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253 The center of schemes and quarrels.

But if I am unable to do anything, no one will be saved either!


Looking at the blue eyes that looked intently at her, Cai held Roline's hand tighter. this man had become a nightmare of her whole life.

I don't think we have an option except for our last resort. if we continue with the normal treatment, the subject might refuse the treatment. Dr West, a haematologist from the states was the second to the few people that knew about Cai's condition.
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When Ca was only six months, she used to cry a lot than a normal child would do but due to Roline's too many complications during pregnancy, her care toward her child was her personal duty and she had taken into consideration for every change that happened but her doctors then were not able to specify the disease or rather, they didn't know what to call the disease. all they could guess was that the latter had some sort of leukaemia. for the immediate solution, they tried some reliable bio-therapy but the situation never got better.

To many, Cai was as good as dead, her life already hung on a line yet Roline wasn't going to let anything, not even death play a prank on her child, she had done so much to bear that to push that feeling of fear and helplessness away, but the cause and when it started, it was all a mystery.

"Is the double cell treatment still an option? I mean, if I am able to get the other half."

"Very much needed." Dr West led Roline to their special screen room as he said. the screen room was something very rare but its use was magnificent.

scouting down to face Cai, Roline smiled, Baby, mommy just wants to see how healthy you're, alright? mommy will be watching you from here, see. pointing at the large screen aside, she continued, just put this on for a while. unzipping her dress, Roline pulled it off before covering her with a very light hospital gown. go on, just lay here and you won't feel any pain.

Nodding slightly, Cai let her mother carry her to the glowing bed. very clean if not for the current circumstances, Cai would love to sleep on this kind of bed but, she looked at her mother. these kind of days were few in her life but they held the most part of her brain. it was their secret that no one needed to know but leaving that aside, it made Cai more comfortable with those that didn't know. she leads a normal life just like any other child.

Feeling her worries going away with Roline's face closer to hers, Cai felt her eyes grow heavy and her mind free until she fell into a deep slumber in less than five minutes. Roline stood up quickly and run to look at the big screen as the bed moved on its own into a gap, just like a drawer that has been opened and pushed back and Cai's body was immediately reflected on the screen.


"The parts that you see in red are the only parts that can produce their own cells but the problem is that they don't function like normal ones since the body can't put away the useless ones so it continues to push then in her lower body causing her joints to hurt a little. but your blood here is like the ingredients though we can't continue doing that anymore, if the body starts to retaliate against the foreign substance which is, your blood then we may not be able to save her.

He said looking at Roline who had a stern look like she didn't hear what he was saying.

"I am not taking any more blood from you." during the single-cell treatment only requires blood from one biological parent so Roline gives a bit of her blood then, the doctor literally manufactures cells for Cai but they don't last long or duplicate but they can help to reduce the roaming chemical that eats up the letters natural cells. hearing this, Roline turned to look at the doctor. she smiled lightly before saying: I am not here because I am out of options, do your job and leave my matters to me. I didn't bring you here to lecture me, let us be good business partners. do your research, get paid. simple!


Being left with no option, Linda got hold of a small cross bag, her phone and walked towards the living room with Tong waiting by the door to see her disappear. she could not believe the heart this young woman possessed. Linda walked to her with her face teary and pitiful, just like a bullied child.

"I should have known that you don't like me from the start but my being here was because of Kai, he at least knows how being ruled feels like. continue keeping him the way you want to but remember, being in any of our shoes isn't easy, we just want freedom."

"Single-lise whatever you say, leave Ak out of this."

"There is nothing like Ak, you're just doing yourself a favour. you just want him to be stuck here like a defeated bull, aren't you? you're only..."

"That's enough! and no one is leaving!" standing up the staircase, the old man shouted. he was getting tired of people fighting over useless topics. his house was becoming the centre of schemes and quarrels.