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211 If I matter to you,don“t marry her 5

The recently happy filled family was left in quietness. Christina held the phone to her ear attentively like she was listening to a brand new song but after a while, nothing came from the other side so she gathered all her courage and said "hello?"


An Kai heard almost everything. he heard a man's voice but he couldn't tell what he said and later heard hurried steps that disappeared within a few seconds. then the "hello" at last.

" I didn't mean to keep you wait..ing." Christina said after hearing movements on An Kai's side but after some time, An kai lost words to say he waited but before deciding on what to say, he heard a woman's voice saying softly;

" Cai, talk to uncle, here talk to him as I go get you something to drink, will you? the woman's voice asked. then An Kai heard slight movement like the phone was being handed over to someone else and then, a soft sad voice came in.

"hell...." Cai was trying to say hello but she ended up crying.

"Shs... stop. stop crying. I'm sorry but please stop crying." An kai felt his heart break at the sound of Cai's cry. he never thought things would be this serious but he underestimated the later's mother. thinking of how he was left for almost five minutes without hearing any word then, what Cai went through was unbearable. he felt sadder at the thought so he said once again, "I can come over right now if you want but just stop crying I beg of you. tell me the address, I will come over right now. the more An Kai insisted, the higher Cai's cry went up, the more his heart hurt. he didn't think things would reach this level but before recovering from the pain, a voice drifted in.

"Mummy hates you.....she doesn't want to see you at all..." Cai said sobbing even harder, she still remembered the fury in her mother's voice when she told her that this uncle Ak issue had to stop. she had expected her mummy to be furious but not to that extent. she thought things would be over but they didn't only stop, but they angered her precious Grandpa, too. remembering this, Cai spoke more on phone, " Grandpa too is now angry. uncle Lu must be mad at me too...

"If you're done, come let's go upstairs," Christina said seeing that Cai had gone quiet. hearing the voice on the other side of the phone, An Kai decided to leave the girl rest.
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" be good, stop crying and sleep well. we shall talk more tomorrow, is that okay?

"it is....."then Cai put down the phone and followed Christina up.


Linda had woken up six-hour ago but all she did was to keep silent about all her father's questions. he has been begging her to say something.

Tell me what's with that Ak guy. can't you see that those people don't need you? I saw the way how that old man looked at me, it was like I was suggesting the most pathetic thing on earth. come on tell me. I'm your father for heaven's sake, tell me.

would you like people to ridicule me like a fool?

"No, I wouldn't," Linda said at last. she looked so pale and her words were only hearable to her dad alone due to her weak voice but truth be told, leaving aside her animalistic recent behaviour, Linda loved her father but she had no other choice than using her father and life. the only two important things to her just to show power and maybe to show how determined she was at getting what she wanted.

"Did he refuse?" Linda asked her father after hearing so many questions from her dad.

No, but what I want to know is how this whole thing is related to the Hans but before Linda could answer, the later's secretary came in with an old newspaper. he looked at Linda first before handing the paper over to the old man.

The newspaper was of almost half a decade ago. on the top stories, stood a young woman whom he knew very well but she was in a wedding gown. on the side stood a young man but with only one glance, he was able to tell that he was the same man he saw a day ago. reading through the outer attachments on the front page;

The Ans Join In Just By A Son." and below was another short detail. After the Roriland princess announced her need to get married, the Ans were ready to get this best deal of the Century! and below was a photo of An Kai and of An kaira under the headline of " The Roriland Prince Swapped, Rostar City In A Stupor

What's this?...will you say something? or no?!