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229 If I matter to you don“t marry her 23

After Roline took her leave, Han Rein turned to Christina, " next time, think through your actions, my money has a lot of things to do and don't hope to wast your money that way, too. my granddaughter hasn't astarted school and you, Han Rein said turning and facing directly at Wang.

my daughters may seem different in all aspects but I still love them. no one can tell how much but just know that I love them dearly.

loving one and hating the other is not going to do you any good." love me, love my dog, simple!"

At hearing this, Christina rolled her eyes mockingly at Wang and then she sprang towards Han Rein for a heartwarming hug even though she used one hand, it was full of energy and radiated a sense of happiness. Wang had no choice but to bear witness to this proclamation of love between the two, he was in no condition to move any of his body parts but Christina ignored his jealousy look and continued to say her heart out in an emotion-filled way.

"I love you too Daddy... I love you very much. Christina was now above the clouds. she hugged Han Rein that he almost failed to breathe.

"Hey, do you want to kill me?"

of course not! this love is gonna last forever, night and day.

it's a 1234 code. no one will ever be able to slice this apart. it will either be overdose or overdose still haha! I feel so happy! Christina was going crazy, tears kept streaming down her face even though her happiness was all over the place...

Loving someone is very common but telling them how you do makes them more proud. that feeling and excitement of being loved are uncontainable. if one can't sing, she can ham or listen to music that she can sing along with. As Christina listened to the little old princess as she hammed the lyrics;

" I was reborn, reborn as a princess...,

"My world is filled with warmth and tenderness...,

"because I was reborn as the King's little old princess,

"loved a thousand of times more,

"I wish it could last a thousand times more...


Roline too had her head rested onto her father's shoulder. the feeling was relaxing but as the car drove away, she suddenly lifted her head towards her father.

" Dad, did Christina mention something to you about kai?"

"Not yet but I believe she will. forget the rest and relax, worrying and upsetting yourself will do you more harm. once home, go have a nice sleep so that by the time you wake up tomorrow, I will have figured where we can find Kai but, I won't be dragging him home. I will late fate decide this out.

"He has no choice...

"As long as you can't find him, he has."

"...Cai knows, that uncle AK is An kai himself but if he planned their meeting, I swear I won't forgive him this time"

"Don't swear, I got people to look through everything but you will have to come with me somewhere.

If that boy is alright and he is not home yet, he must hate us. and if Xia knew this also then, we are no longer related to those people. we should just bury the past and move on. Han Rein said but he wasn't saying this for future use, he was indirectly saying this to Roline but all she said in return was, "I tend to forget certain things these days." then she rested her head back down, closing the conversation.

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An kai went home after hiring a privet nurse to cater for Ming. all he wanted was to have a shower, eat something and to stop the old man from worrying and maybe then he would head back but right after stepping inside, Linda came to him with a pair of sandals in hand.

"Here, put this on," Linda said smilingly. her facial features better than how they looked the day before.