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210 If I matter to you, don“t marry her 4

Han Rein had just reached home. the three girls started to put the food on the table. for a while, Christina forgot about having seen An Kai somewhere but after Cai's arrival, she lost her cool.

Cai arrived few minutes after the rest had started eating. seeing the driver bringing in a big board, Roline wondered but she didn't voice her questions but Christina who sat on her right couldn't help but ask Cai, " what's that? Christina asked but Roline too noticed the toy block Cai was holding so she turned to the driver.

uncle Lu, where has this girl got this toy? Roline asked. till this day, she still remembered that An Kai loved those toy blocks. even at the age, he was at then, he still loved arranging them so seeing one and in the same blue colour made her think shortly. Cai noticed her mother's weird look so moved closer to Han Rein.

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yes baby, please tell me.

Today I....I...I went to see uncle Ak. Cai said but hearing this, Roline turned her head to stare at the driver. it seemed like she was blaming him but Cai objected right away.

mummy, please don't be mad at him... please. it was all my fault....but thinking of this, Cai changed her statement once again, " it was uncle Ak's fault." yes, it was all his fault. Cai said almost bursting into tears. Roline signalled for the driver to leave before turning to Cai icily.

What did I say bout you visiting that uncle of yours? he's not your uncle from now on. I don't want to hear anything about him in this house. not now or ever!

Roline was all-day relaxed thinking the girl was just a few turns from home yet she had the guts to order the driver around. she felt so angry but she couldn't change anything. Roline got up from her chair and dragged Cai to the sink, washed her hand and brought her back to the. she sat her in a chair before ordering her in a domineering tone " EAT!"

...Cai continued to stare at the food with a puffed face, she was trying so hard to hold her tears. her doting Grandpa sat their quietly like he didn't hear and didn't say anything. Ami being the visitor, she kept her lips sealed and Christina on the other side just felt angered by Roline's pity act. as the silence continued, a phone suddenly started ringing but Roline realised it was the phone she had handled Cai few dads go. she picked the small bag from the floor, picked out the phone and got it to her hear...


An kai sat anxiously on the chilly balcony. this afternoon, when he was doing Cai's sketch just to cheer her up, Cai suggested that they should do her mother's instead so he agreed but the result was thrilling to his mind. he has been feeling messed up since Cai left. if the sketch he drew was as perfect as Cai exclaimed, then he just needed to know what Cai's mother photo was doing in his wallet all for the past four years but he didn't even know how to start thinking about the most possible outcome but as he was still thinking about the possibilities, he remembered promising to call Cai before dack so he got his phone out and dialled the one and only number in his phone to call but what he got wasn't what he expected, silence came from the other end instead of a chatterbox.

" I'm called Ak. An Kai decided to talk first, he wasn't sure of the atmosphere on the other side but he had a simple guess just by not being able to hear Cai's voice. I'm sorry about what happened today but it will never happen again." An kai continued.


Roline didn't know what to say, but after hearing the other party's "I'm called Ak", she wanted so much to tell him that "AK" isn't a name but the words ended up drying in her own throat.

Christina had all her attention on Roline all the time. she was now very sure that Roline was pretending but minutes later, Roline put the phone on to Cai's left hear.


Cai was in no mood to talk so she also kept quiet though the phone was on her ear as the atmosphere tensed up.

"Treat my granddaughter the way I have treated you all this long, unless you question your upbringing. Han Rein asked before pushing the chair behind him and leaving the table. Ami left her head to hung low as she ate her food. in fact, she was the only one eating. Roline stood there with the phone on Cai's ear but no word left the later's mouth.

Christina who was quiet all along sprang from her chair and snatched the phone away from Roline's hands. she was very certain that Roline would fight but the later didn't, after loosening her grip from the phone, she just walked away and went up the stairs.