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236 If I matter to you don“t marry her 30


After Xia showed all the photos of the girls to the unmoving An kai, she led him to the window which she opened and pointed out, you had wanted to start something before and I was doubtful but now, I have become proud of you for being so smart.

countless people have been wanting to buy this place but this was your idea, How could I give up on your dream? said Xia with a lot of excitement in her words as she pointed at the space out the window but all these were more and more confusing to An kai.

"We need to be somewhere, these are my friends," An kai said ignoring the latter's conversation. Xia became quiet for a while and then turned to An kai with a smile, "Are you not having launch first? Xia said pointing at the wall clock that was just opposite. it was clocking noon very soon

"...Someone sent you that gift but you weren't here." I now understand why she sent you this kind of gift even though the world felt other-wise...Kai? Xia suddenly called. her expression non-excited as before. she looked at An Kai with uncertainty before wanting to say slowly;

"Did you go to find...I meant..."
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"I think we should go, it's already noon." Linda suddenly said interrupting Xia's heartful reminder and waking An kai up from his thoughts. he looked at Linda and nodded agreeing as well as to his Driver. there was still time and many days waiting for whatever Xia wanted to say. she picked a jacket from the chair and followed An kai without looking at any other person.

" I am very sure someone will be dead due to excitement." Xia smiled at her thoughts. she wanted to find Huan and tell her and if possible, she would go on the top of the world and shout her greatest thanks to the Lord, our God. she felt her nerves tickle her from the inside but at the very same time, Han Rein had tears streaming down his face.

He couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing. looking at the scar on Roline's lower belly made him shiver but that wasn't all. on her upper body, there were two other scars to the parts that were not covered by her bra. it looked like the scar originated right from her heart.

"..Wh..at happ..ened...? "

"What?" is this that scary, huh? Roline lowered her top and looked at Han Rein, her father with a smile much worse than crying. several tears had dried and more fresh ones kept flowing.

I am worse than an empty box after I was cut like a rat, my body became very weak and I slipped into a three-day coma. the doctors were all scared but when I woke up, the theatre was open and I was laid on a stretcher like a dead body. my sight was very blurry. I tried to speak but no one could hear me and right after, I fell asleep again. the next day I was very fine when I woke up but I had lost my womb without anticipating it. said Roline caressing her flat stomach and tears streaming down her face and that only explained why ...

"I am sorry, truly sorry for all that you went through..." Roline's dad started apologising but Roline wasn't bothered, instead, she looked at him and said:

"I have had enough!" I don't want to hear sorry(s) from you people. I don't want to ever hear that word again, never in this lifetime. never! what? do you think it's going to do me any good?

Isn't that the same thing everyone says now and then?... I have my way of dealing with my matters. maybe she felt better, Roline looked at her with a sense of tenderness.

"Dad, there is so much goodness around the world. I moved places just like a butterfly, I have tested all kinds of food and lived in the iciest places you have ever heard of but you have always been me. without you, the Roline you see is no more but I can't believe the fact that the peace I was protecting through everything was only for you to think I was not well. where did you expect me to go show off my ugly scars, where?

How would I go to parties when I am not sure whether my only girl will even make it the next day? but let's cut this short, I want to leave and right now. you can keep Cai if you want, I will go live at my place maybe then the pain you have will go away, right?

there is one guarantee though, today might one of the days you will feel well.

I don't hate but I wish you to understand what has been going on in my life, I want you to see whatever I have except one thing;

"I don't wish you to wake up one day when your own heart can't take what you are going through." I don't wish my dad to feel the pain that almost killed, I don't wish you to see us die in your own hands but if any of these happen, you will need this friend of yours. Roline said looking at the old man. he was in a trance. his eyes not moving, neither his other body parts. Han Rein continued to stand there like it was the best thing he could do, sorry(s) were out of all the options yet he couldn't find any other better solution.