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288 People never look identical unless they are one.


Cai opened her eyes as she lifted herself up in the back seat. a heavy coat was weighing her back down when An Kai passed his one hand between the front car seats and removed it from her. he has been driving in circles waiting for Cai to wake up naturally until now.

"Baby, are you feeling better?"
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"I will never come back to your house! I want to go home to my Grandpa and aunt. I don't want to go with you anywhere!" Cai was now hopeless about her ideas especially now that she could not keep An kai from attending the wedding. why were people so fickle these days? being humble and unruly the next day. Cai thought but she couldn't conclude with an answer herself so she stopped demanding her way home and faced An Kai, " Are all people like this? saying this and doing the other? she asked.

"Why? is there something you don't understand about anything?" An kai moved the mirror a bit to get a full view of Cai in the back seat. he could clearly see her displeased look but she wasn't the only one, Linda too had the same very look. the only difference was that it lacked that touch of innocence. the look that has melted so many people's hearts and all the way to their eyes until date but instead, it contained a fit of very dangerous anger that could burn the whole planet to ashes.

It was already 10 am yet An Kai was nowhere and the worsed of all things-he did not pick his phone. was he doing it on purpose just to annoy her?

Linda had contacted him about the time they should head for their makeup and articles of clothing that were specially prepared for them but he was nowhere at least to try them on before the last minute...


You won't be able to see mommy if we don't attend the wedding as planned. I only brought you along because we don't need to stay at Grandfather's house anymore. we can stay together from now on.

"I can't go anywhere without my mommy." An kai was probably going to marry that woman and carry her along. Cai looked at An Kai questioningly, "what do you want with me if you don't like my mommy?"

An kai knew explaining his ideas to Cai was going to be a tuff job so he may as well go along with her own thinking. she had her own version of the story from his own well said words, " Does that mean you love her more than you love me?

"She is all I have. she is not easy going at times but I still love her. she is beautiful and classy. her skin is so soft. when I grow, I will surely look like my mommy-I am just as beautiful as she is if not more..." Cai bragged at the end of it all. her and mind had long turned to a fantasy zone about her mother and what she will be when she grows and forgotten were those wedding issues. An Kai smiled but still, a wave of sadness swept past his eyes. how wonderful would life be if everything was just normal, things would work out well. he turned the car following the navigator and stopped before a building. he dived for his phone and called Roline and then handled the phone to Cai.


"Mommy! I miss you. when are you coming for me? I want to see Grandpa and aunt too." Cai was excited looking at her mother's face but Roline was not so excited. she looked at Cai's dress that had a glittering peace around her collar, one look and she could tell it was one of the recent collections of kids everyone was dieing to wear but Cai had it ready and perfect to her allure.

"You look like a princess in that dress, what's the occasion? is uncle taking you somewhere?" Roline asked but Cai looked at the man on the far side and her expression slightly changed.

"Mommy..., uncle has a ceremony to attend. I will come home once you're back- we can stay 'together as we have always been', right? thinking that her mother was going to become sad because of An Kai's sudden change of mind. she was the one who had suggested this idea of father replacement, Cai continued, " I made a lot of paints, drawings and sketches over there. I will bring them all home for you to see. just come back on time.

An Kai too was attentive eavesdropping on Rolines' question and Cai's comforting words but he really wanted to peek and see. was her face as sad as she sounded? but before he could settle that, Cai pushed the phone forward with a helpless yet cautious look, " my mommy wants to talk to you." she said.


"An kai was seated in the driver's seat so he just placed the phone on his lap. Roline looked at him carefully but she couldn't come up with a perfect An kai she had known..but anyway, you're not the An kai I met before. you were much more likeable than the way you look right now." Roline thought before voicing her one of the so many points:

" make your plans with Cai inclusive because tomorrow may be too far. Roline paused her words and increased her voice a bit higher as if talking to Cai in the back seat, " kai, take care!" Roline said but Cai knew it was not her at all but An kai who had not taken any notice about how Roline pronounced both their names thought it was meant for the backseater but Cai could tell it well. she sat her body in one place and said casually:

" She was telling you." but something had become clearer to her than before- people never look identical unless they are one, was she fooled again? "Who are you?" Cai asked