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Looking at the puzzled look on both the maid and the driver's faces, Cai ignored them and gave a polite command, " uncle, please drive us to where I got my hair cut." thank you!


Reaching Rostar took them more than an hour and given Cai's polite request, they were most likely to reach the Han villa at 9 or so in the evening. the driver contemplated for a while before finally speaking his mind,

" Dear, why don't we do this, let me drop you and aunt home so that Grandpa doesn't get mad at us "all" then, I can take uncle AK to where you had your hair cut so afterwards, I can just drive him back to his home so that we don't worry his Grandpa either, what do you say? the driver said tactfully making the later think that she's the one in command. Cai looked at An kai for a while before asking him casually, what do you think uncle AK?

An kai looked at the girl for some time before finally nodding his head. the driver deed as a greed. he drove and stopped right at the huge gate, he didn't drive inside. the maid turned to Cai signalling for her to get off. the girl looked at An kai before getting hold of his left hand and leaning on it playfully, " I pray that you get well soon, okay? I want to be with you more, at least you like me not because you want anything else from my family....in fact, we love each other. I love you because you listen to me attentively even though I use that against you at times. just do me a favour, never forget me and either will I. the girl's words torched whoever heard of them, even An kai felt his eyes getting wet but he still answered, "if it needs meditation, then I will do it. I will make sure that I never forget anything about us. we love each other! An kai said burring the girl deep in to his chest.


As the driver was taking An kai away, he suddenly turned to him with a question of his own, "what caused your disease? you're so young I can see...

"...I was told an accident.... I'm not young, it's just that I have not laboured for anything, at least as long as I can remember, I think. An kai said slowly. he wasn't sure about anything but he was merely saying his observations.

seeing the later willing to answer, the driver asked yet another question.

you and the girl you're quite close, Is it easier for you to cooperate with her than us?... I mean adults.

it's funny, right? An kai said like in self mockery before continuing slowly, "with her I feel a sense of familiarity, it feels like we have known each other for so many years but I just can't tell why I feel that way. it feels like I can tolerate her forever no matter what she says or suggests.

was you coming with us also one of her suggestions?

Yes, she wanted to repay someone. An kai said this time looking out of the window, looking at the way things moved so fast past them, he looked at the driver and asked politely, "would you please reduce the speed?"


I think I know this place, this place looks so familiar....the roads and everything a long here is within my memory but I don't remember ever being here. An kai was thinking to himself as he looked attentively. his mind was captivated but he was about to utter stop, but the driver's voice came in first, " do you still prefer to get your hair trimmed? we have reached the place.
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it's okay, you take your leave now, I will board a cab from here. An kai said seeing that time was already coming to 10 PM. he didn't want the poor man to suffer their tricks.

That's the last I would do! this place is not as safe as it seems. people change like clocks, humans during day and monsters at night. the driver said leading the way to the building..

But few minutes into the quiet building lobby, a phone suddenly began ringing, scaring both An kai and the driver.

"oh gosh! is that your phone? the driver asked.

the phone rang from An kai's blazer but he didn't even realise, it was later that he finally started checking through his pants.

"I don't have a phone...how come I have one already?


After reaching home, the little fella went direct to Han Rein's lap.

"Grandpa, I have a big surprise for you!

you know, I have someone I love just like how I love you. it's just that I love you a little bit more, like this. Cai said tilting the tip of her pinkie finger. the old man laughed slightly before asking for the mentioned surprise.