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210 Can I be your wife

Hearing what Lyner said made Anita smile as she continued to cry. The words that he said that made her hate him so much turned into something so sweet to hear. Looking at Lyner's face Anita couldn't really stop herself from crying.

The Lyner right in front of her was different from the Lyner she remembers. For starters his face had more hair, he had a beard that was barely shaved, and he had more scars now than he used to have. It might have been hidden by his beard and his other facial hair, but Anita spotted new scars here and there. She even saw some wounds on his hands, that looked to be recent.

All these were proof of how many dangerous situations he has been in, after they last met. Anita approached Lyner and caressed his face. Lyner didn't move and allowed Anita to do whatever she wanted. After a few minutes of just looking at each other Anita spoke.

"So just to make sure, you can all the way here, and eluded the soldiers looking for you. Got in a fight with the local mafia to send a cryptic message to go to this place. Now finally you're asking me if my offer to be your wife is still up for grabs, and you're doing this because I'm pretty good for a little girl. Am I right?"

"Yeah, more or less that's what I did, so what do you say?" Lyner rolled his eyes and nodded a bit, before asking what Anita thought.

"Well Lyner, let me see. You rejected me the first time I asked, and afterward, you left me behind in this place. You fled the country as if a ghost was chasing you and then when I asked you to talk to me, you didn't even show yourself and you made look like a crazy person. So what do you think my answer will be?" Anita showed off her Saintess like smile.

Lyner already knew that this would happen, and it wouldn't be so easy.

"Okay then, I just wanted to see if the offer was still up for grabs. Seeing as I just wanted to have a family on a whim, so if you're not going to take me, maybe Alisa would." After saying this Lyner let go of Anita and jumped down the mountain.

Anita was shocked to hear what Lyner said. This scene as he jumps down the mountain was so similar to what he did in the past. Anita was in a daze, she just wanted to tease Lyner, and teach him a lesson because of last time. Who knew that by doing that this would be the result him once again leaving her.

'Who the hell is Alisa?! Why is her name so similar to my name is he doing this on purpose?!' Anita who has been praised to not only have the face of a Goddess, was also praised to have a true heart of a Saint. This very same Saintess was using various curse words in her mind.

Was she once over her surprised by what Lyner did Anita shouted at the top of her lungs.


If anyone who knew her saw this scene they wouldn't believe their eyes or ears. The Saintess Anita who has saved thousands of lives was now screaming at a person cursing him.

"Hahaha, that was quite a scene. I knew you weren't different from what you were back then. Why the hell were you trying to act all mature like that. A little girl like you should act like a little girl."

Anita was shocked to hear Lyner's voice. She went to the place where she heard his voice. Anita saw that Lyner was hanging on the edge of the mountain using one of his knives to stab on the side of the mountain.

Lyner seeing that he was spotted swung himself upward landing behind Anita. His face had a wide smug smile. Seeing that irritating smile of his Anita charged forward and silently threw a needle at Lyner's face, in which Lyner responded by catching the needle using his teeth.

"Who the hell is she Lyner! Who is this Alisa! Tell me where this f*cking b*tch lives and I'll give her a piece of my mind for thinking that she could steal my man."

"When did I become your man? I thought you didn't want to marry me?" Anita finally remembering what she said a while ago pouted. She knew that Lyner knew what she was thinking, she was pretty sure that Lyner already figured out her real intentions which made her puff up like a balloon.

"You already know my real answer, why are you so mean to me." Anita continued to pout which Lyner found incredibly cute. All her dignity as the Saintess was lost at this moment. Well, she would only show this kind of face to Lyner, which made him laugh.

"Still I want to hear it from your mouth. Or do you want me to go to Alisa?" Anita clenched her fist and answered Lyner a bit miffed that she continued to tease her.

"Fine then, Lyner can I be your wife?"

"Let me think about it... Alisa does have a better figure-" Hearing this Anita punched Lyner's chest continuously. If it was anyone else they would have some broken ribs as Anita punched continuously like that, but to Lyner it felt like some random kid's punch.

"I'm just joking, of course, I'll take you as my wife." Lyner hugged Anita, who was shocked at first but then responded by hugging him too.

"Okay then, first order of business tell me everything about this Alisa person." Anita didn't want to let go, she was determined to find out everything about this mysterious Alisa. In which Lyner simply responded with a hearty laugh.

'Now that the medium part is over. Time to face the difficult part.'