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Chapter 185: F@ck Your Face! Part two

Chapter 185: F@ck Your Face! (Part two)

The head instructor rolled forward right away, instantly putting a few meters of distance between then. He rubbed his neck, looked at Xu Cheng, and said, “Good job, your body’s even more stable than before. But let me teach you the true apprehension technique.”
Xu Cheng snorted, “Then I will also show you that in front of absolute power, all techniques are useless.”

The head instructor suddenly took a few steps forward, faking a kick towards Xu Cheng’s lower body. But who knew that Xu Cheng wouldn’t even dodge and directly attack head on with his own kick?

“Sssss!” The head instructor took in a deep breath of cold air as he felt his leg going numb. Then, he reached out his hand, wanting to grab onto Xu Cheng’s neck and then pull it towards him so he could knee Xu Cheng in the forehead.

But who knew that Xu Cheng would directly stop his claw with his fist?

Seeing Xu Cheng using his fist, the head instructor wasn’t scared at all because he was basically paper against rock. He thought that he could grab onto the fist and twist it to put Xu Cheng into a passive position, and his long years of fighting experience allowed him to react quickly.

However, he underestimated Xu Cheng’s so-called absolute power.

At the moment they made contact when he tried to grab Xu Cheng’s fist, his palm felt like it wasn’t hit by a fist, but a freaking cannonball. It felt like the heart of his palm was directly penetrated by a terrifying strength, and that power sent tremors down his muscles and tendons through his blood vessels, resulting in his entire arm sleeve directly shattering!

Then, through his arm, the degree of numbness felt like a hundred volts of electricity flowed through his entire body to his brain, causing him to temporarily lose the ability to think straight. His eyes stared wide open as if he saw a ghost.

He was then directly sent 5 meters away from the impact where he was finally able to regain his balance. One of his sleeves was directly shattered, and blue veins appeared all over his arm, close to exploding from the violent impact. The head instructor only felt his arm going numb while his blood boiled.

“If you think you lost now, just let me know who’s helping me out,” Xu Cheng said.

“Lost my a$$!” the head instructor shouted with a weird pitch. Then, he charged forward again, hurling his other fist over. Xu Cheng directly slapped away that fist.


“Sssss!” The head instructor took in another deep breath, because that other hand was also slapped to the point where his veins were hurting. His entire arm was almost dislocated and flew off. He took a few steps back again and looked at Xu Cheng in shock.

It doesn’t matter what technique you use, I will directly use absolute power to diffuse it! This was the simple and brute approach Xu Cheng was taking.

Xu Cheng: “Big Brother, I only used 30% of my power!”

“I also didn’t use all of my power, taste this!” The head instructor charged up again. He pretended to hurl his right fist again, but when Xu Cheng was about to slap away that fist, he suddenly changed his fist into a claw and quickly grabbed onto Xu Cheng’s wrist.

Then, when the other fist flew over and Xu Cheng was trying to slap it away again, the head instructor pulled the same trick. At this time, he restricted the movement of both of Xu Cheng’s hands’ movements as he laughed arrogantly, “Little punk, there are still years before you can beat me!”

Then, he suddenly jumped up as he handsomely pulled his head back, preparing a head strike right at Xu Cheng’s forehead!

“You have strong limbs, I don’t believe your forehead is as tough too! Taste this!”

In that split second after he shouted, he directly smashed his forehead against Xu Cheng’s.

Dong! Xu Cheng met him head on.

“Ahh, FACK!” The head instructor shouted in pain as he fell to the floor, rolling with his hands on his forehead, continuing to mourn, “You little sh:t! Fack your little d:ck, ahhh, it hurts! Why am I still fighting you, your entire body feels like iron! Why don’t you go fack a rock instead?!”

Xu Cheng didn’t know if he should be laughing or not. “Big Brother, manners.”

Head Instructor: “Manners my azz, if I need to have manners, how could I have become the head instructor for a bunch of gangster-like soldiers?!”

Xu Cheng was speechless.