might have missed a few of her errors, but he was sure he hadn't missed anything major. So it looked like she was about to get the pass she fully deserved. Steve was already thinking about how nice it was going to be to give her the good news. At best he was hoping he would get an excited hug, maybe even a kiss on the cheek? He really must be dreaming. At worst, she was still likely to bounce up and down with joy. So he may be treated to one last look at her jiggling boobs, before he ran back to his office, locked the door, and had a much needed and probably furious wank.

They only had one more maneuver to get through, a simple three point turn, but that was when disaster stuck.

On route to a quite road in which to do the final part of the test, a cat ran out into the street. Rather than brake, Sarah had a moment of panic and swerved into the opposite lane. Steve had to grab the wheel, as they narrowly avoided hitting an oncoming car, but still managed to lightly graze its wing mirror. The other driver honked his horn and swore loudly at them as he passed.

Sarah's bottom lip began to tremble, she looked on the verge of tears. "I'm sorry, I should have braked but...but..." Even Steve got a lump in his throat as he made her pull to the side of the road to calm down.

"...I...I've failed haven't I?" She couldn't control the sobs which followed.