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218 If I matter to you don“t marry her 12


An Kai was from seeing the doctor but the doctor had asked him to return the following day. he had some few things to look through before taking up the role of treating An kai. the driver had remained outside but then, he started hearing people shouting for help from the rooftop. being human, he wanted to know what was going on so he took the lift up, run up the stair without thinking about the latter that he left in the doctor's room.


After looking for the driver for a while, An kai started getting worried, he got his phone to call him but he didn't have any other number in his phone except Cai's. seeing people rushing into the lift, An kai too followed in suite.

... on the rooftop...

In a wheelchair, sat Linda with her messed hair. she looked so pale just like a ghost. from where An kai was standing, bloodstains were seen on the floor making a line to where Linda was. being their main target, An Kai was the only one allowed to stand all alone without any other person getting in the way or pushing against him.

Linda who was facing in An kai's direction started to cry. she cried like no one was seeing. she let herself breakdown like a broken necklace that was made of beads. after a while, she started to push the wheelchair behind nearing the edge but no one was making a sound. even those that were murmuring trying to inquire about what was going on also kept quiet.


being one of the last people to step up, An kai's driver was just there, looking at Linda but before making his own conclusions, An kai grabbed his hand and without warning, he pulled him away but the man started struggling, " please wait, didn't you find that woman familiar?" the driver asked An kai but the latter didn't reduce his speed before answering, "no!" or wait, you must be knowing who she is since you like movies. They must be shooting a scene or something. didn't you see a camera on the other end? how blind! An kai said. he was very sure that no one could commit suicide so he continued to walk towards the elevator pulling the driver along.

..yes, I know who she is. she's the girl whose father.....no, let me put it this way, she's the girl in the marriage proposal the great master talked about.

Where are they sold? An kai asked the most irrelevant thing.

"What do you mean?"

Marriage proposals with girls inside?..ha

are you in your senses?

The person your blabbering about must be someone very proud. if she had guts to send over her father then she's so sure about herself so she can't do something so crazy...

listen to me, she is the one and do not forget that you're in her debt for your whole life. she is the one who saved your life. that wasn't a movie scene but suicide! the driver tried to argue with An kai but the latter wasn't concerned.

Okay, I understand but she must have jumped down by now if she's serious. let us go home... I am hungry. we shall just go there for the burial instead.

" ... "

why the stare?
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Hm...are you human? the driver asked dumbstruck. this was the first time he had heard the creepiest funny joke.

I am, and that's why I am letting her do her will. if you don't believe me then, go save her yourself.

Do you eat dead bodies ?

"If you do, don't we share the same meals?...ha!

No one knows why we don't like some people even without them wronging us first.

it's a born within. there things and people you will never like even after they have been re-born a thousand times into your life. you don't hate them or like them as simple as that.

Seeing An kai unchanged, the driver decided to do this himself. he took back the short stairs to the rooftop.

Hey, wait..., you wanted me to be the hero and your leaving me here...