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258 Such games are better to play!

Of all things she hated, Roline realised how far she had started to hate Linda, hasting her steps, Roline moved up before knocking on the room just after the stairs.


"Cai, we need to go. come on...."

"Mommy come see what I have made! see, showing off her drawing, Cai led Roline in but looking around, the place was more of an art studio with smeared paint on the white coverings on the wall though she wasn't here for that

"We need to go, Daddy Wang would like to see you, at least not before the day breaks, she added."

It was already 4 in the evening..."Why not leave latter, we may not be able to see each other for a while, or you can go on and I will get someone to drop her over. as kind and suggestive as he sounded, Roline still frowned at An kai's words. she turned to face him questioningly.

"Are you planning to go somewhere?... I mean, you should tell me that way I can plan earlier."

"Plan?" An kai thought but Roline was quick to catch on his confusion."

"I plan on going somewhere too, and Cai is unruly sometimes, I can send her over here that way you can stay with her all you want, how do you see? catching a pair of surprised eyes looking clearly at her, Roline turned to Cai, baby, how is mommy' suggestion?

...are you planning on abandoning me?.... Cai voiced her worry, this day was getting creepy after each word her mother said.

"No..no dearling, mommy would never push you so, if you don't like it, "forget this uncle of yours," he may never come back here, see?
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An kai heard Roline's words and never knew what this woman was thinking, was she manipulating her own child with threats?

"That's alright, I have no problem if she agrees then, why would I mind. in fact, that's good. An kai said but he wasn't so sure about this woman's way of doing things- he had even overheard her threatening Linda and now here she was acting like she didn't harbour any ill intentions against this family, even willing to send her child over.

Roline got hold of Cai's hand ready to leave. she had long changed about things that made her waste time but An kai thought maybe this woman was angered by Linda's words earlier so he followed suit.


Hey, are you angry about what "she" said to you?...you shouldn't be, she is trouble, herself. thinking about everyone's reaction against Linda, "trouble" was the only conclusion An kai could make.

" ... "

I hope you don't drag Cai away just because of what she said, we have known each other for so long for you guys to separate us, and you know that, don't you? being sure of what he was saying was so apparent that Roline stopped walking forward.

"What do you mean, is your amnesia scheduled for "certain" memories?"

"You have Alzheimer's, too, have you ever forgotten Cai at one moment?

"That's not true, I remember everything, who said I am sick? you should stop interfering in my life!

"I bet you can't remember when we last saw each other, do you? seeing her unresponding stare, An kai continued never the less, at the hospital. though you weren't fine at the time, a woman came for you with sedatives because you were saying incoherent things...."

"What's your point,...are you trying to prove me crazy, then? aren't you marrying yourself a crazy b!tch than I am? hearing this, An Kai turned to look at the woman before him. she seemed very angry but cute at the same time so, he turned to look at Cai... no wonder this girl was the overbearing type, mother to daughter. smiling at the woman before him, An kai heard her again ...but that will only happen if you're able to make it to the wedding! I really hate you, you're such a stupid bastard!" An kai continued to gleam like what she said was no big deal, eyeing her increasing breathing... he stated:

"I have never loved you either- why the hate now?." He said but Cai glanced at him. she knew about her mother's temper but this uncle seemed to enjoy the fun of annoying her... mommy, we should go, Daddy Wanga is waiting. Cai tried but she was not heard. Roline had gone silent after realising that she was thought. she looked at the An kai who was holding his laughter, he had become such a playful thing at that.

" Hmm... I was joking but you don't seem scared of annoying others, are you? giving him a deadly smile, Roline moved closer like she was going to tell him something important but in the end, she tiptoed and kissed him right on the lips....such games are better to play!