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281 I want to feel better 4

Roline placed a knife before Ning, "What I what is simple, I want both your palms cut. make sure you leave them in a state where they cannot hold the smallest test tube you have ever used. in short, make them useless!


"Yes, and if you can't, I will get someone to do the job on your behalf but I prefer you to do it. make them as useless as those damn cells in my girl's body. you have to make sure that you will need help your whole life just like she depends on artificial things! I hope we're clear but if you don't.....

A man on the side smiled before pushing a table forward and uncovering it to show a see-saw machine and driller. " If you fail, I will happily cut both of them off and drill holes in every single bone you have! a nice ruin! Roline walked away ever so happily but Ning's face was so pale like a ghost. how could one do such to himself?


Call those kids back here! those are kids Christina, how did you expect them to find accurate findings? all they say is that Roline took those women but who do you think Roline is? she is my daughter who will never...

"Daddy, Roline is not what you think she is, she alone and sad. very secretive about everything she does and, how sure are you that my boys are not saying the truth? I trust them..."

Whoa Tina, your boys, are you planning to spend your life on mothering those kids? The conversation shifted too fast that Christina was dumbfounded.
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".. I...I ..."

"Let's find Roline first." Han Rein then left Christina stunned, did that mean he believed her?

Christina grabbed her handbag and retrieved a phone and called, "Have you guys gone to the juniors?"

"I will video chat with you all after this, I love you all. tell everyone I miss them."

"Leave your aunt to me, Daddy knows so you should let him do his job for now but if you two got the wrong information then, you have dug a very long pit for me to fall into. bye- Talk to you later. bye! as worried as she was, Christina was still considerate about the Precious ones though she was worried about the two boys. they had known An Kai and they felt like helping was their responsibility but they were less than 20 years old, how could Christina not worry if they could find such information in a short time. they were able to guess that Roline had taken the women but they had no chance to know why and Christina didn't have the slightest guess either, but if Roline did recommend them, it was only fair that they had a connection-either on good or bad terms.


Ming was here for you but you weren't here, she has something to tell you. try to tell her to go back to the hospital, her situation shouldn't be permanent given that she is strong enough to roam around. be a good friend and advisor. The great master was sipping on a cup of tea when he saw An Kai. the letter nodded to the old man's words.

"If I never make it out of this messed situation, I want you to demolish this house and build something else, I don't want to see this house in future."

An kai heard but he didn't answer the old man, he instead asked his own question,"Where is she now? did she leave her address?"

"There." The great master pointed at the table, there lay a small handwritten note with Ming's current place of stay. An kai picked it up and left without saying anything more.


Sis, what are you going to do if An kai doesn't come to find you? are you going to run away? Huan asked, Ming was restless, she had tried whatever she could but no one was listening.

Ming looked at the table and picked up a magazine and on the cover was Roline with a sweet smile, "I know what you're doing but this...Ming had not finished when the hotel phone rang, "There is someone waiting for you here, he says you have thirty minutes." and the phone went silent. Ming placed it back down and looked at Huan, " let's go."


Are you done? Roline asked. she had a fresh fragrance radiating from her. she had combed her hair to fall on one side showing off her smooth skin coupled with her smile, she was dazzling. Wang who leaned against the wall looked at her in a daze before murmuring softly, " you're beautiful!"

"I am?...sorry but I have always been this beautiful. I just lucked reasons to glitter, Having all your enemies before you in a poor state is the most fulfilling thing I have ever seen. everything feels fresh!" but in the next second, Roline's smile disappeared, she moved to the table and picked up a driller, I'm more than willing to help you, Ning!"