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290 What kind of disappointment materials were you made of?

After contemplating for a while, Roline left Alicia and headed towards a wall on the side, knocked on it lightly before finding what she needed- a route leading out but she ordered the rest to leave after her but she remembered someone, Alicia.

"Call the police to get you all out of here, they won't fail to find me." she waved her hand as she stepped into the elevator but Alicia was even more scared than before. she stealthily looked at Wang who was so placid and lifeless. he had even lost a bit of his skin colour.

"What's wrong with that woman?...a normal person would never be so easily convinced and ...
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Alicia had not finished her statement when Ning groaned from the floor on the other end.

they had no means of communication but Roline had left her phone right before Alicia. it was craked but it was far better than nothing!


It was approaching the set time of the exchange of vows but An Kai had not moved his eyes away from the phone in his hands. it was as if he was waiting for something to pop up out of nowhere.

"If you don't want what's happening, just tell me now because if we reach the other side, you won't be able to do anything," Linda said eyeing the girl on the side. she was more scared of Cai than An kai himself, how come she didn't inherit his stupidity? Linda always wondered but that had to be for another day. she had to act pitiful so that An kai doesn't change his mind at a time like this but before she could continue her persuading yet scheming talks, An kai stood up and got hold of Cai's hand, " we need to go!" he then sped past everyone in the luxurious bridal care unite and headed into the elevator. Linda too followed but seeing him go into the car she had prepared, Linda relaxed and boarded hers gracefully in her long white dress. It a fitting type that outlined her gorgeous figure but with overboard harm at it's back.

she was the true example of beauty.


According to Linda's way of doing things, Christina thought that everything was going to be luxurious and professional but to her surprise, the church they chose was simply decorated and everything was easy to the eye but what was more surprising of all was the number of people invited- they didn't even amount to 30 heads!

Christina looked around as she moved gracefully on to the seats not far from the podium but just before sitting, Ami rushed to her with her handheld onto by a man in a black and blue harmed suite but most importantly, the lady besides did him justice. they were more eye-catching than all the people around. Christina was good enough to smile to them but she said nothing. her heart and eyes were looking for Roline even though by one glance you could tell that she was not here.

Time moved and it was time for the bride to step in, Linda who stood behind the closed doors that were opening at any moment, was nervous. the groom was already inside as per plan. she held on to the flowers in hand but still, the nervousness didn't go but suddenly, a glass of wine appeared before her. she grabbed it without even looking at who brought it, she downed it in a single gulp and then she heaved a relife- ooh.., she felt much better but at the same time, Roline threw a gold plated tray into the bin few meters from where Linda stood. the latter was waiting for the person who handed her the glass to take the empty glass but there was no one. a young girl who saw her looking in all sides rushed over and took the glass from her before signalling for the two guys ready to open the doors to do their jobs but at the same time, An kai was heading outside instead of walking up to the aisle.

"Sir, you need to go inside now, the bride is ready." a young man said but An kai pretended not have heard. Cai noticed Christina and run over to her but her merely expression was sad. Christina saw her troubled behaviour and spread out her hands, " my angel, how are you? I missed you terribly."

"Aunt, where is my mommy? she said she will be back soon but we talked on the phone yet she didn't mention when she is coming, where is Grandpa? Cai asked but Christina had no answer for that but Han Rein in his grand house, held a glass of liquor. at this one point in time, the aged wines he had had no effect on his messed up mind.

"She is here." a voice sounded from Han Rein's phone.

"Don't get close but keep an eye on her for now." Han Rein said and he downed another glass but that still was not enough, he placed the glass down and held the whole bottle on his lips- how relieving...


An kai stood facing the pond as if he was worried. things had reached there maximum yet what he thought would happen didn't even show the slightest chance of it happening.

Was it his self-centred thoughts that drag him this far?

He loosened his tie a bit before muttering to himself, " What kind of disappointment materials were you made of?


An kai...?

A clean, crisp voice sounded from behind An kai. he turned out of metal disturbance. the air was blowing and the woman before him had her hair into her face but her small hands were constantly trying to put them on the side. he wanted to note all the details but then, his hands acted up faster than he had expected. he pulled her by the arm and the next second, Roline fell fably into his arms.