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232 If I matter to you don“t marry her 26

With his head facing down, An kai tied his shoelaces without noticing the weird look on the faces of the people around him. Linda continued to stare at the old man hoping he would say something to stop An kai from acting that way but what she didn't realise was the fact that he was letting the other party say his heart outright. he was very now convinced that An kai followed his instincts as a person.

"We should go now, I want to be there when she wakes up." An kai said to his driver, completely ignoring his grandfather and the latter.

"why don't you call her family instead, is taking care of her yourself the best option?" Linda suddenly proposed, making An kai to halt in his steps and look back at her.

"Do you know her family?"

"I can take you there if you want, it's a matter of you saying... Linda had not finished her words when An kai said to her " let's go."

"I need to pick my jacket and phone from the other room, any cares?"Linda said pointing opposite the stairs.

"I don't, just be quick." An kai replied and then headed out. it was very visible that he was feeling bad about something. he was starting to regret his actions for a moment. after reaching the car, the two still waited for almost five minutes but Linda was not coming out.

An kai wanted to go find her when she suddenly got out all excited, she runs towards them and crushed right into An kai, pushing him right onto the car behind him and in a splint second, she backed off and apologised profoundly..." I am very sorry, I didn't mean running into you...my apologies"

"it's okay." An kai said opening the car door for her. it was a simple gesture but it was big enough to lighten up Linda's day, making her so talkative all the way to Kitega.

Ming is a nice girl you know, but she's so selfish towards herself. she loves her family. she has a mother and a sister. her sister is so sweet and protective of her hahaha! it's funny, right?

I heard this when I came here sometime back but I always ended up offending her. I can't handle kids so I sometimes wonder the kind of a parent I will become once I get married ha! Linda was still chattering when she suddenly stopped talking like she had remembered something. she faced An kai in the back seat.

"I know that sending my Dad over to your house was very embarrassing to you but truly, I just wanted him to leave me alone. you know how the life of a rich girl could be, right?

I have never been alone, I am always watched like a kid and I couldn't bear it anymore so I had to you use for a while but I was very sure you wouldn't agree.

I want to run around town and have my own joy, the splint I made at the yard was because I felt free though I screwed when I knocked into you. I want a simple life with simple joys.

I had great friends once but things didn't turn up the way we wanted but the worst part is that I was never considered one of them. all they wanted was to use and then push me away.

Thank you for the new start you two have given me, I could have died that day if it weren't for both your good hearts, thank you very very much.

The driver wasn't going to accompany An kai in silence any more. plus, he had to save the latter some face since she had talked for a while without anyone responding so, he turned to Linda with a " don't mention it, that's how he is. very quiet but caring at heart and if I was a woman, I would surely go after him no matter what! said the driver but soon, he realised his error and smiled awkwardly but Linda just laughed.

she laughed and then turned back to An kai, "your friend is sure funny!"

where you advising me on what to do, huh?

I was just saying...oh we are here. said the driver pointing at his navigator, they had reached Xia's place in less than two hours.
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