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But let me give you a little bit of advise, An kai doesn't like you. if he can't look or talk to you even in the state he is in now, how could you expect to marry him? it's funny, right? Linda, you might be rich and mighty but somethings aren't forced. we perceive them from our inner being. I don't care losing my mother and sister's love but it will be worse if they find out that I had the heart to keep An kai here, ....here in this state without telling them anything. I will die of guilt...

"are you done talking? if so then listen to me carefully! I, Linda, get whatever I want. if I can't have it then no one else can!

if you want to tell the police or Roline then go!

if I was able to keep him so valunable for all this long , you can imagine what I can do to a silly naïve girl like you whom I don't feel anything for. Linda sneered at Ming.

the friends in crime lost words to each, Ming picked her purse and got a way from the table.


Huan was busy washing dishes when Ming got home. Xia was seated on a sofa busy watching a a soap. Ming got passed Xia with a mere node. Huan who noticed this turned to Xia with a questioning gaze until Xia shaked her head not to know anything.
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"Sister, what's wrong? are you not feeling too well today? Huan asked but Ming gave a simple reply, "my body hurts, I will go get some rest now." to which the girl nodded in agreement.

Xia had gotten used to living with the girls. Ming had now become there main source of income. Huan was still attending school.

Ming always thought that Xia must be mad at Roline simply because she never contacted her since then, but just before Ming could enter her bedroom, she suddenly stopped and turned back to where Xia was seated, " mother, have you ever spoken to Roline since then?

No, why? have you seen her today?

I did but it was brief, you know how she is. after answering, Ming took her way back to her bedroom but seriously, she wasn't sleepy at the slightest. all that was on her mind was how An kai has been.

it was on the day that she went to ask for a role four years ago that she found out that An kai was in a comma but of course, all that was in rumors and photos at the cast. the people around referred to An kai as AK. they all knew that An kai was the Great master's only true relative but till today, no one knew anything but what surprised her was the fact that Linda knew about this but how and when, Ming didn't know anything. all she knew was that Linda was responsible for An kai's current condition.

after almost six months, An kai regained consciousness but when he woke up, things didn't go as Ming had planned. Ming had never seen An kai in person except on photos that the old man received weekly. the day An kai woke was the same day that Ming had decided to fly and go see him. on reaching, An kai had woken up but he was perfectly fine; no burns or anything indicating that he had ever been in any explosion. after opening his eyes, An kai knew perfectly well who he was and what had happened. when he saw Ming sitting right besides his bed, he tried to speak but words were not coming out. he had lost his voice due to the fact that he had taken months without talking but doctors were very positive so Ming went without knowing what An kai wanted to say.

two weeks later, Ming went to the hospital once more but things were not as easy as finding a man who can't speak, Ming found An kai with all his hands bruised, neck and other visible parts but the doctors were not saying anything but later, that's when Ming found Linda in An kai's room but An kai looked at her like he knew her but that wasn't the case, soon Ming realised that An kai just didn't like her. he would always pretend to be asleep when he saw her coming to see him but one day, Ming over heard a nurse saying that the day An kai had bruises, was the same very day that he had under gone electric shocks. "the Ms said that she wanted the patient to forget his past pain and sorrow." the nurse explained but that never appeared in An kai's medical report, even the old man never knew about An kai getting electrical shocks.

after moving forth and back from where An kai was getting his treatment and care, Ming didn't have any more money on her so she decided to confront Linda but the later was never bothered all she said was, " I don't care whether you know anything or not, "mind your business and I will do the same!"

The next day, Ming was ready to go look for Roline for help but the next thing Ming heard, was that Linda's dad was one of the biggest investors in the drama in which Ming had just secured a role.