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2 She“s an Eleven

Inside the Driving Center

Steve Miller was trying his best to look busy in his office. He'd had a rough night's sleep thanks to his wife, soon to be ex, and her new boy toy Pablo. He brushed aside the divorce papers which still lay unsigned in the top drawer of his desk and prepared himself for a power nap.

Suddenly he was snapped awake by his colleague Sean rushing into his office.

"You're looking a bit tired there mate. How about I take your 11 o'clock and you could have a nice little power nap? That will sort you out."

Steve was about to agree on the spot, but stopped himself just in time.

"Hang on a minute, why the sudden charity? You're never normally keen on doing any extra work around here." He eyed his friend suspiciously.

"What are mates for eh? I know how stressed you've been lately. I just thought it would be nice to do you a favor." Sean was wringing his hands nervously and occasionally glancing back over his shoulder, towards the reception area.

"Sean...On a good day you're a miserable bastard and on a bad day you're an unbearable bastard. What's up?"

Steve had rarely seen his friend acting like this before, then the reason suddenly clicked.

"How good looking is she?"

"Oh please Steve, you have to let me spend an hour in this girls company. I'll...I'll buy you all your beers every Friday for a month!" Sean begged, knowing full well that he'd been caught.

"I'll say it again. How hot are we talking?"

"Damn it...I'll...I'll cover any shifts you want for a year!" Steve raised his eyebrows. This girl must be really something.

"How fit is she Sean?"

Sean let out a defeated groan. "... She's an eleven."

Steve was shocked. The Los Angeles DMV had seen many hot women walk through its doors and the workers here had a sophisticated game of rating them on a scale of one to ten. Sean, however, had never, to Steve's knowledge rated anyone above eight. For a rather unattractive loser in his forties Sean was one of the pickiest guys on earth.

He went to the door to look for himself.

Steve stood open mouthed, as his eyes came to rest on the curvaceous blonde beauty waiting patiently for him in the foyer.

"See, what did I tell you? That's an eleven all day long," mumbled Sean at his side.

Steve didn't bother to respond. This girl couldn't be classified by a stupid number system. As far as his now swooning mind could recall, she was the sexiest creature he'd ever laid his eyes on.

Sarah was not oblivious to the two men ogling her from across the room. It was a sight she was all too familiar with. She knew that her looks did strange things to men, no matter how old they were. In fact it often felt weird these days when guys addressed her to her face and not to her chest.

Back when her breasts had first started to develop, the increased staring made her really uncomfortable. She'd always been very pretty, which had always garnered her a significant amount of attention from the boys in her class. But suddenly she found that nearly all the guys she encountered, not only boys her age, but grown men, like her teachers and even her friends fathers, they all gave her these long studying looks, which creeped her out to begin with. It was as though every man she met seemed to be trying to mentally undress her with their eyes.

Sarah would wish every night before bed for her boobs to stop growing so fast. None of her friends had breasts as large as hers and for a long while, she thought of herself as a bit of a freak. She even went through a phase of wearing a sports bra to school, to try and hide them. She hated looking like the odd one out.

That was a few years ago though and since then she'd become more comfortable in her own skin. Nowadays, it gave her confidence to know that lots of men found her very attractive. She just didn't know the actual staggering magnitude of her attractiveness.

"Please Steve. I'm begging you. You've got to let me take her."

"Take her? And where do you plan on taking her? In the parking lot? In the backseat of the car?"


"This is a fucking driving test we're talking about, not a booty call!" Steve managed to prize his gaze away from Sarah and walked back to his desk.

"You know what I mean! Besides, I reckon I'd stand a better chance with her than you."

"Ha! You really are deluded mate. We're both too old and too fat, I mean unfit. The difference is, I know it and you don't. How old is this girl anyway..."

Steve picked up the form with Sarah's details on. "...oh shit, she's only 18!"

He felt momentarily ashamed of his earlier lechery, but probably not ashamed enough to stop himself from doing it again.

"Seriously?" Sean snatched the sheet of paper out of Steve's hands. "Oh bollocks, I thought she was at least 25."

Steve laughed derisively. "Oh yeah cos if she was 25, then you'd have stood a way better chance eh?"

Sean begrudgingly laughed at Steve's low blow. "Ouch!!! that hurt."

"This is a pointless conversation. We'd both have a better chance of winning the lottery two weeks running than getting a date with a girl like her. Now would you kindly bugger off and let me get on with my job."

"Lucky bastard." Sean muttered as he slunk off back to his tiny office.

The second Sean was out of sight, Steve reached into his drawer and pulled out his deodorant and a pack of mints. He wasn't deluded like his colleague, but he still didn't want to sit in a car with this stunning goddess of a girl, stinking of body odor and cigarettes.

'I hope she is the blonde dumb type.' Steve thought with his fingers crossed.