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266 such wired dreams

Both Roline and Christian turned to look at Cai without saying anything.

"Why are they the same, mommy?" even with the blank expressions on both Roline and Christina's face, Cai kept her question standing. aren't you going to say something? she continued.

Scratching her head like it was in too much pain, Christina dashed past Cai:.. honey, mommy knows everything! ask her as I get some rest! Christina disappeared with no trace, leaving the mother-daughter duo facing each other.

Looking at those curious eyes, Roline felt like she was really unfair to the poor child. carrying her up, Roline walked up quietly until she placed Cai onto her bed. she changed into a set of pyjamas before laying so close and wrapping her hands around Cai.

"An kai is your father's name. we got married lawfully from the beginning but that's not what I wanted. I wanted a free life away from everything. I had your Grandpa supporting me but one day, mommy got a bit stupid and pushed away your daddy but that was not 'necessarily' my fault. of course, given Roline and her way of life, she would never put all the blame on to herself but Cai who listened changed her position and looked at Roline.

"... did you scold him all the time.. that he left?"

"No, it was something small compared to my temper. I wasn't rude back then..."

"When have you ever admitted that you're rude? Cai shot her mother a look that said it all even though she didn't say it but Roline continued. Since I pushed him away, I should try to get him back, even if it's just for you...

"I don't need him," Cai said faintly before lifting her hands out of the covers and touching Roline's cheek. Grandpa said we're his, we should never beg people for anything...

"But he is your father...

"Who cares? I can bring uncle Ak here and he can be my father instead. he never defies my orders" Cai continued proudly as if talking about taking minced meat instead of beef." Roline who scanned her face was well aware that letter wasn't joking, she was just too serious at that!

such an innocent mind is worth to protect.

"But he is marrying soon, didn't he tell you?"

"No one is marrying anyone, you kissed him first so the priest will surely listen to me."

what did she think? isn't she aware of the law and the so many ways of getting married? shaking off her own questions, Roline looked at her with a slight smile...you're so silly!...hmm...It's late now, just sleep for now...

"Do you agree with my plan!? Cai asked excitedly.

" Of course, yes...If you don't have any problem then why should I have one?." Roline said but Cai could not contain the excitement. she smiled sweetly before closing her eyes. seeing her smile, Roline pulled her even closer, may you be happy my little princess, mommy treasures you a lot.

...Time ticked away but Roline could not fall asleep. her eyes were even more alert than they were during the day but this was normal for her. getting sleepy at 6 in the morning and waking up at 7 sharp. but today was a bit different, she saw him and not some guesswork. he was thinner than he was before but he had gotten much playful-does he play with those shameless minded women, too? she wondered but that one question made her lose the appetite to even stay in bed. she moved her covers swiftly not to wake Cai and went to have a glass of water.

Just like Cai, having a glass of water in the middle of the night is very normal but having an ice-cold shower isn't!

An kai never gets trouble sleeping, he had even slept early just to run away from the weird stares those women were giving him but the night was becoming very hard to understand.
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it was now the third time for him to take a very old shower. his mind was not listening to his commands so did his body!

was he cursed?

"That woman is crazy, she is crazy, don't even think about anything, alright? An kai continued to walk back and forth. in fact, to save time, he left the showerhead open just in case he needed to take one more..."


" That one is not counted, count you do it much better. climbing up on him, Roline placed a wet kiss right onto his lips and sucked on it like it was no big deal.

see, try it now.. come on. pushing her head backwards, she closed her eyes happily and loosen her lips in expectation...and then..."

An kai bolted from the bed once again and dashed straight into the shower once again. it was less than ten minutes yet...touching his face, it was burning so terribly!

If I did anything wrong today please just find another way of punishing me, please... looking in the mirror, An kai prayed truthfully to whoever was punishing him he could not help but to wonder, was that woman a sorcerer? or demonic messenger? but the later was really possible. he was so innocent to think that he could have such weird dreams only after a few hours together.

what if? at thinking about this, he could not think about those lips anymore but he could clearly see that white skin of hers flashing in his mind like thunder, piece by piece...

The images were so real to call them imaginations-was he possessed?