Adventures of Sarah Stone
3 The Driving Tes
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Adventures of Sarah Stone
Author :Ritzzzer
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3 The Driving Tes

Steve applied the deodorant generously, popped two mints into his mouth and swaggered out of his office into the foyer.

"Hi you must be Sarah" He wanted to be as professional as possible.

He failed.

His professionalism lasted all of three seconds when Sarah Stone jumped to her feet, rather quickly, causing her magnificent breasts to bounce high upon her chest.

Steve's eyes were drawn to them like moths to flame. He'd always been a sucker for a nice pair of tits. Hers blew the word nice out of the English dictionary. He mentally berated himself and was about to look away when his instinct stopped him and he continued staring.

"That's me!" She beamed at him with a heart stopping smile. She liked that he was still shamelessly staring at her chest. At least he is honest about it. Sarah thought.

"Hi I am Steve. I'll be your um... your err... your instructor today." Damn it! How was he going to do his job if he couldn't even think straight?

"Nice to meet you, Instructor." Sarah shook his outstretched hand.

"Shall we get going then? After you." He held open the door for her.

"Thanks! Oh god I'm really nervous." She wasn't.

"Don't be I don't bite." Steve cringed the moment he'd said the cheesy line, but miraculously Sarah laughed.

'Oh for fucks sake even her laugh is adorable.' He inwardly screamed the words in his head, wondering if there was anything about this girl which wasn't heavenly perfection.

"It's completely natural to be nervous. Just take some deep breaths."

"Before we start, I'm going to need you to take a mandatory eye test. So if you could walk towards the blue car over there and stop when you can read the number plate." Sarah did as instructed.

Steve hadn't bargained on the view he was about to be treated to, as Sarah walked away. The natural sway to her hips made her perfect peach of a bottom swing in a hypnotic fashion. Steve felt his cock flex in his trousers and he had to hastily adjust his crotch to make sure nothing was showing.

Suddenly something happened which very nearly caused his eyes to pop clean out of his head. Sarah had bent double at the waist to tie her shoelaces. Her short denim skirt rode up and she unknowingly flashed him the underside of her incredible ass.

"Fuck me." Steve breathed the words quietly to himself. He could feel the blood rushing to his face...among other places.

"UR48 FFS" Sarah recited the number plate perfectly, from a good distance away.

"Did I do ok?" She asked eagerly.

Steve had to walk even closer than she had, to read the number plate himself. It was a sobering reminder if ever he saw one. "You did great."

He opened the driver's side door of a silver hatchback nearby. "Here's the car we'll be taking, hop in."

"Mirror, signal, manoeuvre. Mirror, signal, manoeuvre." Sarah climbed into the car, repeating the words like a mantra, only stopping when Steve opened the passenger door and sat down beside her.

Steve sat for a while trying to compose himself, while scribbling some notes on his clipboard. "OK, when you're ready, start the engine, pull away from the car park and turn left onto the main road."

Sarah slipped a hair band from her wrist and pulled her long, wavy blonde hair into a ponytail, before taking a deep breath and turning the ignition.

This was going to be the longest hour of Steve's life. The car had been instantly filled with her fresh, lightly perfumed scent, which he was finding truly intoxicating. He inhaled deeply, trying to relax his racing heart.

A few minutes in and he'd already snuck a dozen glances in Sarah's direction. She was so breathtakingly beautiful that he was finding it hard to peel his eyes away from her. Everything about this girl made him feel light headed. The way she chewed her full plump lips and wrinkled her perfect button nose in concentration, as she scanned the road ahead. Something Steve realized he should be doing more of, rather than gawping at the stunning 18 year old by his side.

Sarah was aware that her instructor kept looking over at her. She could see him out of the corner of her eye, but she was so focused on her driving that it didn't strike her as being unusual. She might have purposefully dressed to distract him, but in her relative innocence, she just assumed he was studying her reactions to the road.

As the car came to a stop at a set of traffic lights, Sarah looked over at him, hoping to get some sort of signal that she was doing ok so far. Steve momentarily lost himself as he gazed into her brilliantly blue eyes.

"I haven't failed yet have I?"

"What?" Steve was snapped out of his daydream. "No, you're doing great." His response was greeted by another beaming smile from Sarah, which caused his perpetually semi-hard cock to throb with longing once more.

Steve was slowly but surely becoming accustomed to her overwhelming beauty. In as much as, by the halfway point of the test, he was at least able to master enough willpower to force his focus back onto his job and not constantly ogle Sarah the entire time.

This ability to control his roaming eyes didn't last long though. They drove down a residential street which was littered with speed bumps. Steve was busy writing some notes when Sarah drove over the first of them. The bouncing movement of her breasts, as the car jolted over the bump, immediately caught his attention.

His gaze now fixed, he waited for the next bump in the road to come along. When it did Steve let out an audible sigh as he stared in amazement at her large tits, which jiggled enticingly within the confines of her tight revealing top.

This time Sarah caught him peeking. He seemed lost in his own little world as he continued to stare down into her deep cleavage. She almost laughed when she spotted that his mouth was hanging open in a gormless fashion, he was completely unaware that his lack of control had been noticed.

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