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261 Everyone is to pay 3

Scanning Roline's face, Christina tightened her grip on to Roline.

"As you know, things have really changed, I have so much to do and so are you, but being specific, you have changed a lot. I some times fail to describe who you are but I still believe I know you best.

You don't look so good compared to before, your attitude is awful, Cai is the best witness to this. you are constantly breaking father's heart and you have become very secretive in these past years but that is no big deal, I will find it out very soon.

"What, are you threatening me? but if all you have said is true, tell me something more. perhaps someone might have said it to you and you believed it.

" Giving a childish giggle ... When we're still at OX, girls used to say that you're such a user, and now, I can tell exactly what you are trying to do, Roline... hahaha! Christina laughed robotically bur she turned serious the next second.

Christiana let go of Roline's hand and looked into the distance, I will tell you once you look better, when you remember that I even bought you a present on your 24th birthday....but before Christina could finish, two men came before them, Roline handled them her car keys. Christina looked on with surprise but didn't have time to voice her thoughts when she had Roline lamenting...

"I have been so mad and pained inside, my life has been damn exhausting that I once thought of killing myself, not funny? sighing again, When I went to kill that old An, I was very sure that after that I would end my own life and go live with An kai in the promised land.. hmm, but guess what?

I saw him today, I had the urge to jump onto him and hold him, at least to say sorry but, thinking of that blank expression on An kai's face, a mist formed into Roline's eyes but she couldn't forget that one moment touch, so real and magical, shaking her head to push away her own selfish desires, she continued;

I heard he is marrying soon... I guess I should do my part here, get this suffocating pain out of me. if he insists on marrying then, I will just shoot him and kill myself...hehe!, isn't that the best end I can have? looking at the shocked Christina, Roline asked but she never waited for her to answer.

I will exact my own revenge, look for my own happiness and you, I give you whatever I own, father, Cai and everything that is under my name..."

"You can't be serious Roline. if you think killing someone can heal your pain then just hire someone to do it for you."

wasn't she supposed to beg her not to do such things? Roline looked at Christina as if looking at a mentally retarded person.

"Don't give me that stare, I can't let you to dirty your hands, okay? just get a machinery to do the job, simple! Isn't that their speciality? and by the way, I have a lot of things to do, I need to be somewhere, somewhere very important."

Talk about fright, Christina was shaken to the core. she had pretended not to see the men carrying a familiar body from Roline's car into their own but that scene alone freaked her!

Seeing Christina walking away with that scared look on her seemed funny but Roline didn't feel the urge to laugh, she could only wonder what was going on in her brains.


Roline could never kill a person, not even a rat. she can't. Christina tried to convince herself as she entered their apartment. she went to the room she used in hopes of getting her purse and leave, to find some help, urgent help!


I will have to take you through the lift down, if you don't agree to this then I am thoroughly done with you! Huan was really getting tired but she could not leave her sister either. she kept her commanding nature but could do nothing with it.

The hotel I booked is three minutes away from Christina's orphanage, I hope that helps... that is if we are able to leave this hospital. Huan continued but her impatience was very much visible.

"I am like a child right now but worry not, just push out, get me a taxi and go home, I can handle myself just fine..."

"Why don't you push yourself if you can handle yourself just fine....? I don't want to hear your voice, let us go in silence..." murmuring, Huan pushed the wheelchair towards the lift but she wasn't the only impatient one.

"I think we should hurry this up, our decision was final and we don't hope to change it anytime soon, with a smile, Linda sat across the old man, the great master.

From the time Roline appeared in their house, everyone had suddenly turned secretive, Tong had locked herself while Linda kept her fraudulent simper from ear to ear, waiting for the old man to agree to her "wedding plan."
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