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283 I was only hinting a warning

Linda was contented with her preparations. if tomorrow passes off well then she was going to die a happy woman but as she continued to scroll on her phone, Cai walked past her like air.

"Baby, are you looking for someone?" Linda asked but Cai didn't say anything. she continued to look around.

"I bought you a dress which you will wear at uncles wedding, would you like to see it?" at this, Cai turned to Linda, " I don't have an uncle anymore, he is my daddy."

" ... ", not everyone can be your daddy! isn't Wang your father? be good and act wisely."

"I'm acting wisely, there is no wedding that's why I won't even look at the dress...wise?

"Cai, I want to be nice to you..in fact, I'm TRYING to be nice but don't disrespect me, who told you to say such things?" as long as Cai was concerned, Linda knew the kind of child she was but she never liked the way she treated her but someone must have taught her those words. Cai was a child so she can trick her into spilling everything.

"Oh Cai dear, aunt loses it at times but come here first, you know I don't know most things around here so you can please tell me, that way I learn my way around here...come, sit here." Linda patted the spot next to hers lovingly. Cai looked at her but in the end, she went ahead and sat down.

You can now tell me, who said there is no wedding?

"No one, I saw mommy kissing him, isn't it automatic that he is now my daddy?
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"Cai, what are you saying? where did you see them? in photos? Linda gave a casual guess. since the two were once together, they might have had some itimate photos.

Cai looked at her fingers calculatingly as if trying to figure out something very important, " let me see...., she kissed him the day we came here.... I have been here for how long? she asked but Linda was not cool at all.

"Tell me everything, what else have you seen uncle doing with your mommy?"

Seeing Linda getting up in frustration. Cai gulped hard, "...are you mad now? are you going to cancel the wedding? she asked but Linda sneered back at her with a cold expression, is that what you wanted me to do? to get mad and cancel the wedding!?...who ordered you to do this? tell me now, tell me!


"Hey, that's enough, go question An Kai first before raising your voice at the child...Kids don't lie." Tong who stood behind them said. Linda had not noticed anyone but hearing this familiar voice made her even angrier.

I'm leaving this place this instant!

"My pleasure!" Tong answered immediately," how good would it feel if this Linda left! Tong headed forward to where Cai stood, Baby, do you think your uncle would marry someone who barks at you? tell me please."

Cai pouted her lips as if wronged, "He said he is marrying my mommy and we're going to stay together after I leave this place, I was only hinting a warning but..."

It's okay if she didn't take your warning that's fine but I believe you...come let's go. then Tong led Cai away leaving Linda counting 1234...in her head. she needed her cool back as soon as possible.


Han Rein was looking at the papers in his hands. somewhere of a telecom company while the others whereof Roline's movements but as for the last months, Roline had not gone beyond Rostar city. Han Rein got his phone with panic if Roline was still in the city then where was she now?

Roline's phone was on but no one answered even after he called her countless times.

"Christina, I need you to call Roline now. try to get her here as soon as possible...I am worried, hurry and don't forget to tell me what she says to you, alright?" then Han Rein ended the call and dialled another phone number, " Hi, I need you to find the exact location of this number, I will send it to you in a moment. I need the results as early as possible. bye. Han Rein ended the call before slumping into the sofa behind him. he had never been this worried not even when he found himself stuck in taking care of the little Roline and his work. the issue was easy then but the Roline that was roaming on streets God knows where was not the girl he had brought up himself. even though she was not perfect, she was someone admirable. she knew how to set her own limits. she would never act out of place no matter the cause and that's why he was never worried, Roline would still find her way out.


Having past out for more than two hours, Ning opened her eyes forcefully. the tight belts that were on her body before had left her completely free but she was on the floor. her tousled hair had covered her face and she couldn't see properly but she did see Wang being carried to the metal bars on the side. Ning tried to change positions but she was also very careful about her own hands. each finger burned with its own heat level but there were no definite descriptions. she was not in pain but the heat radiating from them was terrifying. was she going to explode?

Of course not, Ning had not recovered from her wondering when Roline sounded from the other side, " oh, you're awake? I knew you will be fine and as of now, you're free to go, find your way if you can but no one will get in your way-I promise! Roline said with a smile but before that, she scanned Ning's palms that were laid out and...Agh!! Ning wailed.