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234 If I matter to you don“t marry her 28

For Linda who knew what was happening didn't say a word, she looked pleased with the way Xia handled An kai, she wasn't in a hurry to get answers from him but the driver remained as confused as his boss!
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After Roline was done handling the kids and calming herself down, she followed her original plan to go with her dad. though her mood was down, she tried to smile as much as she could. her last option was to give up on the people around her. she wanted them all to keep thinking of her as a strong woman who lacks nothing, who orders her life and self around but some things are never intentional, especially when it comes to parents hurting their own children.

it's never intended, it's either a mistake or him or her trying to help the child out.

after the two reached the old man's place, Roline greeted him with a smile. the two had not seen each other for years, right after Roline thought that she was free to leave her father with his friend to chat to themselves,... things ended the other way round.

"...Dear, talk to your uncle for me, okay? I will be back in a moment...." said Han Rein as he turned away to leave. he was probably in a rush that even Roline noticed that something was off with him. she guessed all the possible reason for her dad to act that and there was nothing she could confirm. but after a while, she thought that maybe her father was suffering from a disease that she didn't know about, or maybe he had got her to the doctor to explain everything, after all, he was above fifty and anything was expected but...a psychologist? how weird? thought Roline to herself, anything was possible but she was very sure her father could never be mentally ill.

"I don't trust people of your career, you put too much thought into everything, even a mere smile can make you think that I am going crazy ha!" said Roline on a jokingly note, she was not very familiar with the old man but she deep down believed that he wasn't a bad person, joking with him was acceptable, right?

"You have a point but I always have my reasons to say anything that I say." if I say you're going to have a stomachache and you end up with diarrhoea then, what is the difference?

"...Mm, I get you, sir, you're right, you're always right!"Roline waved her hands in the air as in, to surrender. she could never win with such people, all she could do was to laugh at everything he could say but what the old man said next wasn't something worth giggling about, it was something more of...

"Back to business, I will need your cooperation about something, just come with me, okay" you're just going to be diagnosed, it won't take long." something simple and secure. the old man smiled as he moved towards the room on the side but he wasn't happy at all.

being called in the middle of the night just to be asked questions wasn't his favourite way of meeting his friend. he wanted to put an end to this damn puzzle that he has been solving for a while now, but he might have forgotten about one rule, carefulness plus patience.

"But I am not sick... It has been a while since I last fell sick and, I take care of myself quite well ha. don't waste resources that could be used on others in need. Roline said trying to burry her disappointment, did she really look sick?

"...the thing is..you don't have a choice, this decision is just as final."

"Sorry but I am fine, I feel perfectly fine...oh sorry, you must have mistaken me for Christina, right? she's at the hospital. Roline tried to explain but the old man kept giving her the same weird smile and the next second, he called his nurses that included strong young men. Roline started to feel the seriousness of the situation. she started to panic and her only left option was to struggle because the other nurses had gotten hold of her.

"I said I am not sick, why would you treat me like this? Daddy! Roline wanted to curse at this bantch of nurses, were they crazy? but in fear of the old man and her father's relationship, she decided to call her father instead.

"We have other patients here, don't shame your family that way. be good and cooperate with us all so that you get well."

"I am not an animal that you can think for, I can tell when I am sick and when I am not, do you get what I mean?"

"I do but it depends, people like you never agree to being mentally ill."

"Wh..at?" Roline froze at hearing what the doctor said, she stopped her actions and looked at the man with disbelief.

"Take her in, I will do the rest." the old man was very serious at what he was doing and after Roline stopped her ruckus, he ordered the others to take her away.