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208 If I matter to you, don“t marry her 2


Christina was all confused as she looked at the driver stopping out side the gate. she was now very sure that it was all Cai's doing. she must have forced the driver to bring her here but she still waited patiently, she saw Cai climbing off the car. she then went to press the bell but couldn't reach up so she turned to the driver but before the later could reach other side, the small gate on the side was pushed open.

Cai who stood nearer to the gate turned only to see An Kai signaling for her to enter but she stood there motionless like she had changed her mind about something. after a moment's silence, she turned and walked back to the car without saying anything to An kai but turned to the driver;

" uncle Lu, ask him your phone. then we should head home." Cai said seriously.

Did she feel like she didn't want to see this uncle AK any more? the driver wondered but didn't say anything. he walked up to the open small gate to do as ordered and An Kai let him in. he pushed the keys that he was holding in to the the driver's hand before bending slightly and moving out of the gate.


Christina wanted to laugh seeing Cai walking back to the car. she was angered just in an instant just by looking at the person standing at the gate, that was funny.

but the person who came out in the next second left her astonished.


An Kai walked up to the car and open the door and looked at Cai for awhile before telling her, " I missed you."I have been waiting to see but you want to leave? An Kai said but Cai turned to him with a question of her own, " weren't you supposed to carry me once you saw me? but what did you do? you looked at me as if you had just seen a rock.

I will carry you in then.

I don't want. it's better if I just go home to my mummy... at least she never plays me. you swapped the phones and switched the other off intentionally. you really took me for stupid girl, didn't you?

mummy is now going to scold me bringing uncle Lu here. this is all your fault that I'm here without mummy's knowledge. you didn't even come to see me or even call, at least you should have left the other phone on but now see, I' m being a bad girl again. Cai made all her complains at once. she was trying so hard not to give people around her a very hard time but it was all An Kai's fault that she was here without anyone's knowledge. she felt so sad that she even promised to tell the truth once she was home but of course, she wasn't a saint, she was only seeking revenge for acting all sad to the extent of letting tears to flow down, breaking An Kai's heart in to a thousand pieces. he felt so sad for the later who seemed to be speaking sensible things yet in a sad tone. he bent down and picked the other from the car seat and put her in his chest, " I'm sorry, I'm truly sorry, I didn't know you would do this." I was just selfish because I wanted you to come over here but I never thought it would need you to leave home like how you just did. An Kai stood just few meters from Christina's car. she very well saw An Kai talking non stop but she couldn't tell what he was saying to Cai but suddenly, a thought got her all messed. she turned her car on a speedy notch and left.


Roline had just reached home all exhausted, she wanted to prepare food for her family today given the fact that she was expecting christina to be home in few minutes and then her dad later.

after placing her hand bag down, she went on and removed her jacket and headed to the kitchen. upon seeing her entering the kitchen, the maids made there way out since they were all used to seeing Roline in the kitchen. she preferred to make food for Han Rein and Cai, just to ensure that they eat health food at most times.


Christina reached home just after Roline was done making two dishes so she too went to the kitchen and stood at the door, she had spent few days without coming home but things seemed to have changed so much. she looked at Roline with some hint of anger. she wanted so much to go a head and ask her why she had to hide An Kai for all this while but after a while, she turned to Roline jokingly, " I wish An Kai was here, he would have been overjoyed to taste your food." or I should say, you would be very happy, right? Christina asked but Roline returned a smile before asking her in a lowly humble tone...

" Would you like to see him?"
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