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The scent within Morton's magic tower slowly faded. The defense circle was canceled, and the front door of the first floor swung open. Wizard Morton's voice emerged from inside "Murphy, Yveline, come inside and have a seat!"

When Wizard Murphy and Wizard Yveline entered, Wizard Morton was already standing in the center of the hall, smiling at them. This Wizard Morton no longer seemed like a tired old man with recurring injuries. Instead, he was more like an energetic youngster.

"Morton, that's too shocking." Said Murphy as he felt that Wizard Morton had clearly leveled up.

"Thanks for both of your care. I never thought my first shutting out would shock you guys!" Although this was what Wizard Morton had said, his face was still full of smiles.

"Ok, Murphy and I know your stuff very well, you didn't have any forbidden method to level up. Did you?" Said Wizard Yveline in a worry.

Other than leveling up naturally, A wizard could also sacrifice his life force to have a momentarily level up when all their hope was lost. However, this forbidden spell would often kill the user in one day.

"Yveline, does it look like I have?" Said Wizard Morton as he opened his mouth wide to laugh.

"Yveline, don't worry. Morton's body looks even tighter than mine." Said Wizard Murphy in a confident voice.

"Did you encounter anything extraordinary? It's ok if you don't want to tell us, we are still happy for you!" Wizard Yveline quickly changed his tone of voice.

Wizard Morton did not directly reply to Wizard Yveline. Instead, he lowered his voice and said something that deeply shocked Wizard Yveline "just hold on Yveline; I will try to find a way to heal your body as well!"

Wizard Yveline did not reply immediately. Instead, he just said with a thankful tone, "Morton, you know my body. How many expensive potions had we tried? Stop wasting resources on me!"

After years of attempts, Wizard Yveline had basically given up all hope of healing his body.

He wanted to die every time his old injury was irritated. To him, maybe death was the only way to escape.

"Yveline, I couldn't tell you where I got it from, and I'm not even sure if I could get another one. But keep your hopes up!" Wizard Morton knew Abel had delivered him this potion from outside the human world. Since he could get one bottle across, another bottle should be fine as well. He was willing to sacrifice all the resources he had for Yveline. 

However, he could only raise this request the next time Abel called him. The communication circle he gave Abel only worked in one direction, so they could only connect if Abel initiated the call.

Meanwhile, Wizard Yveline and Wizard Murphy were congratulating Wizard Morton in Bakong City, Abel had exited the blue portal with Black Wind.

The past 10 days of killing only brought him 6 bottles of Soul Potions and around 10 normal magic staffs, which could only be thrown in his portal bag.

Ever since he entered the Dark Forest, he had been roaming around and killing the only thing there, Carvers. Maybe he couldn't even get back if he didn't have the Tome of Town Portal.

Abel gave his slightly dizzy head a little shake. Seeing his familiar room lowered his stress again. Abel was not afraid of being alone, and he could enter the Dark World and do some solo killing, but this endless forest was way too closed up. He was afraid that he would get schizophrenia soon.

He opened the barrier and defense circle, and the first thing he saw was Steward Brewer standing outside like always.

"Good morning, Brewer!" Abel said with a nod.

Brewer subtly looked at the shining sunlight of noon and said with a smile. "Master, Good Morning to you also. Since you were locked up in your training, the Alchemy Union member did not wait and just left a magic gold card and some ingredients for you in the morning. He told me to give it to you, and your commission with the dwarf's had completed!"

Abel didn't really care about the ingredients and magic gold card. He was just happy that his commission had been completed. It meant that his teacher must have received his potion. Although it was only a golden Healing Potion, he was confident that it could heal his teacher's injuries.

Abel reached out his hand and received the magic gold card Brewer was handing him. He noticed at first sight that there were already 1 million gold coins on it. It seemed like he got some extra gold coins from the potion sale.

Abel put away the magic gold card and said to Brewer. "Brewer help me prepare a suit. Tonight I will join Prince Adolf's banquet!"

"Master. You have already worn all of your suits once; it's better to get a new one. This way, it would fit your status more," Steward Brewer suggested.

Abel gazed at Brewer in slight confusion and asked: "Why can't I wear it more than once?"

Brewer then explained, "Master. Other than nobles who are fading away, elf nobles in Angstrom City rarely wear the same suit for more than half a year. That's a very embarrassing thing."

Abel gave Brewer a helpless look. They still had a few hours left until the banquet, how could that be enough time to make a new one. Abel said, "That's too much of a hassle; let's just wear that silvery white one I have."

Brewer then said in a somewhat shameful tone, "Master, it was my carelessness for making you lose face in such an important banquet!"

Abel didn't think a meeting for youngsters from 2 cities was anything important. For now, there shouldn't be many young elves with his status other than the one who was born with it.

By this point, a female elf servant led an elf guard inside. The elf guard was holding a box as he stepped up to Abel.

"Lord Bennett, the Grand Duke had prepared a suit for you. Please take it!: said the elf guard as he handed the box to Brewer and bowed.

"I'm extremely thankful to what the Grand Duke had done for me. Please bring back my appreciation!" Abel said with a slight bow.

After the elf guard left, Steward Brewer held the box with a suit in his hand. Admiration filled his heart, how close their relationship must be to have this amount of care.

But Abel didn't really care about these things anyway. Now that the suit problem was solved, he still had a few hours to spare. He put all the ingredients from the Alchemy Union in his Kong Kong spirit portal bag. All these ingredients were more than enough for him to make any potions, even including the Beauty Potion. It was no surprise that the Alchemy Union had sent out 2 carriages for delivery.

Since Abel had been going into the Dark World every night, he had to be very cautious about the gap between his body and his real age. He was still young and growing; if he went into the Dark world even more, maybe this gap would be even further.

Of course, this used to be a big problem for Abel. Although he was young and normally wizards could not tell the difference between age and life force, the difference might get too dramatic after 2 years. Luckily he had the Transformation necklace. As long as he was not as powerful as the legendary Moon Goddess, no one should be Abel to see his body's stats. That was the so call 'Sense hidden' ability of the necklace.

With a powerful power of the will, normally, a Wizard could detect the life force, will, level, heartbeat, breath, or any other scent of a person. However, the Transformation necklace allowed Abel to control how many of these if any, he wanted people to see with his power of the will. If he wanted, he could basically be an invisible person who could only be seen with the naked eye.