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231 If I matter to you don“t marry her 25

"I am sorry for any inconvenience but I would like to know whether you can contact Christina at the moment, everyone is looking for her. The precious ones are also here." Tanu said carefully, it has been years since she last crossed paths with Roline let alone talk to her, but talking to her now felt like she was a totally different person.

"I can understand but do what you can for the company and leave the kids to me, I will handle them." then she hung up.


Roline put her phone down and then dialled another number which was of one the two boys:

"Qu, right?"


"Let the juniors know that everything is fine, Christina is perfectly fine and she will be there by the break of the day. all you need to do is a follow up on the little ones until Christina is back and please tell the nannies and others to be patient with the children. Is that okay with you"

"...we saw some sort of news so we just wanted to ask her about someone, we didn't mean to trouble, anyone. the juniors are fine but, would you mind if I ask you about something?

"Hm...sure, but what could it be about?" I am less informed these days...don't get mad if I can't answer.

"it's about someone, it's Mr An kai. I think he is alive and living somewhere within Bussali but we also thought that he may not be the one so we decided to look for mother but talking to you made me remember something," you once came to the other orphanage with him so...

"...it would be great if we talk about this in person." I will get back to you later on. bye.

There things one would love to hear but upon hearing them, it would sound crazy and unbelievable. she was still in denial of having met An kai the day before because no one would believe even if she said to someone but what makes her more confused is the fact that when she tries to remember, all she sees is herself and An kai and her waking up. was she going crazy?

Roline held her phone near her heart with hopes that it will stop beating so rapidly. her whole mind was on the young man's words. she had truly gone to that orphanage back when An kai was still with her and all he wanted was to make her known to the people he loved and cared about but the Roline those days was very indecisive and rackless.

she never thought about what she wanted and how she could get it. all she knew was that she needed her father and friends and then everything would be alright not knowing that all the suffering she went through was a result of one careless behaviour, just one...
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Have you changed your mind about something, why do you look pale all over sudden, is something wrong? Han Rein asked he was starting to lose patience for the first time about his daughter. he had a sleepless night the day before thinking of Roline's would be reaction to his decision and now the waiting was torturing him even more. he wanted to stop this damn feeling for once and for all.


Your dad is a good man plus, you living here won't make me bankrupt so you can stay as long as you wish, no one should lead you out if you don't want to. An kai was coming down when he overheard his grandfather say such things to Linda, was the latter nuts?

Do you have any problem with what I have just said? the great master asked An kai upon realising him coming towards them. Linda had changed into a sleeveless creamy short dress exposing her light delicate soft skin, plus her ever sweet smile, she looked dazzling!

"What has it got to do with me?..it's your house and money." An kai answered freezing the pair and the driver who stood at the door all at once.