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Chapter 275: What a Clever Round Part one

Chapter 275: What a Clever Round (Part one)

The dealer distributed the first round of cards, and just like Xu Cheng had expected, he got the 8 of Clovers.

Stephen got the 7 of Diamonds, and Peel got the J of Spades.

Dealer: “J of Spades, speak.”

Peel looked at his face-down cards – J and 3. Right now, he already had a pair of Js, so the opening was quite smooth for him.

Every raise couldn’t be lower than 50 million, so there was nothing to say about that. Peel directly raised. “50 million.”

Stephen’s hand wasn’t bad either, because his opening hand already had the biggest cards – K and Ace. There was no reason for him to not raise. “Call.”

Xu Cheng didn’t say anything and directly threw in the chips.

The dealer dealt the second round of face-up cards.

Xu Cheng got 2 of Clovers. (A382)

Stephen got 2 of Hearts. (KA72)
Peel got Ace of Spades. (J3JA)

The dealer said, “Ace of Spades, speak.”

Peel looked at Xu Cheng’s face-up cards and saw an 8 and 2 of Clovers. Two cards of the same suit made him a bit worried, but that wasn’t enough to make him fold. After all, the chance of getting a flush was low, and as long as he received a card that was not Clovers, Peel’s pair of Js would have a great chance at beating him.

“50 million then.” Peel was cautious as he didn’t want to follow Jack’s footsteps.

Xu Cheng: “Tsk tsk, one more Clovers and I’m invincible! Haha, I call!”

Stephen sneered. Only a rookie’s acting would be this exaggerated. He didn’t believe at all that Xu Cheng already had 4 cards of the same suit.

“I raise.”

The dealer dealt the last card for everyone.

Xu Cheng got the Ace of Diamonds. (A382A)

Stephen got the K of Hearts. (KKA72)

Peel got the 4 of Hearts. (JJ34A)

Stephen and Peel both smiled when they saw Xu Cheng getting the Ace of Diamonds. Although it was a pretty big card, it meant Xu Cheng couldn’t get a flush anymore, so they joked with Xu Cheng, “It’s not that easy to get a flush. Your Ace isn’t even bigger than Peel’s Ace of Spades. Just fold.”

Peel threw in more money. “50 million.“

Xu Cheng puffed out some smoke and threw in more money. “1 billion.”

Stephen smiled, feeling that this time he had at least an 80% chance of winning. Why? Because by the look of Xu Cheng’s face-up cards: 8, 2, Ace, it was already impossible for him to have a straight because of the 8. Now, Xu Cheng’s biggest hand could only be either triple 2s, or triple 8s, since triple Aces was already impossible with two aces already face-up on the table with him and Peel. It was also very unlikely that Xu Cheng’s two face-down cards were both 2s, because there were already two face-up 2s on the table, meaning that it was pretty unlikely that the remaining 2 were both in Xu Cheng’s hand. That meant the biggest possibility for Xu Cheng was triple 8s! If not, then Xu Cheng’s biggest hand would be a double. And then, the only chance Xu Cheng could beat his pair of Ks was a pair of Aces, and with one with him as face-down and one with Peel as face-up, the chances of Xu Cheng getting the last Ace was very slim. So, considering this, he was quite confident.

“Peel has the Ace of Spades and that’s the highest in singles. You don’t have a flush nor a straight, and since you are not afraid of the Ace of Spades, that means you must have a pair. 100 million, I raise as well!” Stephen laughed and said.

Just as Stephen had analyzed, Peel also knew the situation. His pair of Js wasn’t too small so in this kind of messy situation, he also had a chance. Besides, no matter which one of them wins, it would be the same since it was all their boss’s money.

“1 billion.”