Ace of the Dragon Division
Chapter 139: It’s That Xu Cheng Part two
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Ace of the Dragon Division
Author :Dust Wind
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Chapter 139: It’s That Xu Cheng Part two

Chapter 139: It’s That Xu Cheng (Part two)

Shen Wansan slapped the desk, and his face had “I knew it!” written all over. “This guy wants to use my daughter to help him advance his career? Shameless!”
The driver was also no ordinary driver. To be able to stay as Shen Wansan’s bodyguard for so many years, he definitely had some abilities. He was a retired special forces operative, so his view and opinion were also valuable to take into consideration.

“Boss, I think you might be wrong about him.”
“Wrong?” Shen Wansan raised his head, looked at his bodyguard, and said, “What do you mean?”

The driver said, “The written information I received was limited, but what I heard was quite unbelievable.”

Shen Wansan’s whole face sunk again. “Are you holding it in again? Hurry up and spill it all in one go.”

The driver awkwardly coughed and continued, “A month ago, he reported to duty as a patrol officer, but he was able to get promoted to the HQ within 2 weeks and directly reported as Team 2’s captain. Boss, you aren’t familiar with the police ranking system so you obviously don’t know how hard it is to get promoted. Not to mention the difficulty of moving up from patrol officer to criminal police officer, or even to be able to become the captain right away. It’s basically impossible unless you have years of experience. But, Xu Cheng did it. He either has a strong background, or he was extremely skilled in something. I initially thought he climbed up due to the former reason, but afterwards, I heard from someone in that police circle that it was the latter. Boss, do you still remember half a month ago when North Gate was provoked, and in the end, Gate Master Yan personally issued a death match invitation to someone?”

Shen Wansan nodded. “Yeah, I heard Gate Master Yan died, North Gate collapsed, and the city replanned and deployed the new development plans for the old area North Gate had been hogging. Most of the credit goes to the cop that beat Gate Master Yan.”

Driver: “Yes, and the guy that killed Gate Master Yan was given the title of Tiger of the Police Force. That guy’s Xu Cheng!”

Shen Wansan’s body immediately shivered. “You sure?”

The driver nodded. “I can be sure. He took down North Gate, so he was able to directly jump to team captain of the criminal investigation department.”

Shen Wansan immediately felt that he was too quick to judge and too rude to Xu Cheng earlier, and he immediately coughed and snorted, “He probably just got lucky. I think being a team captain at the criminal investigation department is going to be the peak of his career.”

The driver bitterly laughed. “I’m afraid not.”

Shen Wansan narrowed his eyes.

The driver continued. “People might think Xu Cheng got lucky on the North Gate case, but others indeed witnessed his fighting abilities. Plus how West Gate was taken down after being caught laundering money, Xu Cheng also demonstrated to everyone his intellectual side.”

Shen Wansan: “What does West Gate’s case have to do with him?”

“Just two weeks ago, the money-laundering investigation was officially handed to Team 2, and after just one week, against a target that Team 5 couldn’t make any breakthroughs in after almost half a year, Xu Cheng directly led Team 2 and chewed West Gate up into its current dying state. Now, the four leaders of West Gate were arrested, over 3 billion dollars in cash of black money was seized, and the largest casino under West Gate was also seized. Almost all of the core members of West Gate are now sipping tea at the police station from the surprise raids, Boss, and he only used one week!”

Then, the driver looked at Shen Wansan oddly and said, “Then it’s not hard to guess why Xu Cheng came here. He’s probably trying to avoid trouble and backlash, since West Gate’s case did involve a lot of other forces.”

Shen Wansan just sat there, a bit blank, his mouth feeling a bit dry. “Are you sure the Xu Cheng you are talking about is the Xu Cheng in my house right now?”

The driver nodded. “I can confirm that’s the Xu Cheng because of Ran Jing. Those two are colleagues.”
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