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Chapter 195: Trailer Footage Part two

Chapter 195: Trailer Footage (Part two)

Yan Xiao snorted in response, “Are you sure? For someone to raise the gun, focus their eyes and aim, it would take about 2 seconds.”
Xu Cheng: “That’s for you guys.”

“Oh?” Yan Xiao smiled. “Could it be different for Instructor Xu?”
Xu Cheng said to Guo Hao, “Put the holster onto your uniform and put the gun in.”

Guo Hao nodded and followed the instructions, while Xu Cheng did the same. Then, the two of them stood face to face, and Xu Cheng said to the three girls, “Now, you guys say start, and I will pull the gun out at the same time as him and we will see who’s faster.”

Liu Ziqi was super excited to see this standoff and she immediately nodded.

Lin Chuxue also stood there and watched.

The two both placed their hand down on the gun, and after a few seconds, Liu Ziqi suddenly shouted, “Start!”

Guo Hao immediately began pulling the gun out and raised it to take aim, using almost 3 seconds. However, on the other side, Xu Cheng already fired a blank shot at him with a “pa” sound.

Guo Hao wasn’t willing to admit defeat yet. “I need to practice this a few times.”

Xu Cheng: “Okay, but no matter how many times you practice, the result will be the same.”

Guo Hao put the gun back into the holster and then attempted to pull it out again. After a few times of back and forth, the series of actions became a lot more fluent. At this moment, Xu Cheng just simply said to him, “You can directly put your hand on the holster, and I will have my hands up, we can see who’s faster.”

Guo Hao: “You are that confident?”

Xu Cheng smiled. “I will do a hundred push-ups if I lose.”

“Alright,” Guo Hao said as he placed his hand on the holster. As soon as someone says start, he just needed to pull the gun out and aim and shoot to win, while Xu Cheng still needed to reach down for the gun and then pull it out and so on, which should take more time.

The two still stood face to face, and Liu Ziqi suddenly shouted, “Start!”

Guo Hao directly pulled the gun out, but when he just raised it up, a “pa” sound came from the opposite side. He just saw that Xu Cheng had already shot at him. Guo Hao looked at Xu Cheng in shock. The director and the others all felt their eyes become dizzy for a moment and didn’t see how Xu Cheng could be this fast. The general director immediately came to the main camera and said to the camera man, “Did you get that?”
The camera man nodded.

Director: “Play it for me.”

The camera man played the last scene, but all it caught was Xu Cheng’s hands going into a blur the moment it moved, and then at the next moment, the gun was already in his hand, aimed at Guo Hao.

The director’s eyes lit up. “Slow it down.”

The camera man nodded and put it on 0.5x playback speed, and only then were they able to see Xu Cheng reaching down for the gun, pulling it out and aiming it at Guo Hao. All of that happened in one second and could only be viewed clearly when it was dragged out to 2 seconds on the 0.5x playback speed, while Guo Hao only finished aiming at the 4 second mark. He was completely off by at least one second in real time.

Who knew that despite the different starting line, Guo Hao could still be behind for one second.

The director was pretty excited. “Keep this footage well. We will use it as a scene in the trailer, it will boost the rating for show! Then, before this scene, put a warning caption, just say something like “high-energy scene ahead” or something.”

The camera also nodded in excitement as he could already see how dumbfounded the audience would be after witnessing such speed.

Whether the audience would be dumbfounded wasn’t for sure yet, but Yan Xian, who had been watching Xu Cheng the whole time, was dumbstruck.