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9 First level of the Body Enhancement Stage

Chapter 8: First level of the Body Enhancement Stage

After completing the first half of Spatial Twist, the physical part he still needed to learn how to use his ki to help him move and dodge but Gold First needed to reach the Body Enhancement Stage.

Gold managed to reach a steady breathing pace and started moving hi ki in a a cycle around his body. After the first cycle Gold knew the process of refining his body and this time it only took him 1 hour to finally complete the cycle.

Lying in the warm and comfortable feeling Gold could feel his power increasing. Suddenly he felt a tremendous boost in his muscle strength and control over his ki.

Gold: "I finally broke through! Now I can finally learn all the the other skills."

Gold then grabbed his Star Slaying Technique manual and started reading the second part of Spatial Twist.

Gold: "So the second part of Spatial twist is to have the ability to slightly bend the shape of your body when dodging or increasing your speed by adding ki to your body."

Gold then started practicing refining his legs with his own ki to see the explosiveness of power between the too. With the the ki in his legs Gold decided to run across the courtyard at full speed. Gold's courtyard was about 15 meters long by 15 meters wide and took him an instant to run from one end to another.

Gold got ready at one end of the courtyard and gave himself a count down.

Gold: "Ok 3, 2, 1, Go!"


Hearing the loud noise Athena rushed into Gold's courtyard and saw him stuck in the wall.

Athena: "What are you doing?"

Gold looked at her and gave Athena a wry smile before answering her.

Gold: "I was testing my new abilities after reaching the First level of the Body Enhancement Stage. Turns out the court was to small for the running speed."

Athena sighed and shook her head remaining silent for a few moments then Athena broke the silence

Athena: "Gold how many techniques have you done so far?"

Gold: "I have completed Shooting Star and on the 2nd half of Spatial Twist."

Athena: "Not bad but when you finish give me a call and I'll tell you your first mission".

Gold; "Yes mother I will see you when I need help."

Gold then goes to his room and decides that it will be better to start Tomorrow.