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Chapter 223: Shameless Part two

Chapter 223: Shameless (Part two)

Wang An saw Ye Qiu almost couldn’t hold it anymore and he immediately came over, taking out another dagger and trying to stab towards Xu Cheng. But, how could Xu Cheng give him the chance. He let go of Ye Qiu’s hand and then grabbed onto his legs. Then, he split those legs up with brute force.

Ye Qiu was still trying really hard to clench onto his neck, but who knew the power difference would be so huge that he couldn’t resist at all and felt like his legs were about to be ripped apart. Ye Qiu screamed out in misery, and he could clearly hear the noises of his bones and tendons being pulled and injured.

Xu Cheng then grabbed onto those legs that had already softened from the pain and pulled Ye Qiu off to throw him at Wang An. Due to the pain, Ye Qiu already fainted when he was still in mid air, and his body clashed into Wang An. Both of them were on the ground, and Wang An also coughed up a mouthful of blood from the fierce momentum and impact.

“How’s this possible!” Seeing such a brutal scene, the 6th MR’s commander’s eyes stared wide open as he shot up from his seat and shouted. He never thought that he would see his two precious elites both coughing out blood on the ground.

Instructor Yan and Commander Xie swallowed some saliva. They never had an idea of how strong Xu Cheng really was but they knew he was hiding some tricks up his sleeves. But, they didn’t think that he hid such an amount of power. Two A-tier soldiers that were ranked in the top 10 in this major-league competition couldn’t even stand a chance against him. Thinking back to that scene when Xu Cheng split Ye Qiu’s legs by force, Instructor Yan just felt a chill down his spine. Could his hole be split too?

Lying on the ground, Wang An felt really dizzy and tried to shake his head. He saw the completely unconscious Ye Qiu by his side, and then he saw Xu Cheng walking towards them step by step. He also saw under the moonlight behind Xu Cheng’s back that Liu Wei had already regained consciousness. He was still on the ground, but he had picked up his rifle and aimed at Xu Cheng, wanting to sneak in a shot.

Wang An gritted his teeth. At this moment, he knew he was no longer in a position to consider fair play or whatever, he knew that he needed to get this guy out right away. Immediately, he picked up some sand and threw it at Xu Cheng’s face, trying to interfere with his sight.

At this moment, Liu Wei took the opportunity and took a shot.


A bullet flew towards Xu Cheng’s back.

“B-stards!” Commander Xie jumped up in anger, pointing at the 6th MR’s commander as he shouted with even his beard trembling with rage, “Who the f-k said shooting from the dark isn’t something pros should do? Look at your people, isn’t this a sneak attack? Didn’t they see that Xu Cheng isn’t wearing a helmet? What if it hits his head?!”

The 6th MR’s commander had already calmed down at this moment and said, “Only idiots wouldn’t use their gun when they have a chance. It’s the battlefield, the only rule is to survive. This isn’t against the rules too, since it was only their own little verbal agreement. The referee would only judge by the competition’s rules, and the tricks and tactics were all part of the competition. If you want to blame someone, then blame your Xu Cheng for forgetting about Liu Wei. He wasn’t the guy Xu Cheng had that verbal agreement with anyways, so it isn’t a despicable thing for him to take such a shot too.”

At this moment, the technician said in shock, “The electronic equipment on Xu Cheng didn’t detect a hit though…”

“What?!” Everyone was dumbfounded.

“Liu Wei missed?” The 6th MR’s commander asked in disbelief. “Liu Wei’s our sniper, it’s impossible that he missed, not to mention at this range!”