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287 securing a father was more important.

Being a Saturday, Cai was constantly around An Kai. she had even woken up so early and the letter had no problem making her ready for the day. after a quick shower, An Kai stood before the mirror to give himself a quick scan.

Cai stood behind An kai busy observing his face from the mirror where he was attentively studying her facials as he looked at himself too.

"Are you missing mommy? your Grandpa or your aunt?" An kai asked looking at her reflection.

"Aren't you going home to be with us? why are you so smart today?"

"Thank you for your compliment."

"I am not complimenting you at all! aren't you going to keep what you promised me?" Cai said but her eyes were already filled with tears. this was just not right! Cai walked away in an attempt to hide her tears. she didn't know what to do but all she knew was if this uncle of hers left the house today, her dreams of replacing that father of hers with her uncle was to be abandoned. she walked hastily towards An kai's bathroom.


An Kai was putting everything in order so that they could leave but not long after, he heard water thrilling in his shower. he made big strides before opening the bathroom.
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Cai had imagined him to get mad. pull her out and then lecture her but instead, An kai covered his face helplessly before moving even closer to her.

Cai had turned on the tap and stood under the showerhead and her beautiful dress was already drenched. her short hair too had decreased in volume but her eyelashes were fluttering under the flowing water.

"We can go swim if that's what you want. the water here is suitable for bathing." An kai said gently but Cai didn't even look at him. she continued to look blank like a painting. An kai removed the coat he had just put on and stepped under the water too, " do you feel better now?"

"Aren't you going to that ceremony anymore?" this was her main point. if he cancelled it then everything would be normal again.

"We shall go once you're ready to, I don't want to force you."

Cai was now between a rock and a hard place. she bit into her lips before going quiet.

she was going to stand under the showerhead until sunset!

And An Kai wouldn't be able to leave even if he wanted to. What a wise idea!

Cai was already satisfied with her way of handling things but ...but her legs were already giving in. after ten more minutes, An Kai showed no sign of even coaxing her to leave but he stood there quietly observing her.

Uncle has become heartless. I can't even play pranks on him anymore, was he pretending to be ...stupid before? he is now a whole new different person. did he create this persona to go back on his promises? Cai wondered but her life wasn't perfect enough to stand in one place for too long. the back of her head started to split in pain but she still chose to remain standing even though she couldn't feel her legs anymore- securing a father was more important.

The next minute, she felt herself being carried away as energetic steps resounded in the background but all she could think of was losing to Linda. she had failed her mother and her happy future too. and all she could say was, " I don't want to go...I'm not ready yet...I don't want to go anywhere"....until she fell in a deep kind of sleep.


Both Tong and the old man were worried but ready to go witness the luck that had hit an evil villainess but An Kai crushed their dreams before he even made it to the door. he came carrying Cai in his hands but the latter was asleep.

"It has been almost an hour and you're not done? aren't you attending the wedding?" Tong expressed her worry about An Kai's dressing code but also her expectation for An Kai not to attend, no, to forget about the wedding.

An kai didn't reduce his pace but his words rang clearly well," Don't tire Grandfather, let him rest. it's no use anyway."

"Hey! explain things clearly!" Tong was not willing to leave An kai to go without hearing what she wanted to hear but An kai was like a bullet. he had long disappeared and all they heard was a car's engine. the old man pushed his cane and sat down. things were strange but Tong was puzzled.

"The great one, can he drive!? Ak has never driven a car before."

"Stop saying those letters, they don't sound good at all, he is An Kai- a son to my granddaughter Majorine but as for now, I want this house demolished with everything in it." the old man said before leading out. he had various properties so he could stay there until this gorgeous unlucky luxury of a house was broken and rebuilt again. he wanted to forget everything about it for now but Tong was not convinced. she scanned the place and wondered but most importantly, her mind was on whether An Kai was heading for that literal wedding or not.