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247 If I matter to you don“t marry her 41


Sitting after so much struggle, made Cai quiet thinking of what the future held if the present was this unbearable.

"I am getting ugly that none of you cares?" Cai complained, with all her cheeks puffed up.

"You should learn to do things yourself, some people don't like weak girls like you, and it's hard to deal with the way the world runs if you always expect someone to be by you. said Roline but Cai just gave her a side glance implying she was not buying her lectures though she couldn't voice it. she pretended to busy eating.

...you can ask your aunt if you think I am lying and if you ever decide about something, never change your rules no matter the cause. if you want to leave, just do it.

people then will learn to be cautious about your words and they will act accordingly. your aunt just ignored you as you struggled to seat on that chair but note, someone can still let you burn without the slightest fear or guilt, but if you had remained stuck with wanting to leave, your aunt would have taken you to eat out or you would be enjoying Grandpa's hug and listening to his great stories in that chair that were specially made for you, see?

don't put people before yourself, things change, do people. As Roline finished her long say, Cai looked like she did understand something, she slowed her eating and turned to Roline.

"Mommy, do you regret something?"

"...Yeah, why ask?"

"You have been my mommy for so long but hearing you say something relatable makes me think you're god.

I regret leaving my Grandpa home, I regret not leaving for this purely "eatable food" and, eating without Grandpa is also very boring. so many at once! I can now guess that you have a lot of regrets, mommy. Cai sighed as she shook her head slightly. she then continued to eat this so-called eatable food. she was now wondering how many regrets did her mother have if she, a three-year-old had so many within seconds.

Roline didn't say anything, she just glanced at Christina and continued to move her fork in the plate but she didn't even at one point take the food in her mouth.

All this went ahead within Christina's line of sight, she was now sure that Roline was up to something. Cai ate happily and the at end of the meal, she went ahead to give the house a good close look. she walked toward the stair as continuously said her comments; the stairs here are easier to go up and down, I currently don't need to wait after eating to go up. Cai said looking at the steps that were only a quarter of what his Grandpa's house had. she run up and went to the side, she looked at the bedrooms one after another until she finally reached one room at the end. it contained so many things than the others. in it was a stinky smell of dust that can easily penetrate one's nose. but what caught her mind was the well small sized framed photo that was covered under a layer of dust. Cai picked the photo up and she examined the photo carefully and then, it drowned on her slowly that...that...

Under the light, Cai tried to look closely at the photo but suddenly, something came flying and fell right onto her back and the next thing was a sharp "AHHHHH!" scream that resonated in the whole house scaring the ladies down the stairs.

Roline left her seat in a flash and she passed the stairs in a second, Christina followed suit.

Cai who was turning in circles trying to look at her back was already in tears, she didn't want to use her hands to touch her back to find out what was on it but fear was creeping into her heart as she cried but she never let go of the photo. Roline who reached the room, looked at Cai who was still rotating, wanting to look at her back and she relaxed at the sight.

A nice looking butterfly was changing positions on Cai's back as the letter rotated. it was much bigger than the normal butterflies that can be found anywhere. Roline moved forward and scared it away causing it to fly over to the open window and it flew into the sky.
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Christina just walked to the window and closed it before pulling the curtains that were not drawn yet.

"Be responsible, how could you leave this place so open like this? I wish I could bang that head of yours! said Christina as she moved towards Cai. she checked her up and down, she was truly scared for the first time since joining the Han family, her heart still beat so rapidly till this minute. All that could be said was she had all her happiness bet on these people, her whole life belonged to them as long as she lived but before she could say anything to comfort Cai, Cai pushed the photo she was holding towards her.

"Aunt, who is this?"