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216 If I matter to you, don“t marry her 10

And within minutes, the car had already passed through the city roads and down to the international city hospital. Ming who sat in the passenger's seat looked happy. she was trying to be good but before the car could enter the hospital's parking lot, Ming noticed a black van outside the hospital premises. she turned to the one driving and shouted: "stop!"

An Kai who sat in the back seat thought that she was overreacting so he said to her jokingly;

"Young ladies must be polite and gentle ."... at least you can pretend.

Mm. Ming replied without moving her eyes off the van. An kai who had expected her to say more went silent. it seemed there was much more into her shouting. after the car parked, Ming got off and said goodbye to the people inside with a smile. the car moved again and headed right inside, by passing a BMW 24


It was only an hour since Christina learnt that the man she saw was truly An kai but the two people that delivered the news were both dead. she came to the hospital in a hurry that she didn't notice people following her. after confirming their death, Christina got her phone to call home but her phone battery had died so she decided to just head home.


Ming was very worried. she had gone to Thia the day before. to the hospital where An kai spent most of his sicky times and followed An kai's treatment plan. but there was nothing like An kai getting electric shocks so Ming just used it against the hospital and threatening them to link the news as it was after all, practised illegally. she knew because she had overheard it from a nurse once but what she never expected was the fact that An kai had gone through electric shock treatments more than three times but even An Kai himself never knew about this.

"you either fire that doctor and all the people who knew about it or you lose your hospital license, simple."

"Miss, who are you to the patient? the Thia doctor asked. they had made sure that no one knew about anything...and most importantly, the person who ordered them to do so was someone great in Thia they didn't have to go through this. was there anything wrong with that?

You really have guts..huh, do you want to know who I am?


okay then, it's three minutes past one, you have fifty-seven minutes. would you like to try me?

Ming had said to the doctor with a mocking smile on her face. she was very certain of what she was doing on the outside but her heart was furiously racing, if the doctor had refused to take her bet seriously, then An kai was going to suffer the headaches and forgetfulness just like every time he went for his medts. many had not noticed but An kai became sicker every time he left the hospital but the reasoning was always very simple," he will be fine once the medicine kicks in." It was only Ming who was bothered about An kai's delay to recover his memory. she had hoped that in months, An kai would be back to his usual self but she waited until she couldn't take any more. especially now that An kai showed no response to her girly behaviour but Linda was never bothered by An kai ignoring her, she became more determined to pursue him peacefully or not.

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After An kai's car went into the hospital's parking lot, the van opened: Linda came out first, then a young man went behind their car and brought a wheelchair. Linda straightened herself before sitting in it slowly.

"The doctor is too proud, we can only use this on him for now." the young man said.

Are the cameras ready? make sure you capture the best moments here. but if things don't go as we planned, just call that assistant of ours. he can't let me die even if he wants too.


After seeing all the drama, Ming who had put all concentration on Linda, decided to leave. there was nothing to do for Linda and most importantly, it wasn't her turn just yet.

but before she could leave, a familiar car parked right next to her feet. she was forced to step back a bit but before she asked what the person in the car intended by parking at almost her feet, a hot session burned her right cheek just a few seconds of shock. she was caught off guard that she didn't have any other way to retaliate except holding on her cheek but another slap came flying onto her left as well...


Christina had planned to confront Linda at the hospital after visiting the investigators but by the time she reached the later's room, she was nowhere to be seen but just as her car was leaving the hospital entrance, she caught sight of Ming getting off from a car but looking at the person inside as the car by-passed hers, she froze. the next second was of anger. she was so angry that she ended up charging towards Ming who was so deep in thought that she didn't understand what was going on until she felt her jaw wanting to fall.

"What's wrong with you?" Ming asked, holding both her cheeks.

"What?" would you like to hit me as well come on go on! I hate scheming sluts like you're. for how long did you think you would keep this from the world, huh? you really didn't feel any pity for that woman or Roline who almost died from guilty, did you?" Christina wasn't polite at all. she even ignored the people that gave her weird looks. upon realising that it was Christina, Ming lost words to say, she kept her mouth shut. what did you expect to come out of this?